Internationalizing a Multi-Layered Application


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Internationalizing a Multi-Layered Application

  1. 1. Internationalizing a Multi-Layered ApplicationSuite with Concurrent DevelopmentA Case Study Discussing Internationalization for Copyright ClearanceCenter’s RightsLink Customer ApplicationInternationalization ChallengesOperating on a tight deadline, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) had a business requirement toconcurrently internationalize their software while developing new features to their German customer’sapplication. To allow their team to focus on product development, CCC investigated options to outsourcethe internationalization requirement to meet their deadline. Based on various technologies acrossmodules, CCC required a strong partner who had proven experience with the following internationalrequirements:  Different applications developed by various teams and styles.  Architect’s differing ways of handling database requests, configurability, string handling, and other operations.  Implementing internationalization into concurrent development work.  Configuration standards specific to applications.Business CaseIn a major foray into the international markets, CCC was able to sign on a key German consortium ofpublishers. To meet the local and business requirements, RightsLink customer facing application neededto be internationalized for Germany and other potential markets in the future. To allow their team tofocus on ongoing product development, CCC investigated options to outsource the internationalizationrequirement to meet their deadline.CCC’s RightsLink solution allows rightsholders to offer licensing services to their customers at the point ofcontent, including on their websites and within their mobile applications. RightsLink is available forrightsholders of all sizes and with licensing permissions needs of all types, including text, images andmultimedia.Why Lingoport?After evaluating a number of internationalization providers, CCC engaged with Lingoport for an initialinternationalization assessment. Lingoport used both static analysis of RightsLink source code usingGlobalyzer—Lingoport’s enterprise internationalization software—and architectural analysis ofinternationalization requirements and development planning.CCC recognized that Lingoport’s expert i18n engineering staff would be a great asset working underrelease pressure to deliver a quality internationalized product.© Lingoport Page 1 Internationalizing a Multi-Layered Application
  2. 2. The Lingoport SolutionCCC chose a hybrid i18n implementation solution and worked hand-in-hand with Lingoport’s engineeringteam. Tasks included i18n design, development and quality assurance based on agile methodology, withfour sprints of four weeks each.The internationalization included Unicode enabling of JSP pages to string externalization and JQuery datepicker. JIRA was used to assign tasks in an agile approach.Internationalization and RiskInternationalization is its own development specialty. Expertise and experience count when identifyingpotential issues, planning for new markets, designing approaches and implementation solutions.Furthermore, potential delays and surprise costs are highly disruptive to business agreements and newcustomer relationships, potentially also dragging the development team from other core projectdevelopment.Successful ReleaseThe internationalization effort for CCC’s Germany based customer was successful, on time, on budget andvery well received. John Boyea, a Principal Engineer at CCC, commended Lingoport’s efforts, saying, “Weasked you to work under difficult circumstances, with very aggressive goals and limited resources. LindaLawson (Lingoport’s Engineering Lead) met or exceeded my expectations in every regard as did OlivierLibouban (Lingoport’s Globalization Lead). We enjoyed working with the Lingoport team.”About Copyright Clearance Center RightslinkCopyright Clearance Center (CCC), the rights licensing experts, is a global rights broker for the world’smost sought after materials, including millions of in- and out-of-print books, journals, newspapers,magazines, movies, television shows, images, blogs and ebooks. Founded in 1978 as a not-for-profitorganization, CCC provides smart solutions that simplify the access and licensing of content that letsbusinesses and academic institutions quickly get permission to share copyright-protected materials, whilecompensating publishers and creators for the use of their works. For more information,visit More  Internationalizing Cisco’s TelePresence© Lingoport Page 2 Internationalizing a Multi-Layered Application