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VV Brochure


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VV Brochure

  1. 1. 131 S. Market St, New Wilmington, PA 16142 ——————————————————————— (724) 971-7972 About Us Services Contact Us Certified Retailer Jill’s flair for finding and restoring vintage, antique pieces on any budget is at the heart of her success. A comfortable home and livable, affordable designs are the cornerstones of her work.  Interior design and decorating  Custom painting of your favorite piece  Custom painting of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities  Private parties for all workshops  Private individual classes @miss_vintage_vogue Visit Jill’s limited edition collection on the second floor of Volant Mills! 550 Main St. Volant, PA 16156 New limited edition collection!
  2. 2. Our Paints Our Products “Form without color is like a body without a soul.” Time-tested and versatile, all-natural Milk Paint offers new color options and fresh ideas without VOCs. These paints gives your piece a “primitive look” to fit your style. 100% acrylic Fusion Paint revolutionizes with a satin finish and superior durability. With an environmentally conscious formula and no VOCs, this best-in-class paint features:  Prevents chipping on porous surfaces.  Creates colored stain or wash or smooth, durable finish on non-porous surfaces.  Self– distresses pre-finished or painted  Non– yellowing finished product  Latex and vinyl free formula  Minimal preparation  One-step, self-leveling application Stencils Crackle Antiquing glaze Gilding paste Embossing paste Metallic paint colors Fun with Fusion Come stencil, emboss, and transfer images onto trays. Stools, or your favorite piece . Learn the basics of Fusion paints along the way. Art Uncorked! Relax and enjoy your favorite beverage as your art instructor guides you through each step of the painting process. Materials included. Mommy and Me Classes Enjoy some one-on-one time with your favorite little one! By the time you are done, you will have a homemade gift and special treat to take home with you. Classes change monthly — check the website for complete details. Visit to schedule a workshop. Milk Paint Basics Introduce yourself to milk painting basics — from color selection to proper application. Materials supplied, except for your “canvas.” A small, wooden frame, stool or bowl is recommended. Advanced Painting Techniques Learn a new skill — crackled paint, layering paints, chipping, stains and washes, or other distressing techniques. Bring a piece to experiment with! Our Workshops