Product Brand Culturalization Webinar Recording


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Product Brand Culturalization Webinar Recording

  1. 1. Folks across the globe are wired differently. Therefore, it’s key to design and market a product brandwith an eye on cultural adaptation to regional markets. Get a competitive edge. And keep it. At the speedof need. A product unlocalized is a product unsold. An ROI unreaped.This one-hour presentation is a roller coaster ride through pains and gains in the pre-natal productdevelopment process. We’ll review contextual, functional and visual elements to consider for producing aculturally fitted product brand and resurface just in time for a quick peek into glocal strategy for productacceptance in new market entry.Talia and Chris will also discuss the challenges companies face when deciding to take their brand global.The presentation features several case studies and an in-depth look at the relationship between brandingand the needs of the global marketplace, including culture, localization, and internationalization.This presentation targets business managers, marketing managers, product managers,internationalization and localization managers, and anyone else wanting to learn more about the productlocalization, internationalization, and culturalization process. Product Brand Culturalization webinar recordingAbout the Presenters:Talia Baruch is an independent localization and culturalization consultant, founder of Copyous. Talia has23 years of experience in the industry, developing and orchestrating enterprise localization accounts,including Google, HP, Adobe, and Starbucks. Her added expertise lies in culturally-fitted brand identityand in glocal strategy for new market entry. For additional information please visit Raulf, a native of Switzerland, is a 12-year veteran of the localization and internationalizationindustry. He started his professional career as a Marketing Specialist for a financial corporation in Zürich,Switzerland and as a Product Manager for the Swiss Rail Ways, one of Switzerland’s trademarkcompanies. Chris earned a Swiss Federal Diploma in Business and Marketing and traveled all over theworld before settling in the US. He currently heads marketing at Lingoport.