TDC Chapter 6


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TDC Chapter 6

  1. 1. Do you have or have you ever used a  smart board? Raise your hand if you have!! 
  2. 2. A viewpoint from the students:  You Tube Video
  3. 3. Technology is revolutionizing the way we  think work and play when we integrate technology into the curriculum it revolutionizing  Students today need 21st century skills  Engages students in the learning process  Students acquire and use higher order thinking, analysis and problem solving
  4. 4. Students take responsibilities for their  learning outcomes  Teachers become guides and facilitators
  5. 5. Create a wanted poster of a fictitious or  real life outlaw utilizing Desktop Publishing and Graphic/Paint/Draw Software  Create a newspaper from the time period you are studying using Desktop Publishing and Graphic/Paint/Draw Software  Create a multimedia and or video presentation on current events and issues Powerpoint or hyperstudio  Make a travel guide using publisher
  6. 6. Visit NASA site to view recent information   Watch any news channel during the weather report  Have students keep a daily log of their nutrition, exercise, daily weather, or other data  Have students time their heart rates and plot them on a graph in a spreadsheet program
  7. 7. Use spreadsheets to show math  relationships, set up banks, or a telephone company, a refreshment business, or keep track of finances  In algebra, have students figure out how much money they could make at a car wash by manipulating the variables. Create a table of info and have students create the formulas  Use gaming and simulations to enhance problem solving skills
  8. 8. Have students create a video presenting  persuasive information  Create a online school or class newspaper or literary publication  Create a crossword puzzle  Create a YouTube video  Create a digital storytelling
  9. 9. How do you use computers in your  classroom? How do you manage student use of  computers in your classroom?
  10. 10. Ensure equal access:  › Not everyone needs the same amount of time to accomplish a given task › For example: If a class is divided into five groups, assign computer time one day per group per week › Avoid periods which will be interrupted (e.g. by music)
  11. 11. Vary the usage and types of access  › Whole class work › Group projects › Partners › Individuals › Open-scheduling (e.g. 10 minutes per person X the number of people)
  12. 12. Modifications:  › A printout of the results of the session is helpful  Applications that take advantage of the multi-sensory capabilities of the computer are recommended  Have someone at the computer all of the time:  keep a log; › Schedule use during early morning, recess and lunch time
  13. 13. Arrange access to more computers:  › Send students out to use other computers:  to the library  to the resource center;  to a vacant classroom when those students are at physical education or music
  14. 14. Organizing aids:  › Use a journal to record usage. › Post sign-up (and sign-out) sheets next to the computer; › Use a pocket chart with a card for each student; they turn their cards over after a turn and when all are done, they start over; › Have a popsicle stick for each student and two jars, one labeled “Been There” the other labeled “Not Yet”. The students take the sticks out of one jar and put them in the other as they complete the work
  15. 15. Thematic Unit Stations   Internet Projects  Have students work in teams  Virtual Fieldtrips  Middle/High School stations spread out activity over 3-5 days  Use as a learning center  When higher functioning students finish they can use this center to play games
  16. 16. Please feel free to share effective ways that  you have successfully integrated technology into your classroom
  17. 17. •Funbrain •Fact Monster •APlusMath •PBSKids •BrainPop •Starfall •Discovery Kids •Smarttech •Smart Board Online Training
  18. 18. E-textbook by Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Glenda A. Gunter, Randolph E. Gunter (2006) Teachers Discovering Computers ( Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom. – Ed. 5.ThomsonCourse Technology.