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Australian Healthcare Professionals on LinkedIn


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LinkedIn Talent Solutions recently analysed its Australian healthcare members to identify where to find talent, who the top employers are and what healthcare professionals are interested in on LinkedIn.
This infographic presents a summary of the key findings of LinkedIn's Australian Healthcare Professionals Report.

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Australian Healthcare Professionals on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Australian Healthcare Professionals 2015 Where to find healthcare talent in Australia
  2. 2. 235K There are over 235,000 health professionals on LinkedIn in Australia
  3. 3. 30% The healthcare membership base on LinkedIn in Australia is growing faster than overall LinkedIn membership
  4. 4. Unsurprisingly there is high demand and high supply in Australian metropolitan areas Demand High Demand Saturated Small Markets Untapped Note: Size of bubble indicates size of pool. Higher demand index means that professionals are receiving more contact from recruiters than peers in other regions Source: LinkedIn member data, as at October 2015 Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide New South Wales Queensland Newcastle Victoria Canberra Other 51,731 50,083 30,595 20,115 15,105 9,448 7,796 5,593 4,856 4,655 23,6445 TOPREGIONS
  5. 5. The exception to this is Adelaide. So if you’re looking for untapped talent – try Adelaide Demand High Demand Saturated Small Markets Untapped Note: Size of bubble indicates size of pool. Higher demand index means that professionals are receiving more contact from recruiters than peers in other regions Source: LinkedIn member data, as at October 2015
  6. 6. Some specialists are in higher demand than others
  7. 7. Gynaecologists, radiologists and sonographers are in very high demand gynaecologist radiologist sonographer general practitioner physiotherapist nurse occupational therapist midwife rehabilitation consultant psychiatrist anesthetist orthopaedic surgeon director nursing podiatrist radiographer mental health excercise physiologistsurgeon audiologist pathologist dental assistant clinical psychologist case manager dentist psychologist pharmacist doctor social worker therapist paramedic counselor youth worker chiropractor dietitian childcare worker caseworker nutritionist physical therapist dental surgeon # of LinkedIn Members 500 50,00020,00010,0005,0002,0001,000 DemandIndex MoreDemandLessDemand Saturated High Demand UntappedSmall Markets
  8. 8. The public sector is the top healthcare employer on LinkedIn Government Agency Non-Government Agency Doctors Queensland Health NSW Health University of Sydney Monash Health Austin Health Nurses Queensland Health NSW Health Ramsay Health Care Monash Health SA Health Other Allied Health Professionals Queensland Health NSW Health SA Health Ambulance Victoria Queensland Ambulance Service Mental Health Professionals Queensland Health NSW Health Department of Family and Community Services (NSW) SA Health Department of Health & Human Services, Victoria
  9. 9. How is LinkedIn being used by healthcare professionals?
  10. 10. Over 40% use LinkedIn as a networking tool. Nearly half think it’s important to stay up to date with industry discussions. 60% use it to keep in touch with colleagues and companies that interest them. Connect & Communicate 42% Network with other professionals Professional Insights 48% Stay up to date on industry discussions Research People & Companies 60% Learn about what other colleagues are doing
  11. 11. What do Australian healthcare professionals want?
  12. 12. AustralianHealthCareProfessionals AustralianProfessionals Note: Question asked: Please select the 5 most important factors when considering a job opportunity. Sample: 213 Australian Health Care Professionals respondents and 15,299 Australian Professionals respondents. Source: LinkedIn Q1 2015 Talent Drivers Survey 50% 54% 42% 44% 42% 38% 38% 37% 37% 34% 37% 30% 35% 37% 35% 36% 34% 29% 33% 41% Good work/life balance Excellent compensation & benefits Ability to make an impact Culture that fits my personality Job security Having a good relationship with your colleagues A place I would be proud to work Values Employee Contributions Having a good relationship with your superiors Challenging Work The ability to make an impact is more important to healthcare workers than other professional groups
  13. 13. LinkedIn is home to healthcare candidates waiting to be contacted
  14. 14. 70% 70% of people on LinkedIn are considered to be passive candidates
  15. 15. Passive what?
  16. 16. Passive candidates are not actively looking for work, but they would talk to a recruiter or consider changing jobs if the right offer came along
  17. 17. LinkedIn Essentials The Modern Recruiter’s Guide For your hard to fill role, a passive recruitment strategy may be necessary and LinkedIn is the world’s largest source of passive candidates. You just need to know how to approach them. Download our comprehensive guide to modern recruitment practices.
  18. 18. 3 tips to promote your organisation on LinkedIn
  19. 19. Setup your LinkedIn company page Your LinkedIn Company Page is the organisation’s home on LinkedIn. It’s where candidates can go to learn more about you. Make sure it showcases your unique capabilities. Grow follower base 79% of followers are interested in job opportunities from organisations they follow. Promote your company page on your website, and social channels like Twitter or Facebook and ask your employees to spread the word. Engage followers with status updates Company status updates let you nurture your followers at scale. You can target your updates by job function, seniority and geography. Be sure to include a mix of job opportunities, industry news and information about your organisation. 1 2 3
  20. 20. Australian Healthcare Professionals Report 2015 1 Australian Healthcare Professionals Report 2015 Where to find talent in Australia Contact us. Want to find more about a particular occupation? Get in touch for a more detailed report based on your specific requirements. Download the full report. For more detail on Australian healthcare professionals on LinkedIn download the report here. Contact us