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P&g adv 492 lindsey kussmaul


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Published in: Business, Technology
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P&g adv 492 lindsey kussmaul

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Strategy: Proctor and Gamble By: Lindsey Kussmaul
  2. 2. Assessing the Problem and Developing a Strategy Proctor & Gamble is the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world. But with such a heavy following comes a heavy burden — how will P&G be able to continue to serve the estimated 9 billion people nationwide (by the year 2050) and still maintain sustainability? The challenge? Global sustainability. The goal? Global Sustainability.
  3. 3. How does P&G plan to achieve Global Sustainability?... 1. Zero consumer waste to landfills 2. Use 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging 3. Design products to delight consumers while maximizing the conservation of resources
  4. 4. Creating a Theme for the Client and a Purpose for the Consumer
  5. 5. P&G and PR How can P&G take advantage of Public Relations tactics in order to reach their goal?
  6. 6. P&G and Social Media How can P&G use social media to advance their global sustainability progress?
  7. 7. Setting Goals… • 1 year plan • 10 year plan • 20 year plan
  8. 8. Measuring Success • How to measure “likes” • How to measure followers • How to measure click through rates
  9. 9. $ $ $ Is cost a factor?
  10. 10. In Conclusion…