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LMS Business Elite Infographic


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LMS Business Elite Infographic

  1. 1. 64% 80% of Australia’s Business Elite access LinkedIn weekly 72% 54% 51% of Australia’s Business Elite access LinkedIn monthly of Business Elite accessing weekly, access via our mobile apps LinkedIn reaches more of Australia’s Business Elite than any other online publication or social network measured THE AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS ELITE 2014 79% are university qualified 54% have a personal salary of over $150K are responsible for over $650K in business decision making (annually) Who are have a net worth of over $1M 54% have traded shares in the last 12 months 51% own at least one residential investment property 93% have flown within Australia (last 12 months) 59% have flown elsewhere within Asia (last 12 months) 55% have flown outside of Asia (last 12 months) 92% specify, recommend or authorize business purchasing Source - Ipsos Business Elite Australia, 2014 LINKEDIN’S BUSINESS ELITE in Australia?