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Y9 antarctic pyramids wk27


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Y9 antarctic pyramids wk27

  1. 1. Antarctic Pyramids By Year 9 Caracals
  2. 2. By Alex
  3. 3. By Amelia
  4. 4. By Chloe Quayle I think this is the most important because I think that Antarctica should be protected and should only be used for research and that it would be potentially harmful to the local wildlife to have military activity in the area.
  5. 5. ByHelen
  6. 6. I believe there is I believe wildlife nothing more protection is of Agreed Measures for the Conservation important than our supreme of Antarctic Flora and Fauna (1982) respect for the native Promote and achieve the objectives of importance. species of Antarctica protection, scientific study and rational use and their home. of these flora and fauna. Article 1 Article 7 Area to be used for peaceful purposes Treaty-state observers have free only; military activity, such as weapons access, including aerial observation, to testing, is prohibited, but military any area and may inspect all stations, personnel and equipment may be used installations, and equipment; advance for scientific research or any other notice of all activities and of the peaceful purpose. introduction of military personnel must be given. Article 2 Article 8 Article 11Freedom of scientific investigation Allows for jurisdiction over Disputes to be settles peacefully and cooperation shall continue. observers and scientists by their by the parties concerned. own states. By Jade
  7. 7. By Jonah
  8. 8. Kane Deitsch Year 9 Caracals The reason why I chose Article 3 is that I believe that in order for all these rules to not only work theoretically; but to also work practically requires cooperation between all nations/states involved. It’s all very well and fine to say no hunting or poaching of seals but if an agreement like this hasn’t been set up, no-one would work together and no information would be shared either. said Article 2 links back to what I in the paragraph above this. Article 1 however I believe is also essential to any long term arrangement in the Antarctic. Without cooperation from states to not militarize the zone the whole scene would fall apart very quickly. Article 4 I believe is the main one out of all these, referring back to what I said about Article 1, states HAVE to agree not to fight over land or kill each other. The Environmental Treaty (middle one) is also a hot issue when deciding rules. I strongly believe that nations can’t waltz into an area, mine the hell out of it, and then waltz back out again. *cough*likewhathappenedinIraq*cough*
  9. 9. Y9 Geography Homework – Week 27 I put article 1 at the top because I think its very important if we are going to use this peaceful land to keep it that way By Lauren
  10. 10. ByRiekert