Tumblr: Advertising trends


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Tumblr: Advertising trends

  1. 1. ADVERTISING TRENDS Lindsey Brooks MKT241 20 March 2014
  2. 2. HISTORY OF TUMBLR ADVERTISING  In Spring 2013, Yahoo bought Tumblr. Yahoo’s great size and influence brought more capital to the social media site than ever before.  Since, Tumblr has established a new blog called Marketr that aims to help brands “establish an identity” on the website (Eaton, 2013).  2014: Tumblr Sponsored Posts released.  Through Yahoo advertising, businesses can have professionals help tailor their ads for the Tumblr audience.  Advertisers only pay for “Reblogs, Likes, follows, or clicks made directly from the Sponsored Post itself (Tumblr, 2014).
  3. 3. CURRENT BRANDS ON TUMBLR  60% of users who’ve seen Sponsored Posts find the content fun, engaging, and high quality.  70% of consumers perceive a brand more favorably after seeing a Sponsored Post.  50% of users who saw Sponsored Posts researched the sponsor afterward. (Tumblr, 2014). http://brands.tumblr.com Statistics
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE  Tumblr’s primary group of users and target demographic are those between the ages of 16 and 24.  Cooper Smith, journalist for Business Insider, reports that Tumblr caters to “teens and young adults interested in self-expression.”  Businesses that have a similar target market of young consumers will be exposed the proper demographic.  The graph featured in the following slide demonstrates that among 13-25 year olds, Tumblr reigns as the social media website that garners the most use.
  6. 6. RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS  Social Media Manager with a good knowledge of current youth culture and trends to ensure the company is pushing out relevant information.  Media team to take pictures and videos of product/brand lifestyle to share on the page.  Since the Tumblr target market is fairly young and artistic adults and teenagers, the company advertising must use quality equipment for shooting photos as well as a good knowledge of current trends in visual organization.
  7. 7. BEST-SUITED CLASSES  Photography: Tumblr is, by and large, a visual website. A great majority of the posts are images.  Clothing and technology: both very important to Tumblr’s target market have the ability to showcase aspects of their products to users, something that services cannot do as well.  Music: The website is also well-suited to musicians. If one popular Tumblr user reblogs a song they like, their followers are likely to listen, share, and increase exposure for the music.
  8. 8. EXEMPLARY EXAMPLE  Fashion manufacturer J.Crew teamed up with YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat to advertise its Ludlow Traveler suit.  Through Tumblr and one YouTube video, Neistat takes the suit through a number of different adventurous circumstances to demonstrate the wrinkle-proof fabric it offers.  Neistat went surfing, motorcycling, snowboarding, and even rollerskating through an airplane over an eight-city trip around the United States and Mexico
  9. 9. EXEMPLARY EXAMPLE, CONTINUED.  J.Crew uses posts like this to give followers a look into their high-end product.  Using a prominent YouTube personality to Tumblr’s young demographic draws the users in and shows them the kind of lifestyle fans of J.Crew admire.  A quick glance through J.Crew’s blog posts shows a behind-the-scenes look at photoshoots and the inner-workings of the fashion house that draws consumers in.  The following slide gives a teaser trailer at the upcoming documentary based on this advertising the company has done.
  11. 11. LIMITATIONS  One major limitation of Tumblr is also one of its strengths: its young target market. This makes it fairly difficult for more expensive brands that young people cannot afford.  Brands marketed toward older adults will not have as much exposure as those for younger adults and teenagers since there is a smaller presence on the website.  In addition, Tumblr does not have a way of advertising that “jumps out” at the user. It is well-integrated into the user interface, simply showing up in the feed of posts.
  12. 12. PROJECTED SUSTAINABILITY  Unfortunately, there may not be much long-term sustainability. Not only is Yahoo’s growth waning, but also Tumblrs’ as well.  Tumblr was purchased for $990 million when the website was rapidly increasing in users and traffic.  Unique visitors have “plateaued abruptly” after a period of exponential growth.  If Yahoo cannot increase the number of users and move into maintaining a maturity phase, it might see Tumblr decline much too far to bring back.  As a result, advertising and business investments into the Ad Sponsoring venture and organizations’ presence on these websites may prove useless and wasteful.
  13. 13. REFERENCES  Bercovici, J. (2014). Yahoo’s next problem: Tumblr’s traffic isn’t growing. Forbes. Retrieved on 23 March 2014, from: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2014/01/21/yahoos-next-problem- tumblrs-traffic-isnt-growing/  Eaton, K. (2013). With “Marketr” blog, Tumblr tells brands how to appeal to users. Fast Company. Retrieved on 20 March 2014, from: http://www.fastcompany.com/3015440/fast-feed/with-new-marketr-blog-tumblr- tells-brands-how-to-appeal-to-users  Eloqua. (2012). Should your business buy Tumblr ads? The Marketing Blog. Retrieved on 23 March 2014, from: http://blog.eloqua.com/should-your- business-buy-tumblr-ads/  J.Crew. (2014, March 19). Travel with style: A movie by Casey Neistat [Blog post]. Retrieved on 23 March 2014, from: http://jcrew.tumblr.com/post/80088172196/by-the-numbers-when-casey-neistat- took-our-new  Neistat, C. [jcrew]. (2014, March 19). Travel with style [Video file].  Smith, C. (2013). Tumblr offers advertisements a major advantage: Young users, who spend tons of time on the site. Business Insider. Retrieved on 20 March 2014, from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaWxrZBsnUo http://www.businessinsider.com/tumblr-and-social-media-demographics-2013- 12  Tumblr. (2014). Marketr. Tumblr: Brand and Sales Strategy. Retrieved on March 20, 2014, from: http://marketr.tumblr.com/post/72590641773/introducing-tumblr-sponsored- posts-powered-by