Staying Global in an Agile World Presentation


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Staying Global in an Agile World Presentation

  1. 1. STAYING GLOBAL IN AN AGILE WORLD WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2012. BEGINNING AT 11:00 AM PT , Adam Asnes Richard Sikes CEO & President Translation Technology Expert Lingoport Localization Flow Technologies Olivier Libouban Globalization Lead Lingoport olibouban@lingoport.comSubmit questions using the GoToWebinar Q&A interface or through Twitterwith hash-tag: #AgileL10nConnect with Lingoport:Twitter @ @ @ @
  2. 2. Lingopor t Product Line Rules i18n Metrics Resources Resources & Translations
  3. 3. SourceReintegrate Detect changes & Verify Verify Build L10n Kit Send for Translation
  4. 4. Resources: from Dev to L10n Create Kits
  5. 5. Files are Translated
  6. 6. Resources: from L10n to Dev Integrate
  7. 7. Commands and Automation
  8. 8. Dashboard & Resources
  9. 9. Manual file handling of very large filesets is inefficient.• Lost time• Opportunity cost• Lack of dynamic, central overview• Time lag• Synchronization gap• Process gulf
  10. 10. Small changes can introduce manyproblems and big project risks!
  11. 11. Small changes can introduce manyproblems and big project risks! Single Language Vendor Freelancer Pool MultiLingual Vendor Steady-state demand for translation
  12. 12. What risks?• File confusion• File corruption• Bug exposure• Over- or under-translation• Inaccurate assumptions• Engineering rework cost• Potential for missing deadlines• Exponential downstream burden
  13. 13. Risk mitigation requires being closerto control mechanisms.
  14. 14. Lingoport Resource ManagerBefore translation, LRM automatically:• Monitors source code resource files for additions and changes;• Checks candidate source files for localization-readiness;• Flags files that do not pass for rework;• Packages localization-ready files in a localization kit;• Sends the package to the vendor for translation.After the translation package is returned by the vendor, LRMautomatically:• Inspects the files for potential mistakes that are known to occur during the translation process;• Reinserts the translated files into the development environment at the proper location;• Reconciles the environment.
  15. 15. LRM executes iteratively, and presentsthe current status in a dashboard view Source Reintegrate Detect changes & Verify Verify Build L10n Kit Send for Translation
  16. 16. Ten reasons to deploy LRM are:1. Automates iterative, non-value-added file management tasks.2. Automates validation checking for common errors.3. Reduces human error.4. Provides intuitive, real-time dashboard status overview for all stakeholders.5. Supports ease of deployment and operation.6. Bridges the gap between development and localization.7. Speeds localized resource turnaround time.8. Reduces human resource opportunity cost.9. Supports industry-standard development environments.10. Enhances agile localization
  17. 17. Questions & Answers Twitter: #AgileL10n What’s next? Adam Asnes Contact Lingoport to discuss your Globalization engineering process Olivier Libouban Richard Sikes • Connect with Lingoport: • Web Twitter @ LinkedIn @ Facebook @ Blog @