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No more light weight interaction // Museumnext 2013


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Published in: Technology, Education
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No more light weight interaction // Museumnext 2013

  1. 1. No more light weight interactionLinea HansenHead of Social MediaThe National Museum of Denmark@MuseumNext 2013
  2. 2.,705 likes11.891 check insSince July 2008+ other pages
  3. 3. How do we do Facebook?It is a place to communicate cultural history• Not a place we are to get people to visit• Not a place we use to push (or sneak in marketing)• Not a place where we post everything from other platforms
  4. 4. Nothing like:“Look at our view, how is your view today?”“We have an exhibition with X, which object is your favorite?”“If you could travel in time, when would you travel to…?”“If you could meet a historical person, what would you ask”No questions. WTF!?We only ask questions if it is meaningful
  5. 5. The fans/friends/followersThey are• Women (58%)• (Women) over 35 (16%)• From Denmark (77%)And they are quite serious about history- Do not mess with the sun chariot!
  6. 6. How did they find us?We have not advertised (until now)• They have searched• They have found us from the web page• (Suggested page from Facebook)= They already know the museum= They already know what’s on – we do not have to tell them
  7. 7. StatisticsFacebook insightsAnalyzed posts from April 2012 to April 2013
  8. 8. About us Topic Crowdsourcingand dialogueExhibition andeventsFunSeason andcelebrationNews -archeologyOtherplatformsResearch andresults9 types of posts
  9. 9. What works?• Likes• Shares• Comments• … Viral reach• (And negative feedback)
  10. 10. What people likeType of post LikesNews – archeology 103,9Fun 88Exhibition and Events 75,7Research and results 74,3Season and celebration 71,6Topic 68Other platforms 62,6About us 54,5Crowsourcing and dialogue 36,2Average 74,2
  11. 11. News - archeologyExcavations• It is a bit ‘breaking’• It is a happy message – “Look what has been found!”• It is usually not our own content
  12. 12. What people shareType of post SharesTopic 27,3Crowsourcing and dialogue 14,2News – archeology 14,1Research and results 9,5Season and celebration 8,9Exhibition and Events 6,4Other platforms 5Fun 4,9About us 3,75Average 9,9Image: GLady (thanks!)
  13. 13. (Hot) topicOlympics, horse meat (!), football…• It is another angle to something everyone is involved in• It is quirky – not really funny, but with an edge• You know that your friends share stories about this
  14. 14. What people comment onType of post CommentsCrowsourcing and dialogue 21,8About us 10,3Topic 7,8News – archeology 7,6Other platforms 7,4Fun 7Exhibition and Events 6,9Season and celebration 5,3Research and results 3,8Average 8,8
  15. 15. Crowdsourcing and dialogueHelp us + discussion (questions)• Meaningful conversation• You can help• We all get smarter• It’s something that real people discuss
  16. 16. What goes viral?Type of post Viral reachFun 495Season and celebration 450News – archeology 337Crowsourcing and dialogue 286Other platforms 242About us 225Exhibition and Events 201Topic 196Research and results 192Average 292Image: Yandle (thanks!)
  17. 17. Fun - quirkyDrawing, comments, cartoons…• Not real viral (= viral light?)• History with a twist• A bit like a cat or meme…?BLABLABLA…
  18. 18. 1. Burn The Museum of Danish Resistance (and save the objects!)Viral reach: 28,227Likes: 1,183Shares: 105Comments: 62Something more viral…
  19. 19. 1. Burn The Museum of Danish Resistance2. Celebrate Denmark’s LiberationViral reach: 31,456Likes: 826Shares: 241Comments: 25Something more viral…
  20. 20. The recipe!Image by: Memorabledesign
  21. 21. • Related to your subject – not your building• With a twist• Content from around the web• Something everyone talks about• Not too heavy• Meaningful - think of it as a gift… And yes, talking about the weather or asking questions always works ( - meaningful or not)Image by: MemorabledesignThe recipe!
  22. 22. Images by: Glowbal collection, Cadluba, Photog Bill, Allan Reyes, ccho, Simon Willison, Lodigs, Spilltojill,,abakedcreation, Glory Foods, madlyinlovewithlife, JTeale
  23. 23. Thank you… And you even stayed awake! High five!More to say?Find me somewhere online – I can usually be found as @lineaha