How to find your golden marketing keywords


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Keywords are the basis of any online marketing campaign. Learn how you can find your golden marketing keywords that are popular with online users, help you reach the right audiences, and empower you to make greater profit online.
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How to find your golden marketing keywords

  1. 1. How to find your golden marketing K E Y W O R D S …and make more $$$ online A Web Marketer’s Guide
  2. 2. Keywords are the cornerstone of any Internet marketing campaign
  3. 3. By using the right keywords you reach the right people! Which one would you call “FOOTBALL”?
  4. 4. Carefully selected keywords help avoid confusion
  5. 5. Capiche?
  6. 6. So, how do you discover marketing keywords that: (A) Say precisely what you want to say (B) Are frequently looked up on Google (C) Have the competition you’re capable of beating
  7. 7. While some marketers’ advice hasn’t changed since 2005… I use Google AdWords Tool for keyword analysis, err…
  8. 8. In 2014, keyword research has to be done is a whole new way… Ever heard of Google’s “Hummingbird” update? It changed how SEOs do keyword research forever!
  9. 9. So, how do you do keyword research in 2014?
  10. 10. If you’re dying to learn the answer, check out this Free guide or stay with us just a bit longer ->
  11. 11. Keyword Research in 2014 Part 1: Brainstorming keyword ideas
  12. 12. You get suggestions from Google’s Keyword Planner and end up with a homogeneous list like this -> The old way
  13. 13. Example: A person looking for “office furniture” could also be interested in: • Chairs, sofas, reception desks, office accessories, etc. • Movable walls, raised floors, partitioning / screens • Computers and technical equipment, etc. The new way! You go beyond keywords & search for associated concepts. This way you get a more diverse keyword list.
  14. 14. Some tools that can help you diversify your keyword list are: • Soovle • Google Suggest (or Übersuggest for automation) • Google Trends • Zenya • Free online Thesaurus
  15. 15. Find more tips on expanding your keyword list at
  16. 16. Keyword Research in 2014 Part 2: Detecting profitable keywords
  17. 17. • Head to Google’s Keyword Planner (previously AdWords Keyword Tool) • Check the number of searches for your keywords • Pick the most popular keywords for a campaign The old way
  18. 18. The new way! 1. Choose keywords with the right intent • Look for commercial intent markers (Buy …, …Coupon, …Discount, …Deal, …Shipping) • Look for keywords with the “learn-more” intent (Best…, Top 10…, Cheap…, Affordable…, …Review, …Comparison, a brand name, a product name)
  19. 19. 2. Choose keywords with the highest KEI (KEI or keyword efficiency index reflects a keyword’s competition to popularity ratio) 3. Choose keywords that aren’t too general or too specific (Clothes - too general, The kind of clothes Hermione wears in Harry Potter - too specific) The new way!
  20. 20. Wondering how you can discover such keywords? Find out more at
  21. 21. Keyword Research in 2014 Part 3: Assessing your competition
  22. 22. The old way You just go ahead & check how many pages Google returns for a keyword:
  23. 23. It’s not just about quantity – It’s about quality! The new way!
  24. 24. Here’s how to assess a competitor’s QUALITY • Check what other sites link to them • Analyze their website’s structure • Analyze their website content ( and keywords) • Check their site’s parameters as reported by reputable marketing tools
  25. 25. Read more about how to assess competition parameters at
  26. 26. To your success!
  27. 27. Read full keyword guide at: 2014 © Link-Assistant.Com research-2014.html