Case Study: Internationalization & Localization of Cisco Telepresence


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Designed to link together two rooms at any distance, Cisco’s TelePresence has been a valuable communication tool used to link companies across the world. The telecommunication system provides a high-definition video feed along with spacial audio to create a virtual conference room setting. Global in nature, Cisco’s TelePresence faced a number of internationalization and localization issues. Lingoport and localization experts Sajan stepped up to help Cisco face this challenge.

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Case Study: Internationalization & Localization of Cisco Telepresence

  1. 1. Internationalizing (I18n) and Localizing (L10n) Cisco’s TelePresence – A Case StudyCisco TelePresence is an exciting telecommunications system that provides high-definition 1080p video,spatial audio, and a setup designed to link two physically separated rooms so they resemble a singleconference room even though the two rooms may be on opposite sides of the world. Since its official launchin 2006, Cisco TelePresence has been making a powerful impact on corporate meetings, communication andtravel.Global by its very nature, TelePresence faced some internationalization and localization challenges, and Ciscodecided to partner with Lingoport and Sajan for expert help.In this Webinar, Richard Faubert, QA Manager at Cisco, joins Adam Asnes of Lingoport and Gary Condon ofSajan to review and discuss some of the challenges faced in internationalizing and localizing TelePresence,including several technologies used in its various components. The presenters will also discuss how i18ndevelopment, localization and testing was tightly integrated into Cisco’s development and QA process,producing better engineering and linguistic results.Webinar: “Internationalizing and Localizing Cisco’s TelePresence – A case study”Date and time: Thursday, May 19, 2011 @ 9am PDTDuration: One hourWhere: Your desktopCost: ComplimentaryRegistration: http://www.lingoport.comWebinar recording: A recording of this Webinar will be made available and can be requested by or by visiting online event targets professionals involved in internationalization and localization, including TechnicalManagers, Software Developers, Localization Engineers and Managers, Internationalization Engineers andManagers, Product and Project Managers, and anyone with a stake in releasing software for global marketsPresenters  Richard Faubert, QA Manager, Cisco  Adam Asnes, President & CEO at Lingoport  Gary Condon, Engineering Manager at SajanAbout Cisco SystemsCisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect,communicate and collaborate. Information about Cisco can be found at For ongoingnews, please go to LingoportLingoport helps globally focused technology companies adapt their software for worldwide markets withexpert internationalization and localization consulting and Globalyzer software.Globalyzer, a market leading software internationalization tool, helps entire enterprises and developmentteams to effectively internationalize existing and newly developed source code and to prepare theirapplications for localization.For more information, please visit or http://globalyzer.comAbout SajanSajan is a leading global language translation and localization provider. Founded in 1997, Sajan helps clientsreach global markets in every language. Our language services are backed by the industry’s top rankedtranslation management system - GCMS – which automates the translation workflow to provide betterschedule predictability, higher quality and cost controls to our clients. Based out of the United States, wealso have offices in Ireland, Spain and India. Sajan is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbolSAJA.OB. Learn more about Sajan at