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Pearl Certification Webinar Slides | Empower Your Customers to Step into Healthier Homes

June is National Healthy Homes month – and with the current crisis, homeowners are showing a renewed, growing interest in healthy, virus-free homes. As a result, there is a LOT of information out there about how to address these concerns, and trying to navigate through it all can be challenging and overwhelming. In this webinar, we spoke with Energy Vanguard's Allison Bailes and Jeffrey Sauls about practical ways to help your customers create healthier homes they feel good about living in. Allison and Jeffrey discussed what works and what doesn't when it comes to indoor air quality (IAQ) measures including filtration, UV lights, and more.

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Pearl Certification Webinar Slides | Empower Your Customers to Step into Healthier Homes

  1. 1. A Conversation with Energy Vanguard Empower Your Customers to Step into Healthier Homes
  2. 2. Pearl Certification documents efficiency and solar installations to provide investment-grade documentation which helps the home appraise for more – with Pearl Contractor installations as the contributing factor! Pearl works with an elite group of contractors in HVAC, solar and home performance. Our national partners include the Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR®, National Association of Realtors, and the Appraisal Institute. Pearl Certified homes are appraising and selling for 5% more on average. ABOUT US Empower Your Customers to Step into Healthier Homes A Conversation with Energy Vanguard
  3. 3. The Building Performance Association is a membership- driven 501(c)6 industry association dedicated to advancing the home and building performance industry. Built upon three decades of experience, the Association is well-positioned to provide industry support through key areas including advocacy, education, programs, networking, publications, and community. We represent almost 10,000 members who work to deliver improved energy efficiency, health, safety, and environmental performance to people in their homes across the United States and Canada. For more information, please visit ABOUT our Sponsor Empower Your Customers to Step into Healthier Homes A Conversation with Energy Vanguard
  4. 4. BIO Allison Bailes founded Energy Vanguard in 2008 and has been writing the Energy Vanguard Blog since 2010. He has a PhD in physics, has built a house out of structural insulated panels, and has spent thousands of hours in crawl spaces and attics. He is now writing a book (A House Needs to Breathe…Or Does It?), which should be out at the end of 2020. Allison A. Bailes III, PhD President Energy Vanguard
  5. 5. BIO Jeffrey is an experienced home energy efficiency professional who provides building science consulting and training, along with managing the day to day operations of Energy Vanguard. His primary focus is Consulting, HVAC Design and energy/water efficiency ratings via the FHBA Certified Ratings Program. Jeffrey L. Sauls Chief Operating Officer Energy Vanguard
  6. 6. The Big Picture of Healthy Homes
  7. 7. “Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” ~ Paracelsus “The father of toxicology”
  8. 8. Indoor Air Pollutants ● Particulate matter ● Secondhand smoke from cigarettes (SHS) ● Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) ● Carbon monoxide (CO) ● Ozone (O3) ● VOCs ● Mold ● Allergens ● Radon ● Bioeffluents (e.g., CO2) ● Viruses
  9. 9. Airtightness
  10. 10. Moisture Control
  11. 11. Source Control
  12. 12. “Don’t do stupid things!” ~ Joe Lstiburek
  13. 13. Air Filtration
  14. 14. Mechanical Ventilation
  15. 15. Pressure Balancing
  16. 16. The 7 Keep It Commands ● Keep it dry ● Keep it clean ● Keep it pest-free ● Keep it safe ● Keep it contaminant- free ● Keep it ventilated ● Keep it maintained
  17. 17. A house is a system!
  18. 18. COVID-19 & Buildings
  19. 19. How Coronavirus Spreads Person-to-person via big droplets
  20. 20. Less Likely Means of Spreading Coronavirus Small droplets (aerosols)
  21. 21. Less Likely Means of Spreading Coronavirus Surfaces
  22. 22. Less Likely Means of Spreading Coronavirus Sex
  23. 23. Less Likely Means of Spreading Coronavirus Air conditioning systems
  24. 24. What’s a home performance contractor to do?
  25. 25. Focus #1: Ventilation
  26. 26. Mechanical Ventilation
  27. 27. Focus #2: Filtration
  28. 28. Filtration ● High-MERV filters can capture big & small droplets ● ASHRAE recommends MERV-14 ● System may not be able to handle high-MERV filter ● Rule of thumb: 2 sf per 400 cfm of air flow
  29. 29. Understanding UV Lights
  30. 30. UV lights ● They can kill viruses ● Better for keeping coil clean than killing pathogens in the air stream ● Make sure they’re ozone-free!
  31. 31. Other Air Cleaners ● They may help ● Watch out for ozone generation ● See resources
  32. 32. Home is the safest place to be!
  33. 33. “The connection between health and the dwelling of the population is one of the most important that exists.” ~ Florence Nightingale
  34. 34. Resources Energy Vanguard Blog Can Your HVAC System Filter Out Coronavirus? system-filter-out-coronavirus Do UV Lamps Really Improve Indoor Air Quality? really-improve-indoor-air-quality
  35. 35. Resources ASHRAE US EPA EPA Air Cleaners Resources and-air-filters-home
  36. 36. Resources Jeffrey Siegel, PhD Search his name + filter or coronavirus for good resources Shelly Miller, PhD
  37. 37. For More Information: Allison Bailes Amy Beley Jeffrey Sauls Katie Arnoff