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Y9 Secondary Industry Endeavours


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Y9 Secondary Industry Endeavours

  1. 1. Secondary Industry Endeavours Year 9 Caracals 1
  2. 2. JAM FACTORY Speciality jam made with local produce2 Alex Morhen yr9 caracals Geography week21&22
  3. 3. MY FACTORY There are a lot of fruit orchards in this area Available fruits in this area: apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, plums and raspberries People like to buy local produce and there is no place around here to buy locally produced jams. Only half a mile down the road is a food distribution company, which I can use to distribute the jams around the country and even abroad. So my factory will make Jam. 3
  5. 5. Site of food distribution Proposed centre Site of Factory Local market and shops A2 links with M2. Access to London and the costal ports .•good for delivery 5 trucks.
  6. 6. NatureReserve Food distributio n centreProposed site of factory Easy access onto wide main road with good view of trafficRailway line 6
  7. 7. MY JAM FACTORY I am going to build a jam factory. The fruit and pectin ( natural thickening agent) will be purchased from local fruit farmers and brought in by lorries. Sugar will be from a national supplier and delivered in big tanks. Glass jars supplied by a UK company which specialises in recycled glass and brought in by lorry. 7
  8. 8.  My site is about ½ mile west of Faversham on the A2. Just 1 mile north of the M2, a major route between Dover and London. So transport links are very good. The site is easily accessible to delivery lorries. There are no rivers nearby, so no chance of flooding. Unemployment is high so getting workers will not be a problem and no specialist workers are needed. I may get grants from the government because I will be using local produce and recycled materials. My product will be sold from a shop on site and in the local shops as well as being distributed 8 internationally.
  9. 9. Designer Birthday Cakes by Amelia• My factory is going to be placed on Knowle Lane, Fair Oak, Hampshire. Currently there is a stone place there but I will buy the land a build a factory that makes birthday cakes. I have chosen this area because there is great access for large lorries and it is also very close to the village square where there are many shops. I also think that many people around would apply for jobs here and there is enough room to expand if needed. The money side of things I wouldn’t think the government would fund it. The Fair Oak council is in favour of my factory as there are many people unemployed in this area and this idea would create many jobs. Down the road there is a few pubs which I would happily supply with cakes if wanted. It also has easy access to the M4 and M25 meaning transport would be easy to arrange. It is only 1hr 30mins away from London. 9
  10. 10. Location maps 10
  11. 11. Chloe’s Bakery• The raw materials flour, sugar etc. will be brought in with lorries from local mills and other local suppliers.• My factory will be on St James Street West in Darwen town center as there is an old factory that was a bakery and is now falling down and is an eye sore. I will re-build it and have it restored. It is in the town center so getting the produce out to the stores won’t be much of a problem. There is an old style market a few streets away where fresh bread would sell well and there are many cafes and a few deli’s opening up so there would be lots of buyers in the immediate area.• The area has high unemployment so there will be no shortage of workers.• As it such an eyesore I may be able to get some funds from the council as I shall be re-building it. 11
  12. 12. My Factory By Helen Dandridge My factory will be situated in Milton Keynes and will produce racing cars for private teams and drivers to buy. I have chosen this particular product as Milton Keynes is within easy reach of supplycompanies which have all grown up around the Midlands motor manufacturing industry. Birmingham was the hub of this with companies like MG Rover, Lucas and Dunlop.Numerous smaller companies grew up acting as suppliers for the much bigger firms and,whilst many of these are no longer trading due to the bigger firms moving away, quite a few of them still exist and supply motor industry related customers nationwide.Milton Keynes offers many opportunities for businesses to establish themselves with land having been set aside in the city plan for commercial development rather than housing. 12
  13. 13. Location…Milton Keynes itself boasts the headquarters of Mercedes Benz UK, VW UK and Suzuki UK, and Nissan’s European engineering centre is based near Cranfield.Testing facilities are conveniently available at Silverstone, Millbrook testing ground (which belongs to Vauxhall and is rented out to various customers), Rockingham and numerous local dis-used airfields. Silverstone also has a technology park which houses various motorsport companies and a range of potential suppliers. There are many notable motorsport related companies in the area such as Prodrive inBanbury; Mercedes Grand Prix in Brackley; Force India Grand Prix at Silverstone; Red BullGrand Prix in Milton Keynes; and Cosworth Engineering in Northampton (whose enginehas won the most F1 races by far). As a result, numerous smaller specialist suppliers and teams have established themselves in the surrounding area to take advantage of the availability of resources, eg components, skills, intellectual capital and facilities. 13
  14. 14. Why Milton Keynes? The M1 gives direct access to London but also to Birmingham (for suppliers). It’s a great location because the M1 also allows easy access to the majority of UK motor racing circuits. And, because of the history of motor industry and motorsport in this area, many people with experience, knowledge and skills are more readily available here than elsewhere. Buying components is easy because the number of similar companies based here means that the suppliers will probably already be delivering to this area – which probably alsomakes it a more cost effective proposition (thus promoting higher profit margins). Gettingmachinery is not a problem either due to the pre-existing companies in the area and it mayeven be possible to buy a business, along with their machinery. Mercedes Grand Prix once bought Honda’s Grand Prix, which is another way to grow your company (known as growth by acquisition versus organic growth). Motorsport today is seen as a very important industry for the country, so there are manyfunding opportunities, but the business would mainly be funded by sponsorship of the car companies, eg Ford, Mercedes, etc, and also from advertising sponsorship. 14
  15. 15. SILVERSTONE(Track and TechnologyPark, possible location MILLBROOK for Factory) (Testing Ground) M1 15
  16. 16. Jade x 16
  17. 17. I am going to build a factory for my new strawberry yoghurt brand, Magnifique. Proposed site. 2.5 acres Emerald Street, Huddersfield. Extra room if I want to expand! 17
  18. 18. The proposed site for my factory is near the town centre.There are a few dairy There is a farms nearby! strawberry farm nearby! There are many supermarkets nearby! 18
  19. 19. Crossley Farm Dairy My factory Leeds Road / A62 My factory A629 It would take a lorry only 15 minutes totransport the milk from either one of the two Delph House Farm farms to my factory. 19
  20. 20. My factory It would take a lorry only 20 Wakefield Road / A642 minutes to transport the strawberries from Bently Grange to my Bently Grange factory! 20
  21. 21. As I said earlier, there are many supermarkets ASDA nearby. Saving your money everyday. For example, TESCO ASDA is only 7 Every little helps. minutes away ASDAfrom my factory! SAINSBURY’S Alder Street Try something new today. My factory 21
  22. 22. My factory is so near the raw materials it requires. This ensures that the milk and strawberries won’t spoil.My factory is so near to the supermarketstoo. So the products can be sold almost immediately after it has been made. 22
  23. 23. My workers do not have to have a particular skill and Huddersfield is a ratherlarge town so finding potential employees should be relatively easy. Many machines are required to make the yoghurt but fortunately, we do not require a surplus amount of electricity. So we do not need to be next to a power plant. The electricity we need can easily be supplied by the overhead electric cables. 23
  24. 24. Building a factory is going to be expensive. Fortunately, we are supported by the council. I am certain the local council will assist me as a factory will decrease unemployment rates, especially when hardly any qualifications are required. Watson Diary Consulting will give me independent advice and provide project management service. Here is a link: 24
  25. 25. I am going to employ a local architect called Michael Chow ofJade3 Architecture (a.k.a. Daddy) to design my factory. Here is a link: 25
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. Jonah’s Resin Factory • Key: • Black = entrance road from motorway, • Blue = main production building, • Brown = refinery, • Red = storage rooms,• Light green/blue = open area for • White = waste expansion (2nd production building) silos,• Green = car park,• Yellow = manager’s office building,• Orange = power generator, 27
  28. 28. Reasons why this is a good site for a resin factory• Requirements: Around 45 workers, two waste silos, and the suitable machinery required for refining and making the resin.• The offices will also have 7 computers.• Cranes and trucks will be needed to load and unload the raw material.• Workers:• The factory’s location near the beach, the ¼ of a mile distance from a big town (Barnstaple) and nearby apartments should hopefully attract workers.• The cranes and truck will need people with driver and machinery licences to operate them.• We will also need people with the ability to operate the refinery but due to the vast building and machinery trade around Bideford it should not be hard to find the suitable people for this task. 28
  29. 29. Reasons why this is a good site for a resin factory• Resin market:• Resin is highly used in the production of miniatures, Warhammer and many other toys and collectibles.• That industry is booming in North Devon because of the decrease in the primary industry.• There are many shops and businesses which I know will be happy to accept my resin as their other suppliers have shut down giving me an excess of potential buyers.• Funding:• Funding, I am planning on getting from investments from companies who wish to buy my resin.• I will be offering anyone who invests in my company a 13% discount and stock share of 15% of my company’s earnings.• I will only be accepting 2-3 investors to stop a surplus of investors wanting shares and it will also create an exclusive offer. 29
  30. 30. Kane’s Bakery• What is it going to be?• My idea is to open a shop which produces (bakes) fresh bread and distributes it within the inner city. This would provide fresh bread for everyone in Inner London, and if the shop gained a reputation it could become very lucrative.• Wheat from farm in rural England > Delivered to shop in Central London > Bread is made > Sold immediately > Profit. 30
  31. 31. Location maps• I will place it in Kingston upon Thames, I’ve put a Google Map location below. The reason for this placement is because it’s not too far into Central London for the congestion charge to apply, but it’s not too far out. Basically a farmer from an area outside London that grows wheat would be able, without a horrific drive, to deliver it to Kingston where it would be baked on site. 31
  32. 32. • Why is it going to be there?• As I just stated in the last paragraph, the main reason for this is there is no fresh bread which is for sale in the city. It’s all produced at a farm somewhere in England, brought to the city and by that time it’s not warm. By placing my shop in Kingston, it would enable me to bring in wheat, bake it on site (with easy access to electricity, machinery etc) and distributed as soon as it’s taken out the oven.• The rents in Kingston are not too high compared to the rest of London, which would require the shop to not make a huge return; allowing a larger profit margin. There’s no competition in the area too (as I live around there), so if something like this opened up it would be completely unrivalled. 32
  33. 33. • Product:• Ultimately fresh and hot bread, it would be packaged like this: This is only a brief idea though, obviously the company’s logo would be on it. 33
  34. 34. Terry’s Paper Factory• The factory will be located in the North of England on the outskirts of Darlington sine the land would be much cheaper than if it was built in the town.• The site would be 1 2/3 miles South of the town and 3 miles West of the A1 so it is ideal importation-wise.• The raw materials (wood) will be chopped down by lumberjacks and imported by the shipping company “ship-it” until we build up enough money to hire our own importers.• The factory will not require a big labour force, but we will definitely need to hire a few workers – which will not be a problem due to the current economy situation, however they will need to be trained to get accustomed to the machinery and such.• The only main problem would access. It is likely that potential workers would be reluctant to travel so far from their homes to work although I suspect it would only be a minor problem. 34
  35. 35. Terry’s Paper Factory• The packaging will display our company logo (Papyrus) with a papyrus textured background and a pen as the “y”. As already mentioned above, the raw materials will come from lumberjacks either hired by the company or by a separate establishment – it is undecided as of yet.• Energy supply may be a minor problem.• We have a small budget to lay the foundations of the business and a paper manufacturing factory would require a lot of machinery to compress the wood, clean the bark, etc. Not to mention the kitchens for the workers and the lights to keep the place lit up. The reason we have a small budget is because we are not actually paying for it. We managed to get hold of a grant from the government – which was a surprisingly simple task. 35
  36. 36. Factory LayoutBird’s eye view of the factory.The building isnot complete. 36