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LinkedIn Australia Affluent Millennials Infographic


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The study found that Affluent
Millennials have a uniquely
progressive view of future
financial conditions. For
example, Affluent Millennials
are particularly likely to
envision a technology
enabled future including
automatic debt pay down
and an environment where
banks no longer serve
as their primary financial
institutions but rather social
networks fill this space.

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LinkedIn Australia Affluent Millennials Infographic

  1. 1. Marketing Solutions AUD $100k+ Aged 18 - 3493% Definition of Affluent Millennials born in the 1980’s to1990’s net investible assets excluding real estate hold a graduate degree or higher Soloist conduct their own research and make decisions 34% Affluent Millennials seek content from Financial Services brands on Social Media Top Financial Content sought by Affluent Millenials Affluent Millennials are open to financial offerings from non-financial brands #1 Content Reviews Educational Content Thought Leadership Affluent Millennials AUSTRALIA Validator conduct their own research but validate decisions with advisors 50% 52% How Affluent Millennials make investment decisions 40% #2 #3 Top brands being considered *GenX = Aged 35 - 49 Source: LinkedIn and IPSOS Affluent Millenials Research Study, Sydney, 2015 1 in 3 Affluent Millennials believe social networks will be the hub of all their financial information in the future