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Nasdaq 100 Data Storage and Management Company Internationalization


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Nasdaq 100 Data Storage and Management Company Internationalization

  1. 1. Nasdaq-100 Data Storage and Management Company to CentralizeInternationalization Software Development with Lingoport’s Globalyzer4.0Internationalization deployment for multiple products to cover developers in three worldwidelocationsBOULDER, CO – May 16, 2012 – Software internationalization (i18n) firm Lingoport( announced today that a top data storage and management company hassuccessfully implemented Lingoport’s Globalyzer software as its internationalization compliance solution.Without an automated process to check millions of lines of code for i18n issues and bugs, Lingoport’scustomer was unable to validate its product’s world readiness without a cumbersome world-ready qualityassurance approach that would add months to project duration. By instituting an enterprise-wide internationalization solution, they were able to achieve their goal of ensuring i18n compliance.To tackle internationalization in development locations spanning across the US and Asia, Lingoportcrafted a 90-person, department-wide license of its flagship product Globalyzer. “Software engineersacross the department will be empowered to deliver properly internationalized code for new developmentand within existing technical debt,” says Adam Blau, VP of Sales at Lingoport. He continues: “By makinginternationalization a priority at the start of the engagement, our customer will accelerate its time tomarket and avoid critical i18n bugs.”To help jumpstart Globalyzer across the worldwide development enterprise, Lingoport crafted a bugdetection strategy specific to its customer’s needs and offered a customized training. The trainingprovided a hands-on approach for engineers to hone in on i18n issues unique to their environment.“Since internationalization is rarely conducted by one individual in an organization, but by thedevelopment group as a whole, it is vital to educate engineers, developers, QA and anyone involved inglobalization on how to create products that can be efficiently localized,” says Lingoport President &Founder Adam Asnes. “With the help of our customer’s input, we were able to help craft a process basedon a common set of rules and requirements that ensured that our customer would remain i18ncompliant.”
  2. 2. About Lingoport ( helps globally focused technology companies adapt their software for worldwide markets withexpert internationalization and localization consulting and Globalyzer software.Globalyzer, a market leading software internationalization product, helps entire enterprises and developmentteams to effectively internationalize existing and newly developed source code and to prepare theirapplications for localization.Follow Lingoport on Twitter or visit for up-to-date information on software globalization. Page 1 Title