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Q1 2017 Product Updates Webcast: Find talent and candidates open to new opportunities


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Welcome to our Q1 2017 Quarterly Product Release webcast. A new, consolidated approach to how we inform customers of new features and enhancements

All product updates will be available in our Product Updates Hub:

To increase your reach into and success engaging qualified candidates, LinkedIn Talent Solutions recently announced 3 new product updates: Open Candidates, Apply Starters, and Contractor Targeting.

This webcast takes a deep-dive into these features — along with other recent product enhancements, empowering users to start benefiting from them right away.

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Q1 2017 Product Updates Webcast: Find talent and candidates open to new opportunities

  1. 1. LinkedIn Talent Solutions Q1 2017 Quarterly Product Release
  2. 2. Welcome to a product demonstration and an overview of the new Quarterly Product Releases (QPR) With your hosts: Ricardo Duran APAC Customer Success Manager LinkedIn Yvonne Chow APAC LTS Product Marketing LinkedIn Alicia Kearns APAC Customer & Executive Marketing LinkedIn
  3. 3. What is a Quarterly Product Release (QPR)? ❏ Our new, consolidated approach to how we inform you of new features and enhancements ❏ All product updates will be available in our Product Updates Hub
  4. 4. Learn more at our new Product Updates hub Go to to learn more about all the latest releases in Recruiter, Jobs, Talent Brand and Media Attend our quarterly Product Updates webcast to get to know the enhancements in depth
  5. 5. Here’s a summary of all Q1 product updates featured in QPR ● Open Candidates ● Apply Starters ● Contractor Targeting ● ‘Likely to Respond’ spotlight ● InMail response rate improvements ● LCP updates 1. Top Releases 3. Things You Should Know Recruiter ● Boolean buttons ● Browser support updates 2. Additional Updates Jobs ● Jobs posting flow updates ● Job targeting improvements Talent Media ● Custom background spotlight ad
  6. 6. 1. Top Releases: Unlock new talent in 3 new ways We’ve been listening to your feedback and are doubling down on new features in an effort to unlock new, open talent pools that will lead to more efficient hiring. The most exciting releases to highlight are: Open Candidates Apply Starters Contractor Targeting Focus on candidates who are open to hearing from recruiters Tap into more qualified candidates for your jobs Quickly identify candidates who may be open to contract work 2x response rate 39% respond in a day 4x response rate
  7. 7. 1. Filter candidates who are ready to make a move. 1. Boost response rates. 1. Close reqs faster. Open Candidates Focus on candidates who are open to hearing from you Members participating 3.5M+ Increase in response rate 2x
  8. 8. “Open to new opportunities” spotlight Find open candidates who match your search criteria in the ‘Open to new opportunities’ spotlight Hover over the profile card to see a candidate’s specific career interests When candidates in your Projects become open, you’ll receive a notification in product.
  9. 9. 1. Find engaged candidates. 1. Access a larger pool of open talent. 1. Improve response rates. Apply starters Tap into more qualified candidates for your jobs Increase in candidates for jobs >2x Increase in response rate 4x
  10. 10. Access apply starters in Jobs and Recruiter View apply starters for a specific job post in your Jobs Manager tool. View apply starters who match your Recruiter search in the Past Applicants spotlight. View which roles they’ve applied for, and when.
  11. 11. 1. Reach the contractor workforce at scale 1. Prioritize your outreach in Recruiter 1. Fill contract roles faster Contractor Targeting Quickly identify candidates who may be open to contract work Members identified 4.5M+ Increase in response rate* 2x Respond within a day* 39% *Self-identified contractors
  12. 12. Search for candidates who may be open to contract work and more, with the “Employment Type” filter We identify contractors 2 ways: 1. Self-reported through Open Candidates 1. Predictive algorithm based on LinkedIn profile data Quickly identify candidates who are likely to be interested in specific types of employment, including contract roles To limit your view to self-reported contractors, use the Employment Type filter and the ‘Open to new opportunities’ spotlight together.
  13. 13. Additional Updates Likely to Respond Spotlight InMail Response Rate improvements LinkedIn Career Pages
  14. 14. New spotlight optimizes for an engaged talent pool tailored to you, based on: ● Candidate relationships and affinity with your company ● Your past recruiting activity Compare to ‘Total Candidates’ view, which optimizes for relevance matches based on search criteria 1. Search results optimized for time to hire. 1. Predictive algorithm to increase your success. 1. Boost your response rates. ‘Likely to respond’ spotlight Focus on candidates more likely to respond to you
  15. 15. InMail Response Rate Improvements Increase the number of candidates who respond to your outreach Higher overall response rate 25% 1. Reduced friction in candidate response process. 1. Updated Recruiter search for more relevant results. 1. Introduced automated email follow-ups.
  16. 16. Next Generation Career Pages The most authentic, personalized experience of your company culture and jobs 1. Reach the right talent 1. Share your authentic story 1. Drive quality applicants 1. Measure impact
  17. 17. Next Generation Career Pages: 3 Key Updates Redesigned Analytics allows you to view and export traffic, growth and demographics of company/career page visitors and company followers, as well as engagement metrics for company status updates If you have Enhanced Analytics you can view key recruiting insights, including: ● Talent Attraction: Who is viewing my company page, viewing or applying to my jobs? ● Applicant Behavior: Which company pages are my applicants viewing, which companies’ jobs are they viewing or applying to? Next Gen design ramped to 100% of LinkedIn members on both desktop and mobile
  18. 18. Things you should know Recruiter Updates Jobs Updates Talent Media Updates
  19. 19. Recruiter Search Updates Target your search for the right talent with greater accuracy ‘NOT’ Boolean support in search filters Hover over a search term to apply a ‘NOT’ command and exclude that term from your search.
  20. 20. Jobs Posting Updates Get qualified applicants through more precise targeting Specify required skills in your Job Posts Get your jobs in front of the right candidates with precision skill targeting that’s easy to use. Jobs now get in front of more quality candidates Targeting algorithm improvements mean that members are 50% more likely to applies to a job they see in JYMBII
  21. 21. Custom Background Spotlight Ad LinkedIn’s most flexible, customizable ad format now has a great new design 1. Complete control over how your brand is presented. 1. Easy to use. 1. Increase engagement with unique visuals.
  22. 22. Q&A Additional Resources To learn more, please visit the product updates page on LTS: