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LinkedIn Webcast: Get your 2017 recruitment strategy ready for the new year, now!


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New Year, new job - it’s no surprise that January sees 2x the number of job switchers compared to the rest of the year.

With most people taking 60 days to land a new job, it means they are looking for their next play in October and November.

Take advantage of the January hiring spike and take action now to secure the best candidates for your 2017 positions.

In this webcast, you'll learn tips and tricks on how to prepare for the new year and attract those candidates that are looking for a new job now.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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LinkedIn Webcast: Get your 2017 recruitment strategy ready for the new year, now!

  1. 1. Meet your presenters Emily Goodall Relationship Manager, LinkedIn Chris Jones Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn
  2. 2. Agenda  January is moving month, it’s time to get ready now  4 Simple steps  Shape your employer brand and tell your story  Q&A
  3. 3. January is moving month In January 29% more people change jobs than any other month of the year 83% of job changers land their role within 60 days – which means candidates are looking for jobs now
  4. 4. Get your hiring managers on board One of the first steps is collecting information on the open position.
  5. 5. Get your hiring managers on board  Align your priorities with the business  Ask the right questions in the intake meeting and set the action plan together  Prepare them for candidate engagement  Educate them on your employer brand and tap into their network
  6. 6. Standard Hiring Manager Questions  What do you want to pay?  What are the major responsibilities?  What kind of education does it require?  What technology does the candidate need to be proficient in?
  7. 7. Additional questions  What are three must-haves for the candidate?  What three qualities would immediately get a person fired from this job and why?  If you had to hire someone without any prior experience for this job, what kind of personality and aptitude would they need to quickly get themselves up to speed? For a printable hiring manager intake form, download our Recruiter’s End of Year Toolkit
  8. 8. Test your candidate journey 9 in 10 professionals say a good interview experience can change their minds about a job or company they had doubts about 77% of professionals want to hear good news by phone and 65% of professionals want to hear bad news by email. How you make potential candidates feel about your organisation (even the ones you reject) is as important as the love and attention you give your customers.
  9. 9. The Airbnb Story Strategies:  Mapped out the entire candidate journey using storyboarding, from discovery through each critical point of the experience, frame by frame, to either offer or rejection: “We talked about what we want candidates to know and feel at each step along the way.”  Used candidate surveys for feedback and learning.  Applied online for different jobs with other companies, from start-ups to giants such as Coca-Cola, to see what the application experience was like and learned how other organisations communicate.
  10. 10. The Airbnb Story Learnings:  Set and manage expectations, and do it often.  Work out what makes you unique as an organisation and capitalise on it.  Treat candidates with courtesy and respect.  The way an organisation rejects a candidate is as important as how it makes an offer to a successful applicant.  Once you hire, align the organisation vision with theirs and train the candidates using the ‘candidate journey’. Read the full Airbnb Story here
  11. 11. Writing irresistible job descriptions and engaging InMails
  12. 12. Create irresistible job descriptions  Start with what you have and update your existing job descriptions  Ask yourself these questions: • Are your titles searchable? • Do they have a conversational tone? • Do they highlight the position’s impact and match your organisation’s brand?  Read job descriptions from other organisations and assess what other companies are doing well For a job description checklist, download our Recruiter’s End of Year Toolkit
  13. 13. 64% passive talent 36% active talent
  14. 14. Write engaging InMail  Think mobile  Send a personalised message  Respond quickly  Set expectations Hi John, I wanted you to know about an exciting opportunity going at [Organisation] that we’re looking to fill before the holiday period. I really think this role is up your alley because of [reason], and I’m sure it could open some great doors for you in 2017. If you’d like to find out more please get in touch as soon as possible as we’ll be starting interviews soon. Best, Michael
  15. 15. Get your LinkedIn house in order
  16. 16. Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression  As a recruiting professional, your professional brand can make the difference  Update your profile picture  Highlight your accomplishments  Update your summary  Ask for recommendations  Share valuable content  Update your team’s profiles
  17. 17. Spruce up your company’s pages  Your LinkedIn company page represents your organisation to potential candidates  Make sure you share content that is valuable to your audience, share exciting news and post images to stand out  Showcase your company’s unique capabilities  Use the company page analytics to see what works best  Grow your follower base by using your employees’ networks, your email signature and Sponsored Updates 79% of followers are interested in job opportunities from companies they follow
  18. 18. Bring your employer brand to life  Your LinkedIn Career Page is an extension of your Company page where your job opportunities and your employer brand come to life  Tell an authentic story about your organisation and paint a picture of what it’s really like to work at your company  Check your organisation’s career’s site as well as internal sources for photos and videos  Share photos and blogs from your employees  Engage candidates with personalised content by job function or location
  19. 19. LinkedIn Career Pages have been reimagined
  20. 20. Next Generation Career Pages help you share your authentic story and drive measurable hiring results Reach the right talent Traffic-driving ads & tailored audience views help you engage high-priority candidates Share your authentic story “Life” page provides candidates invaluable culture insights from you & your employees Drive quality applicants “Jobs” page helps talent hone in on the right roles & self-assess fit before applying Measure impact Robust in-product analytics allow you to see key recruiting results & insights
  21. 21. “Life” page gives candidates a rich, authentic view into life at your company Feature inspiring company leaders; allow talent to get to know them before they join Feature videos, images, slideshows highlighting your company culture, people, mission Catch top talent’s eye with a standout image or video telling your company story Share employee- created photos and blog posts that tell an authentic story, while allowing you to control your message
  22. 22. Australia Engineering
  23. 23. Early Adopter Customers
  24. 24. Live Q&A Send us your questions via the Q&A Box now! Emily Goodall Relationship Manager, LinkedIn Chris Jones Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn
  25. 25. Thanks for joining us! You will receive an email with today’s slides and the recording of this webcast.