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Kiss your Pinterest strategy goodbye


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Check out this presentation about the most horrible and standard Pinterest strategies you could only see. Our deck will show you how to avoid common Pinterest mistakes and will give you top-notch Pinterest promotion tips.
By following these simple rules and transforming negative experience into a new born strategy you will learn how to be a Pinterest rock star and become a Social Media manager with a successful Pinterest strategy and success behind his back.

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Kiss your Pinterest strategy goodbye

  1. Kiss Your PinterestStrategy GoodbyeGive Up Your Pinterest BadHabits In 30 Slides
  2. Just to make sure that Ive made it clear enoughfor everyone and from the very beginning.
  3. THIS is not a Pinterest socialmedia strategy.
  4. Links are cool, Social Media value is better• Firstly, no brand can name a board SEO and post irrelevant pictures withawkward descriptions.• Secondly, no brand can write a saga in a boards description and expectanyone to read it.
  5. Thus, kiss it good-bye!
  6. Or at least make sure youruser can and would read italoud even if the bombwas ticking.Reborn strategy for dummies:1. Whatever your description is,make it short and precise.
  7. Reborn strategy for dummies:2. Relevant pictures are a must.Just remember thatrelevance always liesbeneath simplicity.
  8. Reborn strategy for dummies:3. Creating a different messagewith the site link could reallymake a sales pressure muchmilder.He’s angry andwants you to buyHe’s mad andwants yourmoneyHe’ll burryyour inbox inspam for 12bucksHe’ll die for aconversionHe just came toPinterest for acheese pierecipe…
  9. Reborn strategy for dummies:4. OK, forget point 3, I was just trying to play the good cop.Anyone who promisesyou to be number oneon Google for 5 daysin no time should bepersecuted and killed.
  10. Sharing Is Not Always CarryingDo you really want people to be your co-pinners? Or do you simply want to wakethem up at night, preferably at 3 am, and shout in their ear: Please do-do-do buyfrom us!
  11. Thus, kiss it good-bye!
  12. Reborn strategy for dummies:1) Create a special board that will be about your products,services or will be strictly created for your blog articlespromotion and put your link in the board description.Its not a crime toadvertise yourself.Its just not rightto do iteverywherewhere peoplehavent bannedyou yet.
  13. Reborn strategy for dummies:2) Moderate a board with multiple contributors carefully.You may be a goodboy, but one spammypinner can make anoverall suspiciousimpression on anyonewho sees your profile.
  14. Rules Are Rules For EveryoneWhen Pinterest asks you to verify your site, you just go and dothis without tears and extra drama. Even if you are Microsoft(even though Microsoft did it for none of its official accounts).
  15. Thus, kiss it good-bye!
  16. Rules Are Rules For EveryoneHow does a verified profile look like? Like this.*confirmation mark
  17. Reborn strategy for dummies:* OK, just for dummies: no drama queen play, just verify your siteto show that you are the official channel and look credible.You still don’t get? Really? REALLY?
  18. Empty Pinterest boards. All The TimeHaving a profile like that looks unfinished, scruffy and just as if youforgot to put your shoes on in winter. Do you want me to press the“Follow All” button? Well, that doesnt make much sense.
  19. Thus, kiss it good-bye!
  20. Reborn strategy for dummies:If Pinterest is all about visual impression and impact then youmust establish yourself as a Pinterest Raphael and do…Nah, you’re confusing it again.Not the turtle butthe painter!
  21. Reborn strategy for dummies:1) Make sure to add at least a board cover that will giveusers a hint that this board was not created accidently andthat more images are coming.
  22. Reborn strategy for dummies:2) If youre afraid of forgetting some board ideas a good waywould be just to create a list in MS Word or in a Google doc.
  23. Reborn strategy for dummies:3) Feel like the organ of your imagination has dried upand though you have board ideas you still cant find imagesfor them? No worries, use the Search box on top of the pageon the left to search for similar boards and find nice boardcovers.
  24. Clichéd Profile PicturesIf youre a brand page, make your logo stand out and dont hideyour identity behind a commonly used picture that a goodbusiness wouldnt even utilize for its blog post.
  25. Thus, kiss it good-bye!
  26. Reborn strategy for dummies:1) Ask your designer to create a logo picture for yourPinterest profile. The size is 160 x 165 px.
  27. Reborn strategy for dummies:2) Use the site Creative Commons or search for images in GoogleImages advanced settings by choosing the right option in usagerights sectionLook for right images everywhere!Even in places where they areunlikely to be.
  28. And now you can say: but these spammy Pinterestprofiles have a huge follower list…
  29. And I still say: you’re getting it wrong• How many followers were bought?• How many followers are bots?• How many followers are real?• How many real followers convert?• If you were one of their followers, would you carechecking whats on their website?
  30. Remember all our tips, do not suck on Pinterest andyou’ll be successful*Eventually
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