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Lucas g18 9 main


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Published in: Sports
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Lucas g18 9 main

  1. 1. The River Wharfe
  2. 2. Middle Course <ul><li>The part of the river Wharfe where I took the photographs was at the middle course. I knew this because the river was wider and deeper (there has been a few accidents in the past where people have almost drowned). The surrounding valley is wide and much flatter than in the upper course. There are also a lot of meanders in the middle course and next to where I was there was a small beach which is found on the inside of a meander bend. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Wider river
  4. 4. Meander Bend Slip Off Slope Flatter Valley
  5. 5. The load I collected here was class 4 - sub rounded and some class 5 - rounded.