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Talent Connect Australia - Susan Bor "SAP are on a Journey"


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Talent Connect Australia - Susan Bor "SAP are on a Journey"

  1. 1. SAP are on a Journey…Susan BorSVP Head of Global Talent Acquisition, SAP
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. 4“SAP is on an excitingjourney. As one of the largestemployers in the hi-techsector, we are embarking on atransformational journey inour approach to TalentAcquisition. Here’s ourjourney so far.”Susan Bor
  4. 4. So before we start…yes, I have an accent5Scotland
  5. 5. Scotland is famous for…6
  6. 6. …and this…anyone know what this is?7
  7. 7. SAP: Who Are We?8• The world’s leading provider ofenterprise application software• 65,000 employees globally• €16 billion revenue
  8. 8. Our Solutions Help the World Run Better9
  9. 9. SAP: Our Ambition?10By 2015 we want to:• Double our addressable market to US$230 billion• Generate €20 billion in annual revenue• Achieve a 35% non-IFRS operatingmargin• Reach 1 billion users• Generate €2 billion in the cloudbusiness• Become the fastest growing databasecompany
  10. 10. To achieve these ambitions: we have to hire and retain the‘best talent’ and winners!11
  11. 11. The Challenges We ALL Face…12• Highly competitive to attract and retain the ‘Top Talent’ /Global War for Talent• Experienced talent pool is shrinking• Talent has become more demanding: compensation,career paths, training• Talent is more mobile: relocate for the best job• Talent more fluid: average time in a job is 2 years• How to get a true ROI on social media• The art of Employment Branding and positioning• External providers losing ground
  12. 12. SAP’s Key TA Strategic Imperatives 201313
  13. 13. TA’s priorities anchor from the SAP People & OrganisationalStrategy, (part of a radical people agenda)14• Build talent• Simplify the organisation• Develop leadership• Make our business sustainable
  14. 14. Powered by Design Thinking Workshops: Employees Direct15
  15. 15. Diversity: Attracting More Females16TA Strategic Priorities
  16. 16. Future Talent: Attracting the ‘Best Graduates’17TA Strategic Priorities
  17. 17. Internal Mobility: Growing from Within18TA Strategic Priorities
  18. 18. Strategic Hiring: ‘Mapping’ the Market19TA Strategic Priorities
  19. 19. Spotting Quality: Define ‘WGLL’ Per Discipline20TA Strategic Priorities
  20. 20. Streamlining & Making Global Processes ‘Consistent’21TA Strategic Priorities
  21. 21. Making Sure Our EVP Stands Out from the Crowd22TA Strategic Priorities
  22. 22. Let’s take a deeper dive…into a couple of our highestpriority areas23
  23. 23. Our goal is to ‘Humanise’ our brand…by…24
  24. 24. Showcasing Our Best Asset.25Our Employees: They are the ‘true’ SAP Employment Brand
  25. 25. By ‘Engaging’ with our communities, we can showcaseemployee stories & insights26
  26. 26. Candidate Experience: ‘Back to Basics’27Don’t just rely on a bounceback email
  27. 27. Hiring the Best: ID’ing the NDA of WGLL!28
  28. 28. Big Data Drives WGLL29It allows a greater predicivity in hiring. Assessments critical.
  29. 29. Our Challenges30
  30. 30. Fear of Change (especially recruiters)31
  31. 31. ‘Relax. It’s always worked in the past.’32
  32. 32. Technology is an enabler, but mindsets & capabilities are whatdrives change & success33
  33. 33. Everything changes: who knows what we will find at the end ofthe yellow brick road…34
  34. 34. Any Questions?35
  35. 35. Thank you for listening36Feel free to add me as aconnection on LinkedIn orspeak to me in a networkingevent.