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Internationalization Projects, Not that Simple


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Internationalization Projects, Not that Simple

  1. 1. Internationalization Projects: Not that SimpleFrom beginning to end, internationalization projects offer a wide-range of challenges; challenges Lingoport has helped companiesovercome since 2001. In this whitepaper, Lingoport’s GlobalizationLead Olivier Libouban goes over the complex issues faced during ani18n project and offers examples on how Lingoport has helpedcompanies with their unique challenges.Other points of the whitepaper include:  Expertise required to tackle an i18n project  Specific examples on the challenges, process and solutions for i18n faced by companies  How application environments, including locale tracking, large databases and various programming languages affect i18nExcerpt: In reality, internationalization of software can be rather complex. They are fully fledged software projects which require expertise, project management and QA, just like any other software projects. I18n cuts across the code, the interaction with external systems, the database, the user interface; i18n projects have their own challenges. This paper sheds some light on some of the many challenges most organizations face when targeting new markets for their software and why Lingoport has been so successful at i18n.Download the White Paper:© Lingoport Page 1 Internationalization Projects, Not that Simple