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Opus point partners and what it does


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Opus Point Partners and What It Does

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Opus point partners and what it does

  1. 1. Opus Point Par tner s and W hat It Does
  2. 2. •An executive with a long and varied history in the biotechnology sector, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has spent more than 25 years investing in and leading innovative companies toward success. •Today, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald builds on his record as a founding partner of Opus Point Partners, a health care and life sciences asset management firm based in New York City.
  3. 3. •Launched in 2009, Opus Point Partners was founded to identify and claim significant investment opportunities in biotech companies with the potential for major, long-term returns. •Alongside its Opus Point Healthcare Innovations Fund, the company focuses on publicly traded entities with a demonstrated track record and clear plans for future success. •Since it began, Opus Point Partners has attracted an experienced team of executives, analysts, and research associates dedicated to selecting highly promising investment opportunities.