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Lives Worth Living


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Lives Worth Living

  1. 1. The Magazine of Roger Williams University School of Law 7 Art and Poetry – in a Law School? For the past few years, the walls of the second-floor Atrium have been graced by several art exhibits a year, thanks to an arrangement with the Bristol Art Museum. The most recent installment went further, pairing the work of photographer Seth Jacobson with poems by RWU Law’s perennially popular writing specialist, Kim Baker. Based on the concept of “ekphrasis” – a Greek term for literary writing about visual art – the exhibit encompasses a diverse array of subjects and poems that stimulate unexpected discussions. “Students are usually so immersed in the law,” Baker explains. “It’s wonderful to see them notice and react to this installation. It brings out a whole other side – a passion for literature, art, film – that we rarely get to see.” ‘Lives Worth Living’ For Farm Animals As a 3L juggling classes, Immigration Clinic, an internship and duties on the Roger Williams Law Review board of editors, you’d think Lindsay Vick ’12 had enough on her plate – but she also managed to research and write a law review article on an area of deep personal interest. “Confined to a Process,” appearing in Spring 2012 edition of Lewis & Clark Law School’s Animal Law Review, argues that state standards for livestock care are insufficient and deny farm animals “lives worth living.” Vick first became interested in the subject while interning with the farm animal department of the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, D.C., and spent a year completing her research. Vick says her interest in animal law actually dates back to her pre-law school days, when she discovered a large feral cat population occupying the land around her home, and began volunteering at her local humane society and researching ways to help the neighborhood felines. “At the end of the day, I found that I loved working with animals and dealing with animal-related issues,” she says. While animal lawyers remain a scarce breed, Vick hopes to use her legal training to make a real difference. “One day I hope to own a sanctuary where I can rescue farm animals,” she says. “That’s my goal.” “Braving the Light” Be brave. Take a walk along the rock-strewn beach. In the rain. The pebbles will never be as treacherous or as beautiful as when they are wet. … disappear into the originality of it all carrying with you time itself and the satisfaction and contentment only courage brings. by Kim M. Baker