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Olivier LeGrand ConnectIn Sydney


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Olivier LeGrand ConnectIn Sydney

  1. 1. #ConnectInSydney Inspiring through content Olivier Legrand Head of Marketing Solutions – APAC LinkedIn
  2. 2. Your buyers’ behaviour is forever changed
  3. 3. 12:00 PM 6:00 AM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM Mobile at the center of buyer’s lives
  4. 4. 60% Through the buying cycle
  5. 5. Content Marketing is the bridge that builds relationships
  6. 6. Content itself is being transformed
  7. 7. The definitive professional publishing platform YOU Title Company Followers
  8. 8. Members engage with and trust content 7× Top 3 Types of expected content Current affairs Career info Updates from brands More Engagement from brands on LinkedIn
  9. 9. Content is king but context is queen Billy Ray Cyrus National Corvette Museum Josh Homme Kim Kardashian Shaun White Katy Perry #OneOfMyFavoriteMoviesIs #MtSWISHMore #SelenaNeoLaunch You Got Served #iHeart1D Czechs #thankswingman Source: LinkedIN Trending Content; Twitter trending; Facebook trending – Dec 2013 Leadership iPad Cloud Computing Employee Engagement Online Advertising Self-esteem Web marketing Internal Communication Business Real Estate