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The Temple University School of Medicine Board of Visitors


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The Temple University School of Medicine Board of Visitors

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The Temple University School of Medicine Board of Visitors

  1. 1. The Temple University School ofMedicine Board of Visitors
  2. 2. Comprising 23 medical professionals and healthcare organization executives, theTemple University School of Medicine Board of Visitors actsas an advisory body to the university Board ofTrustees as well as to the dean of the School ofMedicine, the president, and the provost. As such,the Board of Visitors contributes to the mission ofTemple University by offering an outsideperspective via reports on the activities andobjectives of the school with regard to its place asa member of the greater medical educationcommunity. Members of the Board of Visitors alsoserve as liaisons to external organizations havingan interest or affiliation with the School.
  3. 3. Current distinguished members include ChairGerald M. Lemole, MD, who leads theCardiovascular Surgery Department at ChristianaCare Health Services in Pennsylvania as chief;John Fallon, MD, chief physician executive andsenior vice president of Blue Cross BlueShield of Massachusetts; and LindsayRosenwald, MD, cofounder of Opus PointPartners. In addition to his involvement in theBoard of Visitors, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald hassupported the School of Medicine in the past byfinancing the purchase and installation of leadingedge equipment for the university’s newEducation and Research Building, opened inAugust 2009.