How to Navigate Google+ Without Going Insane


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If Google+ has got you confused, you're not alone. This guide walks you through Google+ as an individual (profile) and as a business (page), and includes navigating Google+ for local and an overview on how mobile search is affected.

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How to Navigate Google+ Without Going Insane

  1. 1. NAVIGATING GOOGLE+ without going insane by: Lindsay Mineo | March 14, 2014
  2. 2. PART ONE Why use Google+?
  3. 3. WHY USE GOOGLE+?: IT’S GOOGLE MYTH: No one is on Google+.
  4. 4. WHY USE GOOGLE+?: IT’S GOOGLE FACT: Google+ is Google. Everyone uses Google.
  5. 5. WHY USE GOOGLE+?: GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP Authorship markup increases the likelihood of getting content seen. These guys aren’t even in my circles and they show up!
  6. 6. WHY USE GOOGLE+?: LOCAL SEARCH The Local Search Carousel returns results for many local searches from their Google+ Local pages. Organic results ten to skew towards sites like Yelp.
  7. 7. WHY USE GOOGLE+?: MOBILE Google+ Local pages bring mobile traffic to sites and increase phone calls. Reviews, ratings, pricing, click to call, and more are available thanks to Google+ Local on mobile.
  8. 8. WHY USE GOOGLE+?: SEARCH RANKINGS There is some speculation that a Google+ page contributes to improved search rankings. Not all experts agree. However, local results still show up before organic results, and having Google reviews (with a high score) and a Google+ page certainly cannot hurt.
  9. 9. PART TWO Google+ Profiles
  10. 10. GOOGLE+ PROFILES A Google+ profile belongs to a person. Find yours by going to and checking the top right corner. +YourName means you’re logged in to your Google account. Your picture means you’ve set up your Google+ profile. +You means you are either not logged in or have no Google account.
  11. 11. Google adds #hashtags Profiles/pages you added Profiles/pages that added you.
  12. 12. Home View:
  13. 13. PART THREE Google+ Pages
  14. 14. GOOGLE+ PAGES A Google+ Page belongs to an entity, or a non-person. The top right corner of shows the Page name and logo/photo. +BusinessName means you’re logged in to your business Google account. A picture means the Google+ page is set up.
  15. 15. GOOGLE+ PAGES Google+ Pages can only be created from a Google+ Profile. 1. Top left of profile: drop down menu 2. Select Pages 3. Select Create a page 4. This is also where you manage your pages Google+ Pages can only have one owner, but can have up to 50 managers or communications managers.
  16. 16. GOOGLE+ PAGES Dashboard: 1. Page insights 2. Post to your page 3. Page overview 4. Local insights 5. Top searches 6. Google Analytics 1 3 4 5 2 6
  17. 17. GOOGLE+ PAGES Credit: +PhilippSteuer
  18. 18. GOOGLE+ PAGES
  20. 20. GOOGLE+ LOCAL A Google+ Local Page is formerly known as Google Places. Just to make it more confusing, some local business pages are still Google Places. Google is getting around to making all Google+ Pages, Google+ Local Pages, and Google Places listings all the same thing, with the same look, the same rules, and the same dashboard. This hasn’t happened yet. And it’s frustrating. Currently, a Google+ Page is different from a Google+ Local page, and both are different from a Google Places listing.
  21. 21. GOOGLE+ LOCAL Google+ Page Google+ Local Page
  22. 22. GOOGLE+ LOCAL The Google Local Search Carousel still shows up for some searches. Information is taken from Google+ Local Pages. These results show up above organic listings (which are pretty much all Yelp). However, you can’t select how your business appears in carousel results.
  23. 23. GOOGLE+ LOCAL Google+ Local Page!!!
  25. 25. GOOGLE+ MOBILE 1. Mobile search is expected to OVERTAKE desktop searches. This year. 2. People use Google to search on mobile. Google is the default search engine on most mobile devices. 3. Google mobile search is where businesses need to be. 4. The Google Maps app for iPhone was downloaded 10 million times in two days when it was released (and still is one of the top free apps).
  26. 26. GOOGLE+ MOBILE Location finder off Location finder on
  28. 28. GOOGLE+ AUTHORSHIP Google Authorship is only for Google+ profiles. Google+ Pages cannot have authorship markup. Authorship promotes the person – the author. This is useful even when the author is not part of the organization (or leaves) because authorship increases the visibility of individual posts (higher search results AND visual visibility of the photo) and connects posts to a wider audience.
  29. 29. GOOGLE+ AUTHORSHIP Links to other social profiles GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP! Links to other sites
  30. 30. GOOGLE+ AUTHORSHIP Links to other social profiles and blogs GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP! HOORAY!
  31. 31. PART SEVEN Google Communities
  32. 32. GOOGLE+ COMMUNITIES Google+ communities are a great place to make friends. Both Pages and profiles can create and join communities and interact with anyone within the community.
  33. 33. GOOGLE+ COMMUNITIES Google+ communities drive traffic back to your site! Notice how mobile Facebook is higher than Google+, but Google+ is higher than regular Facebook? It’s all coming together, now.
  34. 34. GOOGLE+ COMMUNITIES But don’t get greedy. Communities can remove posts they think are spammy. Too much of this and you could get banned from a community, and everyone will see and it will be embarrassing.
  35. 35. The End! HAPPY PI(E) DAY!
  36. 36. QUESTIONS by: Lindsay Mineo | March 14, 2014 Thanks!