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2011 Case Competition: Okanagan College


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Case Competition 2011 - submission (diploma category) from Okanagan College.

Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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2011 Case Competition: Okanagan College

  1. 1. BC Parks & the BC VIC Network: Building Bridges to Increase Visitation and Business Okanagan School of Business Okanagan College Representatives: Shelby Franson, Jena Huber, Jordan Lacroix, Nathan Milligan
  2. 2. "To enable tourists to be aware, interestedand visit BC Parks through innovativepartnerships with Visitor InformationCentres, leading tourism businesses, andoutdoor recreation agencies."
  3. 3. Provincial Parks in the Region• Saltery Bay • Stawamus Chief• Alice Lake • Roberts Creek• Coquihalla Canyon • Golden Ears• Desolation Sound Marine • Mount Seymour• Cypress • Peace Arch• Skookumchuck • Porpoise Bay• Manning• Garibaldi
  4. 4. Vancouver Coast and Mountains Activities• Hiking • Fishing• Boating • Beaches• Horseback riding • Skiing/Snowboarding• Camping • Snowmobiling• Canoeing/Kayaking • Snowshoeing• Biking• Swimming• Picnicking
  5. 5. Visitor Information CentresVancouver Coast and Mountain Visitor Center Network• 29 Visitor Centers in this area i.e. Vancouver, Richmond, Chilliwack• Travel Information• Accommodation Reservations• Province Wide Trip Planning• Larger centers in DMO offices, smaller centers in Chamber of Commerce
  6. 6. Tourism and Hospitality Partners• Hotels• Restaurants• Outdoor Adventure Operators• Hiking Clubs i.e. Chilliwack Hiking Club• Snowshoeing/Skiing/Cross Country Skiing Clubs i.e. The Skiers• Canoeing and Kayaking Clubs• Fishing Club i.e. North Shore Fish and Game Club
  7. 7. Strategic Alliances with Regional VIC• Training staff within the VIC Training Program and FAM tours to BC Parks in their area• Employ a Parks Specialist• The Florida Store Concept
  8. 8. Strategic Alliances with Outdoor Recreation Organizations Trails BC• Thousands of members• Assist with trail building and assistance• Help plan for Future Linear Parks
  9. 9. Strategic Alliances with Regional Tourism and Hospitality Businesses Mountain Equipment Co-op• Sponsorship of BC Park Concept Store within downtown Vancouver VIC• Interactive audio visuals in MEC stores in the region• Proprietary BC Parks “App” available to MEC members• Contests and Draws
  10. 10. Key StakeholdersA working task force led by Tourism BC Visitor Information Services that are made of representatives from:• BC Parks• Visitor Info Centres• Destination marketing organizations• Chambers of Commerce• Outdoor Recreational Organizations• Tourism Operators in Vancouver Coast and Mountain area 2 year pilot project
  11. 11. Measuring Success• Incept Surveys- in park surveying of guests, identify where they found out about BC Parks• Administered by summer students• Overseen by BC Parks administration• Shared data• Additionally track and measure increase number of promotions and activities between VIC centres, BC Parks, Tourism Operators and Clubs
  12. 12. Working Budget BC Parks and BC VIC Network Pilot Program Implementation Budget VIC Centres Training 29 $500/Centre $14,500 VIC Centres Dedicated Staff 10 $40,000 $400,000 VIC Centres Concept Store 1 $150,000 $150,000 Outdoor Presentations 10 $500 $5,000RecreationalOrganizations Regional Guided Tour 6 $1,500 $9,000 Tourism Promotion Operators Total = $578,500
  13. 13. To accomplish our vision for BC Parks1. Establishment of BC Parks Concept Storeswithin Visitor Information Centres2.Forging alliance with outdoor adventureclubs to foster awareness and referrals3. Developing partnerships with local tourismoperators4. Evaluate and monitor success of PilotProgram5. Upon success, rollout to other areas of BC
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