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What Small Businesses Look Like on LinkedIn


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Inspiration. Success. Opportunity. These are just a few of our favorite things that small businesses are talking about on LinkedIn.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting 100 local small businesses in our Mountain View and New York offices to learn more about their unique business challenges and goals. Before the event, we set out to learn more about small businesses on LinkedIn. What are they talking about? Where are they growing? What sparks their interest, and what makes them feel inspired?

We poked around, asked questions, and did some digging and our LinkedIn Small Business Snapshot was born. We wrapped up our findings in this nifty infographic.

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What Small Businesses Look Like on LinkedIn

  1. 1. B small usiness snapshot of small busi ess K orldINESSES AREnTALloIokG N lik w ABO e on U the L BUS es AL LiTk o M n ON td S edI L ha AT n? IN w H customers KE W DIN students CEOs MANAGEMENT solutions work global professionals future MARKETING experience partners IT tips people growth career TEAMS development event create inspiration today now world energy WINNING stories skills technology hiring employees proud leaders design opportunities social new MOBILE happy learn digital successes videos Die-hard loyalists TOP INDUSTRIES OF SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH 1. E-LEARNING 2. APPAREL & FASHION 3. FOOD & BEVERAGES 4. INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY SERVICES 5. CIVIC & SOCIAL ORGANIZATION 59% of LinkedIn members who have worked for a small business have never worked for a company larger than 200 employees. Passionate and Proud When it comes to feeling inspired, "I'm passionate and proud about my work" is what entrepreneurs say describes them best. TOP COUNTRIES OF SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH Entrepreneurs are made In a recent LinkedIn group poll in Succeed: Small Business Network, Powered by Staples, 56% of members say entrepreneurs are made, not born. 1. TURKEY 2. COLOMBIA 3. RUSSIA 4. CZECH REPUBLIC 5. SPAIN LINKEDIN INFLUENCERS TALKING ABOUT SMALL BUSINESS 1. BRAD SMITH 2. ILYA POZIN 3. JAMES CAAN 4. ERIC RIES 5. JOHN A. BYRNE Trust word of mouth 60% of small businesses pick word of mouth as the most trustworthy resource for making decisions. TOP LINKEDIN INFLUENCERS THEY FOLLOW 1. RICHARD BRANSON 2. JACK WELCH 3. BILL GATES 4. JEFF WEINER 5. DEEPAK CHOPRA, MD TOP LINKEDIN CHANNELS THEY FOLLOW 1. SOCIAL MEDIA 2. TECHNOLOGY 3. MARKETING STRATEGIES 4. LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT 5. ENTREPRENEURSHIP & SMALL BUSINESS Young at heart (and in life!) The largest concentration of small business employees is age 25, and just over 50% are age 18-31. TOP PUBLISHERS THEY FOLLOW ON LINKEDIN 1. CNNMONEY.COM 2. MASHABLE 3. INC. MAGAZINE 4. TECHCRUNCH 5. ENTREPRENEUR MEDIA Small businesses were defined as companies on LinkedIn with 1-200 employees as of October 2013.