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This presentation was prepared with love and care by Neo himself and his loyal team. They couldn't let your Social Media plan be a disaster or see you drowning in your SMM tasks. Harsh days of Social Media workload will be over soon.

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  • We actually do have an in-house presentation on how we optimized our social media efforts. I have to change some things around to make it public facing, but it will be up next month some time.

    In the meantime, we have several social media related slideshows on our Slideshare profile, so check them out when you get a chance. Great work here : )
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  • @EnVeritasGroup

    You got the point! That's a presentation for Social Media newbies mostly. It's easier to track this thought if you read the article first.
    Just wondering whether you were thinking of creating your own presentation to showcase how exactly you changed your strategy and achieved tremendous results? We're sure that would be a bomb!
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  • We have always taken a strong strategically focused approach to social media, and as a result we have achieved some significant ROI, such as doubling the traffic to our site, and increasing submissions to our consultation forms, among many other items. I think your presentation provides a great outline for companies to follow that are new to the social media world and need some direction before just rushing in. Good stuff!
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  • @EnVeritasGroup

    First of all, thanks for your comment!

    In most situations companies really think little of Social Media planing, and it's the main and primary mistake. Social Media Marketing like any type of marketing should be planned, analyzed and have its objectives in place. Otherwise there's little to no sense in spending your time on it.
    In this presentation we attempted to have a basic look at SMM planning and develop a very basic strategy that any company regardless of its size and industry could easily apply. Hope it helps anyone :)
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  • I would actually adjust it to say that the most common goals are none at all. I think a lot of companies go in with no strategy and no objective of what they hope to achieve, so they end up getting frustrated and wondering why they are invested in social media. Thanks for posting : )
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Monthly Social Media Ninja Plan: Neo Lessons

  1. 1. Read The Full ArticleHereMonthly Social MediaNinja Plan: Neo Lessons
  2. 2. We gotta warn you that it’s not a typical*WWND post*WWND – What Would Neo Do
  3. 3. Does your monthly plan look like that?
  4. 4. If you’re viewing this slide then you are at aconstant battle with your time and productivity
  5. 5. Part 1: Your Monthly SMM Goals a.k.a.Thomas Anderson Perspective
  6. 6. The Most Common SMM Monthly GoalsGet more targetedfans/ followers/friends/ subscribersfor both personal andcorporate accountsIncrease trafficIncreaseengagement = anumber of likes/shares/ re-shares/views/ comments
  7. 7. Part 2: Goals -> Activities Transformation a.k.a.Thomas Anderson becomes Neo
  8. 8. ✓ contests✓ giveaways✓ G+ communities✓ regular posts✓ Google+ hangoutsGoogle+:✓contests✓giveaways✓promoted posts✓regular posts✓ contests✓ giveaways✓ regular tweets✓ #FF tweets✓ contests✓ giveaways✓ video tutorials✓ keywords use✓ YouTube lists✓ Google+ hangoutsFacebook:YouTube:Twitter:Increased Followers/Fans/Subscribers Ratio
  9. 9. ✓ polls, questions✓ FB posts withquestions and CTAs indescription✓ images✓ posts with questions andCTAs in description✓ messages tailored tospecific circles✓ RTs and personal #FF tweets✓ answering users questions✓ hashtags use✓ brand mentions search✓ Twitter cards✓ posting your videoson Google+✓ video blog posts vs.traditional ones✓ Google+ hangouts;YouTube: Google+:Facebook: Twitter:Increased Engagement
  10. 10. ✓ see previous slides +✓ proprietary Facebook app(like the one we have)✓ website link in bio section✓ content curation✓ see previous slides +✓ website link in bio section✓ G+ interactive posts✓ content curation✓ see previous slides +✓ website link in biosection✓ content curation✓ see previous slides +✓ keywords use✓ videos embedded toyour site✓ appropriate sitemapFacebook:Google+:Twitter:YouTube:Increased Traffic
  11. 11. Part 3: Time execution boundaries a.k.a. its 2199not 1999 any more
  12. 12. Live conversation: 2 hrs per day -> 10 hrs per week ->40 hrs per monthCheck out next slides.What do we mean by Live Conversations?
  13. 13. Answering industry-related questions andcontributing to thetheme tailoreddiscussions
  14. 14. Managing holy warconsequences if anyMonitoring brandmentions and specifickeywords
  15. 15. Content Curation: 4 hrs per day -> 20 hrs per week - >60 hrs per monthWhat do we mean by Content Curation activities?See next slide.
  16. 16. Content CurationActivity ExamplesReading your newsfeed,influential magazines, journals,blogs and the likePresenting content in an eatableformat tailored for the specifics ofevery social networkChoosing contentthat can be themost beneficialone for yourtarget audienceAssigningtasks to otherteammembers.
  17. 17. Idea generation and self-improvement: 2 hrs per day-> 10 hrs per week -> 40 hrs per monthWhat do we mean by idea generation & self-improvement?Just that you need to push your imagination harder.
  18. 18. Content creation: writingblog and guest postsCreatingcontests,video ideasMonitoringcompetitorsReading industryand smm newsTesting waters on new(old) social networksKeeping an eye on stats(e.g, Google Analytics,Facebook fan pagestatistics, etc.)Meetings, emailsand other timeconsuming holesReportpreparation
  19. 19. Part 4: Activities Scope a.k.a. a world whereanything is possible
  20. 20. Make NO mistake and first see what networksgenerate more traffic for youSign in to your Google Analytics account and go to Standard Reports -> TrafficSources -> Social -> Overview
  21. 21. But you still can get a punch if you analyze onlyTRAFFICWanna know WHY?
  22. 22. Traffic ConversionsPlace whereAwesomeness isbornCheck Standard Reports -> Traffic Sources -> Social -> Conversion
  23. 23. ✓ 2-3 scheduled tweetswith links per day✓ 1-2 unscheduledtweets (real conversationsexcluded) per day✓ 6 scheduled tweets perweek-end (3 for Saturdayand 3 for Sunday)✓ 2-4 videos permonth (1 video perweek ideally)✓ 2 posts per day✓ 2 posts perweek-end (1 forSat and 1 for Sun)✓ 4 posts per day✓ 4 posts per week-end (2 on Sun and 2on Sat)Content Curation ScheduleTwitterYouTube Google+Facebook
  24. 24. Thus, your Monthly Social Media Scope will be:Will that be enough? Let’s ask the experts!
  25. 25. What if I toldyou can get evenmore in nextslide?So you say they madeit? They created thebasic SMM monthlyplan?That’s not what Imean, Neo.It’s a bitmorecomplex…Like what?
  26. 26. Contact Neo SMM team and ask for advice:Facebook: Plus:
  27. 27. You can get even more tips on how you can makeyour content more engaging and shareable:Just visit our blog and read the article