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Shifting Left Webinar Slides


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Shifting Left Webinar Slides

  1. 1. Shifting Left Part II – i18n in Real-TimeAdam BlauVP Salesablau@lingoport.comOlivier LiboubanGlobalization Lead Thursday, February 23, Beginning at 11am PT Feel free to ask questions using the GoToWebinar Q&A interface. Twitter hash-tag: #ShiftLeft
  2. 2. 2012 Internationalization and LocalizationConference│March 14-15, Santa Clara, CAWednesday, March 14thFull-day technical internationalization training classLed by Olivier Libouban, Globalization Lead at LingoportThursday, March 15thInternationalization and Localization ConferenceThe main conference features an entire day of i18n and L10n focusedpresentations, roundtables, and panel discussions.Presenting companies include: Acrolinx, Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Common SenseAdvisory, Intel, Jonckers, LinkedIn, Lingoport, Moravia, ReardenCommerce, Twitter, Yahoo!, Zynga, and more.Learn more and register at: or contact Chris @
  3. 3. Yin & Yang of Software Globalization
  4. 4. Yin & Yang of Software GlobalizationInternationalization (i18n): Process of making a single codebase locale-independent, so it can be localized withoutsource code changes.Localization (l10n): Translation & application of localeterms and style so that it looks locale-specific, i.e. looksand reads like a product native to the respective market.
  5. 5. Globalization focus: content and words• TM’s: Cloud-based TM, integration with TMS & machine translation engines.• Machine Translation + post-editing• Crowdsourcing• Translation Management Systems• Marketplaces, auctions and management platforms• Centralized localization service groupsIs there another tool / process that can bring 15% savings tocurrent, mature localization models?
  6. 6. Yes, no, maybe?
  7. 7. Challenges to focus on i18n• Who owns i18n? Software development or L10n?• What processes and tools can: – mold i18n guidelines with developers environment around the world? – ensure compliance during development or QA, not during localization?• Development times are shorter. – Focus on “hot fixes” or i18n bugs? – Are i18n bugs Tier 1 or 3?• Difficult to test complex process beyond U/I labels.
  8. 8. Importance on i18n compliance• i18n compliance through iterative QA cycles and releases is a waste of money and time.• Finding, managing, fixing and verifying i18n bugs is costly. Averages start at $500.• Releasing core products to worldwide markets faster creates revenue opportunities, not just cost savings.• “Reactive internationalization is unpredictable and poorly controlled.” – Gary Lefman.
  9. 9. Founded on three core principles:1. Making software world-ready is a priority, not a side project.2. There should not be surprises in coding software for the world.3. Internationalization (i18n) should be a leading priority for software development.
  10. 10. i18n Focus to streamline L10n• Develop products that produce scalable, repeatable and accurate processes for global releases.• Design them specifically for software engineers, QA teams and their managers to find, fix and report i18n bugs.• Produce knowledge for management to measure & scope i18n readiness and progress on technical debt.
  11. 11. Globalyzer 4.0 Server Command Line Workbench
  12. 12. Lingoport Champions Your Company Here?
  13. 13. Questions & AnswersAdam Blau Resources: 2012 i18n & L10n ConferenceChris Raulf March 14-15, Santa Clara, steps:- Talk to us about your i18n needs- Free Globalyzer trial: