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Australian Recruiting Trends 2015 Report - Upcoming Webinar!


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Date: Dec 2, 12pm AEDT

Australian Recruiting Trends 2015 Webinar:

A little insight and foresight into how Australian organisations recruit will go a long way when you're planning your 2015 recruitment strategy and budget.

Register for our free webcast to learn:
1. Three must-know talent trends for 2015.
2. Top recruitment priorities and challenges.
3. The untapped opportunities in passive talent recruitment ­ you could be missing out on 78 per cent of Australian candidates.
4. Why companies large and small are boosting their talent brand.

Join Josh Coulson and Bernadette Cho from LinkedIn as they discuss important findings from the report and get a head start on your strategy for 2015.

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Australian Recruiting Trends 2015 Report - Upcoming Webinar!

  1. 1. The recruiting industry is constantly evolving.
  2. 2. Social media Digital marketing Mobile Big data analytics Trends such as mean social recruiting is on the rise.
  3. 3. We asked your peers about the top recruiting trends and practices for 2015, and published the results in the Australian Recruiting Trends 2015 report.
  4. 4. What are the must-know recruiting trends for 2015?
  5. 5. Hiring volumes have almost returned to 2011 levels, but the gap between hiring needs and budgets is widening. TREND 1
  6. 6. 78% TREND 2 49% But only 49% of Australian companies recruit them. 78% of Australian professionals consider themselves passive candidates.
  7. 7. 5599% 5533% 4411% 4466% 3399% 3333% Defining and measuring quality of hires Improved candidate and job matching Recruiting becoming more like marketing TREND 3 Australia Global Looking ahead to the next five to 10 years. % of respondents who see this as a trend.
  8. 8. Dig deeper into the trends to inform your 2015 recruiting strategy. Register for the Australian Recruiting Trends webinar 2 December 2014.