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Project Management Careers - Seven Ways to Make Yours Better


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Seven ways for project management practitioners to think about their own project management career.

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Project Management Careers - Seven Ways to Make Yours Better

  1. 1. Project Management Careers 7 Ways (0 Make Vuurs Beltzr , ,
  2. 2. Project Management Careers 7 Ways to Make Yours Better 4rf5$r, PElQPLEr
  3. 3. Project Management Careers 7 Ways to Make Yours Better arr‘; 3EOF. E
  4. 4. Session Overview - Latest careers thinking - How it relates to project people - Designed to leave you with food for thought , '', «,«A; P EOP | _ E Programme and project management recruitment and . i is . l l‘ -3 . .- career specialist Love project management Interested in the people side of project management Love writing and talking about it
  5. 5. lntrepreneur "Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit working within the confines of an organisation" 7 it
  6. 6. "View your job like a long-term consulting assignment rather than a permanent job" How apt for project managers don't you think?
  7. 7. Entrepreneurial Characteristics ~ Be persistent - Take on new projects outside the comfort zone « Try out new ideas ~ Concentrate on sales and marketing ~ Risk and rewards - failure as a learning ~ Flexibility ~ Beyond the money
  8. 8. lntrepreneurial Actions - Ask what else I can do - Become an expert in the industry - Perform other roles of value - Multi-task, high energy, passionate - Do excellent work - Learn as much as possible - Be ready for a new opportunity 34%iof project practitioners are contractors ‘'”? -’'= — ‘*9 Doing it for over 5 years (48%) 49% doing it because its part of their career plan
  9. 9. i—ai
  10. 10. Paternalisrn vs Intentional Paternalism = your company becomes your career caretaker "We have seen the effects of this especially since the recession Promotes a lack of responsibility on the individual Accidental Career Great place to be if you've been 'selected' Not kept up to date training wise Skills and experience becomes stagnant Become less competitive in the market rwhssggg. Corporate focused development ‘
  11. 11. "The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: jobs are owned by the company, you own your own career. ’ " x- :3 I Ilre Market 54% of practitioners only had a "gut feel‘ of how they rank themselves Your nomaln _ 44% have done some kind of assessment Yllllf Ilru_arrrsatIon 15% have used APM's Competency Framework (versus 18% of a company owned one) YOII l Benclrmarklieport rmyaao1yu: =amnr‘, __, __ . . -J4 -: _ad. 'lI| Iy"l _l
  12. 12. Intentional Career - Take more control - be deliberate and planned - Take self-assessments - Seek out coaches - Create your own learning agenda Intentional Change (self-directed learning) Richard Boyatzis (2006) The theory outlines five common—sense steps that you need to follow if you want to make a lasting change within yourself. These five steps are: Discover your ideal self. Discover your real self. Create your learning agenda. Experiment with and practice new habits. Get support.
  13. 13. I. "
  14. 14. Values Why am I thinking about moving into contracting? To make more money llll To have more choice over the projects I work on m] To have more control over when I work "H To have more control over who I work with Illl Illl To have great challenges 1 more excitment llll To prove to myself I ran go it alone "H To gain recognition as an expert In my field | || To fit my family corrlmltlments better ml II To be able to work parmme I
  15. 15. Value in Training? Course Prince? — AXE-I OS ‘ASP - AXELOS APIVP APM TIL - AXIZLOS T ‘-lg '1' - lop 5 UK PPM Accredllal ors Course Title ALL 3% 2% 56% 18% 19% 22% 1% 2% 5% 1% 3% 1% 7% 2% Prolectwlamsement 1% '39*? °h". ‘=! 'k§§, °°" 17% * ' . . 11% tr ‘ 19% . V 31‘ fi: VI'A5 F LUPLL
  16. 16. Get Better Than the Old Version of Yourself We set goals that go against our nature We have too many character traits and habits which makes changing and reaching goals incredibly difficult Need the right goals and right timeframes - Think small (3 goals max in one year) - Just one 1 area of weakness - Other 2 on strengths and how to leverage - Commit to them publicly - Plan of action - Get support - Set milestones - Keep perspective
  17. 17. 56% of project practitioners have career aspirations to move to a different role within PPM 62% of female project practitioners want to move to a different role versus 54% of males 59% don't have a clear development plan on how to get there
  18. 18. --1 — Meaningful careers
  19. 19. Meaningful careers doing something you genuinely care about Happiness comes when we test our skills towards some meaningful purpose. 1 I O . V 51 . ‘ . , H’, ‘,7, y_ '9 . O
  20. 20. What meaningful means to you? - what you want to achieve - strengths you want to improve - concrete outcomes of your work - the ones you find rewarding F'°eed°m Alignment ' What life YOU Waht 10 lead - the culture and values of where you work ' Will the WP QlV9 YOU the lhestllle - and the alignment to your values - 40% of practitioners feel better off financially than last year - Of those, 96% have positive personal confidence - Even those who are not better off financially 41% remain positive in their personal confidence and outlook
  21. 21. Meaningful careers - practical appro! Q 1. Form hypotheses - what makes you most happy? - what makes you frustrated? 2. Run experiments - try something out in your current job - look outside the company - have conversations 3. Think long term - not what job I want but what life I want 4. Sort your finances out - think about the financial cushion
  22. 22. T",3.I_I_L'_: -‘ll’ lg] T-. l.i’; I'1|l. ,liI 1F'. I.»': r.-. m-: <:= -; 15% 11% 63. 3“m Contractor Rates - UK Practitioners ‘I1 S6—Coni: ac1o' Rates — JK Pvarrxverl 1s. 7m 1m. Employee Salary - UK Practitioners Pro‘ Mana Benchmark Refirt ff“ -Ta V; R11 V.
  23. 23. EihnlllllY1lHlr"lLArrIL< Reputation :1: (ompam tuliuve Well-cnnnected Relationships specifically ‘internal networking‘ W. .. m. .., .. ... .. ~, ,.. ,.. . . ..l. ... . . . . .. ... ... .. . .., » - Social asluleness - Interpersonal influence - Nelwarklng ability . . - sincerity - v I ‘ -Purmul Skill: u want G mos Unnvuxlly ul mu. '
  24. 24. Relationships specifically ‘internal networking‘ which really means "playing politics in a positive way" - Social astuteness - Interpersonal influence - Networking ability - Sincerity ‘ ‘ I M *Po| itica| Skills at Work ' ‘. 2005 University of Florida / ‘T * " l
  25. 25. Expand your influence Broaden business acumen Reputation Fit company culture Paying attention Visibility Well-connected
  26. 26. Your boss, other leaders, other PMs, others outside your role Your project team: learn about them, praise them Cross-functionally: advice and counsel, reciprocate . Organisational Network Analysis (ONS) ‘ I - Partnership Alliances
  27. 27. not onwards and upwards Less a career ladder more like a career climbing wall eel
  28. 28. Questions you need to ask yourself - how do you define career success? - what kind of work do you want to do? - what do you want to achieve? - what talents do you want to leverage? Despite organisations having career paths for project managers there is no real cookie cutter here
  29. 29. Forward and Towards Better Management Skills? Male Female Self Employed Employee Leadership Effective Communication Leadership Managing People Managing People Managing Pecple Managing People Effective Communication Effective Communication Presentation Effective Communication Leadership Presentation Leadership Presentation Presentation Influencing skills Influencing skills Influencing skills Influencing skills Asseiiiveness ‘El; 24 Isaiah; xiii Gendefl Emploxlllamislflhlsm Fig zaesomskuis Ttainlngf £'rr: .sPEOPLE
  30. 30. 7 new approaches to thinking about your project management career the overriding message is you have to own your own career www. arraspeople. co. uk
  31. 31. Project Management Careers 7 Ways to Make Yours Better arr‘; 3EOF. E