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I18n Services & Resource Management

  1. 1. Welcome to Lingoports October 2012 WorldReady Newsletter In this Issue While we are known for our i18n tools, many clients realize great value and successful globalized releases Internationalization Services from our internationalization services team. We’ve got an expert team that puts our technologies to use to getArticle: Internationalization i18n assessments, planning, implementation and for Canada ongoing consulting done efficiently and to highArticle: Character Encoding engineering standards. We can augment and work side for Non-Techies by side with your developers and know how to plan andWebinar Recording: Staying match a project to phasing and agile methodology Global in an Agile World demands. White Paper: Lingoport Resource Manager Back to the product side, we’re very close to the release of Lingoport Resource Manager. We had a webinar last Stay in Touch month, which discussed the management and engineering issues it solves when having to keep Quick Links localization in sync with application development,Lingoport Resource Center particularly when using Agile methodologies. This was a Globalyzer Video Tutorial strong webinar for product, localization and development About Lingoport managers and we’ve made the recording available. We also have a corresponding white paper available. In this newsletter were also highlighting two posts I recently wrote in response to a situation where perceptions of world readiness were greatly under appreciated, and a common need for simplified explanation of the basics of character sets and encoding. Lastly, Adam Blau and I will be at LocalizationWorld and hope to see you there. We’ll also be in the San Francisco/Bay area the week after coinciding with the Unicode Conference. Email if you’d like to meet. Cheers, Adam
  2. 2. Internationalization ServicesI have rarely (never) met an engineering team with nothing to do. The pull on theirskills and time can make internationalization (i18n) and localization releasedemands difficult to fulfill. Companies with experience ranging from extensiveglobal maturity to first time localization turn to us for expertise in i18nassessments, planning, implementation and ongoing consulting performedefficiently and to high engineering standards.We’re currently working on projects ranging from bi-di enabling a game for mobileplatforms, to an extensive implementation effort for a scientific and medicalinstrument calibration system. In between are assessments and quick Globalyzerscans to determine global readiness and precisely scoping and identifying issues.We’ve also been regularly providing tailored i18n training. Please contact us to talkabout your market and technical development challenges. Contact us here.Article: What You Can Miss When You Internationalize for CanadaAs internationalization and localization go, Canada is a relatively easy locale totarget. However, masked behind the same currency, numerical units and addressformats (sans postal codes) is a false sense of internationalization compliance. Ithas been Lingoports experience that firms who thought they had internationalizedtheir code for Canada - notably Canadian French (YouTube video) - actually hadmuch more missing...Read more hereArticle: Character Encoding for Non-TechiesWe regularly encounter confusion from managers, localization professionals andeven engineers when talking about character sets and encoding. It’s important asimplementing the right choices will determine your product’s support for targetlocales. The trouble is the topic can make your eyes glaze over with confusion asmuch of the writing gets pretty deep pretty fast. This post aims to make it easy:Read more hereWebinar Recording: Staying Global in an Agile WorldManaging and coordinating resource files between development and localizationteams is a hassle. Developers, program managers and localizationcoordinators now have an opportunity to alleviate this pain.Last month, we were pleased to be joined by localization expert Richard Sikes, whodiscussed with us how an automated resource file management system wouldbenefit an Agile development cycle by syncing development and localization. The
  3. 3. recording of this webinar now available by request:White Paper: Lingoport Resource ManagerIn a white paper authored by Richard Sikes, we learn that globally focusedcompanies are able to create a scalable solution for ongoing releases and avoid thetime sinks and quality issues when connecting development and localization.Other points of the white paper include:  The manual inefficiency of typical file handling for translatable content  How to bridge file management between development and localization  Why Agile methodology is significantly helped by localization automation Read here
  4. 4. Stay in TouchFollow @Lingoport for #i18n tips of the day and read our internationalization blog.Find us online @ www.lingoport.comRequest a trial @ www.lingoport.com/request-trialCall us at (303) 444-8020 or email us @ info@lingoport.com