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2016 Challenges for CEOs


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Challenges senior leaders are facing in recruiting, retaining and managing talent in 2016

Published in: Leadership & Management
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2016 Challenges for CEOs

  1. 1. 2016 Talent Challenges for CEOs Conversations We Keep Having cc: krapow -
  2. 2. Management Succession Boomers Entering Retirement, Who is Taking Over? cc: Inalaf -
  3. 3. Need for New Skill Sets Cybersecurity, Data & Analytics, Digital, AI, Robotics, IoT cc: DrChino -
  4. 4. Flexible, Transient Workforces What is Culture and Teamwork with Changing Work Styles? cc: Steve Rhodes -
  5. 5. Attracting & Keeping Digital Talent All Out War for In-Demand Skill Sets cc: phsymyst -
  6. 6. Work Values Have Changed Quality of Life vs. Long-Term Loyalty cc: thomas lieser ( -
  7. 7. Demand for Transparency Social Media Has Democratized Work cc: danielfoster437 -
  8. 8. Fostering Global Mindsets Developing Cultural Compentencies cc: Valentina_A -
  9. 9. Talk With Us About Your Challenges Talent Solutions for a Changing World