Okanagan College (2012 LinkBC Case Competition)


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This is the presentation from the Thompson Rivers University degree team at the 6th Annual LinkBC Case Competition. They were challenged with solving 10% of BC's projected tourism labour shortage by 2020.

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  • The labour force challenge is a labour market shortage of 100,000 tourism jobs by 2020 predicted by go 2Skilled Workers- A person with certified training or education in a specific field, by the end of this decade more of a need for post secondary educationAging issue: Current generation isnt providing enough young workers by 2036, for very 2.3 young workers there will be one senior workerRetention- Holding onto the employee after there trained, loss of employees to other provinces (Leakage), High cost of living in B.C
  • Homogenized Control-quality and quantity (want more qualified then unskilled people)Internal Recruitment- Nationally transferable certificationInternational Framework- Recruit internationally, so adopts common framework from other tourism hot spotsIntegrated education programs
  • Accommodating education transfersNotification jobs are in b.c willing to look at education. Come up program of awareness such as
  • Go2 careers in tourism
  • 2 years measure it increase in customer serivice levels account for it quant qual
  • Travel opportunities = benefit? So maybe erase or make i.e. pointAnother aspect: Hit Highschool, Colleges, Career Fairs and Job Fairs (time!!!, not off season)
  • Okanagan College (2012 LinkBC Case Competition)

    1. 1. Naturally ForwardConsulting Josh Rampone Jessica Pommer Lana Reimer Maik Uhlmann Okanagan College Diploma Program
    2. 2. Agenda• Challenges• Target Markets• Working Budget• Promoting a Career• Conclusion
    3. 3. Project VisionTo attract and retain ten-thousand new workersinto the British Columbia tourism labour market by 2020.
    4. 4. Labour Force Challenges• Aging population • Transferability of• Lack of skilled certifications workers • Career expectations• Leakage to other • Working industries environment
    5. 5. Target Markets• Domestic Students (5,000 recruits)• International Professionals (2,000 recruits)• Exiting Baby Boomers (3,000 recruits)
    6. 6. Domestic Student Characteristics • 14-22 years old • Technologically advanced • Flexible lifestyle • Career exploration
    7. 7. Vision: Domestic StudentsMaking it work…promoting tourism as a career
    8. 8. Domestic Student Tactics• Cooperative Programs (Co-op)• Social Media• Job-fairs
    9. 9. Okanagan Culinary Arts Program Perry Bently • Apprenticeship • Turnover equals cross training • Networking
    10. 10. Key Stakeholders• LinkBC• Go2 Career counsellors
    11. 11. International Professional Characteristics• Post Secondary Education• Life experience• Unemployed professionals
    12. 12. Vision: International Professional Providing skilled workers with a secure career
    13. 13. International Professional Tactics• Similar educational outcomes• Transferable credential and qualifications• International Framework
    14. 14. Manteo ResortKim Desrosier• Jamaica• Retention• Key Communication• “Above and beyond, those are the ones you want”
    15. 15. Key Stakeholders• Tourism B.C Citizenship and Immigration Canada• British Columbia Counsel for International Education Promotion and interest
    16. 16. Existing Baby BoomerCharacteristics• 48+• Life experience• Workforce Experience• Seeking connections
    17. 17. Vision: Baby BoomersMaintain quality of life through tourism employment
    18. 18. Baby Boomer Tactics• Social clubs• Online networking• Emphasize benefits
    19. 19. Key Stakeholders• Go2• Social Clubs  City of Kelowna Recreation and Cultural Services
    20. 20. Budget Total 8 Year Budget: 5.25 Million
    21. 21. Measuring Success• Qualitative Expectation Survey Stay Survey• Quantitative Number of people entering the program
    22. 22. Promoting a Career• Quality of life • Job growth• Travel opportunities • Countless learning• Flexible hours • Diversification
    23. 23. Delta Grand HotelsShari Avery• Delta Leadership Program• Cross training• Internal recruitment• Transparency and honestly approaches• Stay Interview
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    27. 27. Questions?