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LinkedIn Australia Education Research Launch


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LinkedIn latest insights into members attitudes towards further education. Presented at Melbourne Marketers Connect by Michael Levine, Account Director, LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Australia Education Research Launch

  1. 1. LinkedIn Australia Education Research Launch
  2. 2. We asked our members about their attitudes towards further education…  Survey Fielded – April 2014  Total Respondents – 4,982 LinkedIn Members  7 Countries represented : US, UK, France, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands  AU Respondents – 796 LinkedIn Members Methodology
  3. 3. 52% 11% are likely to undertake further study aren’t sure yet 19% 13% 10% 10% In 0-6 months In 6-12 months In 12-18 months In 18+ months How likely are you to furtheryour education in the future? n=796
  4. 4. % of Members likely to undertake further study 35% 35% 36% How likely are you to furtheryour education in the future? 44% 46% 50% 52% United States France United Kingdom Netherlands Singapore Canada Australia
  5. 5. Whilst on-campus study is still popular – online universities, and distance / online study programs are gaining traction .. 4% 3% Part-Time Local Distance / Correspondence Massive Open Online Course (eg: Coursera) Full-Time Local (same state) Full-Time Overseas Other (please specify) What format of further study would you be interested in undertaking? n=503 Intenders in France (20%) and Singapore (23%) are more likely than Australians (4%) to study full-time overseas 3% 9% 26% 45% 55% Full-Time Local (interstate)
  6. 6. Student intenders in Australia are largely seeking certifications, vocational education and non-MBA postgraduate qualifications Associate Degree / Vocational Training / Certification Postgraduate Degree (non-MBA) Other Education Professional Industry Certification (eg: CA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) What type of further study would you be interested in undertaking? n=503 In markets with a high intention to study overseas, MBA intention lifts significantly (30% in Singapore, 34% in France) 12% 10% 15% 15% 21% 34% Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree
  7. 7. Business is the discipline of choice – though prospective students are also attracted to a broad range of alternate courses European Intenders are 2X more likely to consider Languages and Economics 3% 6% 8% 8% 9% 9% 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 14% 15% Hospitality Medicine Economics Languages Science and Mathematics Social Studies Law Creative Arts and Design Engineering Marketing and Media Education Vocational Training Information Technology 34% Business or Commerce What area/s of study would you be interested in exploring for further education? n=503
  8. 8. Students are driving themselves to up-skill – choosing to study out of passion 16% 15% 27% 24% 38% 72% Personal desire to up-skill Passion for learning (no professional requirement) Seeking a higher salary Requirement for a new role (same industry) Networking Opportunity Requirement for a new role (different industry) What factors are influencing your decision to undertake further study? n=503
  9. 9. Course availability, availability of information online, and academic reputation are all key factors when Australian intenders are deciding on where to study 49% 53% 55% 70% 77% 88% University reputation (overall) Location of campus Tuition fees Academic reputation (teaching quality) Availability of information online Subjects / courses available Intenders in Singapore and the United States are over 2.5X more likely to be influenced by the availability of scholarships How important are the following factors when deciding on whereto study? n=354 Top 2 Box
  10. 10. .. though universities need to provide prospective students with information about who will be teaching them, where they could end up (career wise) and what people are saying about them 26% 23% 22% 43% 41% 37% 43% 49% 58% Staff / Lecturer profiles Career Advice Expert commentary / reviews of the institution On Campus Information Sessions Updates on facilities / extra-curricular offerings Updates on institution research Updates on institution rankings Alumni profiles / achievements Location Guides (if studying abroad) Knowledge is power. However, it requires determination. Therefore you want to study at the best possible place and receive the same determination and effort back from your lecturers and peers at university as you personally put in. – Australian LinkedIn Member What sort of information should education institutions be providing to you in order to help you make an informed decision on where to study? n=503
  11. 11. Students seek information online when researching institutions – with professional social networks used twice as much as personal networks when researching institutions 18% 15% 28% Institution Website Peers Online News Publications Professional Social Networks (i.e.… Trade Events / Open-Days Brochures Friends / Family Email Personal Social Networks (i.e. Twitter,… When researching educational institutions, what sources of information do you use? n=503 47% 44% 38% 35% 32% 41% 83% Other Social Media Over half of intenders in the UK, Netherlands and Singapore use Professional Social Networks when researching institutions
  12. 12. Where are intenders thinking of studying?
  13. 13. Most Mentioned Institutions TAFE University of Melbourne RMIT Monash University Queensland University of Technology University of New South Wales Sydney University University of Queensland University of Technology, Sydney Griffith University
  14. 14. Australian intenders see education as a gateway to opportunities, a way to remain relevant, and a Those not considering further study feel as though they’ve reached a sufficient level of education m, oera nasre o cf logsroew toin gre ptierersmoennatl ly
  15. 15. Here’s what we learned Research findings Implications for marketers Over half of Australia’s LinkedIn members are planning on furthering their education 1 An active presence on LinkedIn keeps your institution top of mind. Members are motivated more by self-improvement than higher salary. 2 Tap into the aspirational mindset with content that educates and inspires. They use professional social networks 2X more than personal social networks when seeking info on educational institutions. 3 Use LinkedIn’s precise data to target prospects with the most relevant program information.