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Session1 pres online1.1_narrated


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Session 1.1 of the PGCert TLHE, Module 3, at UWS.

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Session1 pres online1.1_narrated

  2. 2. By the end of this session, I will be able to…  understand expectations of module in terms of participation and assessment; INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOMES
  3. 3.  Introduction to Module  Topics  Formative Tasks  Summative Assignments  Portfolio  Participation Expectations CONTENT
  4. 4.  Introduction: this session  Evaluation: this session + online (all)  Scholarship of teaching: online (all)  Literature in your area: online (all)  Professional identity: online or face-to-face  Professional development: online (all)  Evidencing professional development: online or face to face INTRODUCTION: TOPICS
  5. 5. Formative tasks Unmonitored Monitored as evidence of participation Preparation for summative assessments INTRODUCTION: FORMATIVE TASKS
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION: FORMATIVE TASKS Evaluation Assignment (500 word sample, due 30 October) Revised Educational Philosophy (due 13 November) CPD Plan (due 27 November)
  7. 7.  Written evidence of learning: 11 December 1. Evaluation Assignment  Review and critique of evaluation methods and materials  Directly relevant to your practice  2500 words (does not include references or appendix)  Engage with scholarly literature  Appendix no more than 6 pages 2. Revised Educational Philosophy  A revision of your original educational philosophy  Include references to relevant literature 3. CPD Plan  Use the template provided on Moodle  Short/Medium/Long-term SMART targets, barriers and facilitators INTRODUCTION: SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENTS
  8. 8.  Grading  No longer Pass/Fail  50% minimum pass overall  60 Evaluation assignment  20 Revised Educational Philosophy  20 CPD Plan INTRODUCTION: SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENTS
  9. 9.  Portfolios: 8 January  Shared via Mahara  Ensure you have all components as required according to portfolio checklist  NMC participants, ensure you have any and all additional requirements using appropriate guidance materials on Moodle INTRODUCTION: PORTFOLIO
  10. 10.  Evidence of engagement via face-to-face and/or online activity, including:  Preparedness – contributions demonstrate awareness of taught components of module and are not exclusively based on intuition and/or personal experience  Consistency – contributions need to be made throughout the module. It is insufficient to complete the online route in one condensed session at the end of term. To ensure peer-to-peer learning, you need to participate either in the face-to-face sessions or abiding by a 2 week completion schedule online – this ensures that there can be meaningful discussions online.  Professional Criticality – many activities require you to reflect on real-life scenarios, including your own professional practice. Critical thinking aimed at improving practice is required, as is professional decorum when articulating points for reflection and/or modification. INTRODUCTION: PARTICIPATION EXPECTATIONS