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Telling your company story


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Learn how to tell your company story on LinkedIn to "Find your voice" with Agency Influencer 2017

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Telling your company story

  1. 1. Telling Your Company Story
  2. 2. Telling Your Company Story
  3. 3. For businesses, relationships matter more than ever. Why? Because people tune out irrelevant or promotional messages to focus on useful, engaging content. Companies that inform and engage aren’t just selling – they’re building relationships. 1. Why share the company story? To build relationships that drive results Telling Your Story
  4. 4. LinkedIn helps marketers forge relationships with the world’s largest professional community. Our members are almost 50 percent more likely to use services from a company they engage with on LinkedIn. And a whopping 80 percent of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies – because those connections provide them opportunities to enhance their professional decision making. The platform allows you to build a very comprehensive and multi-faceted representation of your company and your brand in an authentic and organic way. As a company, you want to make sure you are harnessing the collective power of corporate and employee voice to represent your brand on LinkedIn. You can do this through enhancing all brand touch points on the platform such as your company page, your leadership and employees profiles and then curating and creating the best quality content to reflect your brand promise. 2. Why LinkedIn?
  5. 5. Create & curate content Establish identity – through the Company Page Amplify voice by activating employees
  6. 6. Company Page 101
  7. 7. Professionals who have opted-in to a relationship with your company 1. Company Page & Followers A company page is the central hub of your brand presence on LinkedIn. It’s where prospective clients and employees go to find information about your brand. Gaining followers allows you to push this content to the right audiences organically. Getting started: • Complete page • Consolidated page with appropriate Showcase or Affiliate Pages (where relevant) • Acquire followers (ask your employees and clients to follow your page) For further on Company Page best practice, see here Telling Your Story
  8. 8. 2. Share Company News Your role in the Company Page Unless you are part of the dedicated team responsible for the Company Page (best practice is shared between HR and Communications/Social Team), your role in the Company Page is to help amplify news. As an Agency Influencer, you should be following your agency and group Company Page and actively sharing relevant stories to your network. Telling Your Story
  9. 9. Fun facts and quotes Employment branding and career opportunities Tips and best practices Company branding: inside looks and interviews 3. The updates that get the most action Telling Your Story
  10. 10. The role of the Agency Influencer
  11. 11. 1. Agency Influencers Socially engaged leaders make for socially engaged companies You’ve learnt the steps to becoming an Agency Influencer in earlier modules. Before sharing the Company Story, you need to ensure you have your own profile basics in place so you are properly reflecting your agency brand. Getting started: • Up to date profile – picture, rich media, summary • Connect with your clients and employees Telling Your Story
  12. 12. 2. Reminder: Have you published yet? Strengthen your professional reputation and that of your agency by publishing long form content. Telling Your Story
  13. 13. Publishing will allow your agency brand to humanise with thought leadership from senior executives: Telling Your Story
  14. 14. So what makes a good status update? One-sided conversations are no fun. So don’t post overtly promotional messages. If you do occasionally post company-related news or announcements, make sure they deliver a specific benefit to your followers Be helpful and friendly, not sales-y Post at least once per weekday Consistent posting encourages engagement and fosters familiarity Link to great content Updates containing links can have up to 45 percent higher follower engagement that updates without. Just remember to write a compelling sentence to accompany the link, inspiring members to click through. Think about timing Updates posted in the morning usually earn the highest engagement, with a spike occurring again after business hours. Experiment to see what works best for you and your network. Telling Your Story
  15. 15. 3. Driving engagement with your content Owning the update The best relationships are rooted in great conversations and your tool for starting those conversations is the Update. Every Update should convey your agency and personal brand promise and values. But don’t forget that LinkedIn members want informative, insightful and inspirational content – not self-serving promotion. By delivering useful and engaging content, you’ll foster engagement and help your message spread faster. Telling Your Story
  16. 16. Activating Employees
  17. 17. 1. Activating your teams on LinkedIn Telling Your Story Cross promote through other channels (including other social and press) Amplify employee content through Company Page Engage with Company Page content Encourage employees to get on LinkedIn and complete profiles
  18. 18. Creation Curation 2. Create & Curate Your employees can tell the Company Story in two ways: • Creation – generating content either on their own profile which establishes the agency as leaders in the industry, contributing to Company Page content, posting updates to Groups • Curation – sharing updates from the Company or news related to the company and its employees Telling Your Story
  19. 19. Setting your team up for success 3. Ongoing engagement Continuous, relevant communication creates strong relationships: • Encourage your team to add a link to your Company Page to their email signatures. • Identify expert contributors. Enlist team members who understand customers’ needs or have specific content creation skills and encourage them to become socially active on LinkedIn • As you would for your clients, make an editorial calendar for your team. Create a calendar with campaign themes and posting timelines. Stick to it as much as possible – but don’t hesitate to throw in timely content as opportunities arise. • Make content go further. Break up big themes into a series you can publish at fixed intervals to get followers regularly “tuning in” for new content. Telling Your Story
  20. 20. 4. Celebrate LinkedIn leadership Amplify stories shared by your employees Telling Your Story
  21. 21. Leveraging the ecosystem
  22. 22. COMPANY PAGE Employee Updates Employee Posts All content from owned properties is distributed through the feed to company followers and individual connections. 1. Sharing the story across the ecosystem Brand Touchpoint Content Distribution Employee ProfilesLeadership Profiles Company Updated (Sponsored & Organic) The Feed Telling Your Story