Spring training 2012


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Spring training 2012

  1. 1. Spring Training 2012 Trade Show Tips & Trends
  2. 2. Exhibit Surveys Inc* 2011 data based on survey of U.S. Trade Shows
  3. 3. 20119000 Business-to-Business shows in U.S. 1.5million exhibiting companies 60 million attendees
  4. 4. Attendees who anticipate buying within 12 months of show? 47%
  5. 5. How many first-timers attending show? 36%
  6. 6. Influence on buying plans?35% said "more favorable"
  7. 7. "Net Buying Influence" *make or recommend final purchasing decision 81%
  8. 8. Hours Spent Visiting Exhibits?8.3 hours / 2.4 days
  9. 9. Benefits?• Prospects PAY for the opportunity to meet face-to- face with you• Catch up on industry news and education• Show-and-tell complex technologies and sophisticated products• Competition• Leads!• What else?
  10. 10. "Microsoft was made by shows like CES..."
  11. 11. • Exhibit Design / Materials / Technology• Flooring• Lighting• Interactive Media• Social Media• Lead Generation technologies• Exhibit Rentals• International Exhibit Opportunities
  12. 12. Large format Fabric Its EVERWHERE!
  13. 13. Whats so great about fabric?• Vibrant and seamless printing• Cost effective to print, package, and ship to trade shows.• Easy to assemble, saves on labor• Durable, washable• Organic shapes allows for creativity
  14. 14. Cool, Clean, Organic, Targeted
  15. 15. Trade Show Tip Buy a wastebasket!• cost to purchase at Home Depot - $9.00• Typical cost to rent from General Contractor (Freeman). $25-$35 per show
  16. 16. Trade Show TipDont ship small packages direct to show site• Ship 20 lb box FedEx Overnight @ $100• Freeman charges $53 "special handling" fee for package less than 30 lbs.• Material handling charge @ $114 minimum charge per piece for special handling• $100 + $53 + $114 = $267• ship to hotel saves $167 (just 1 package!)• Anything shipped via UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, DHL is considered special handling
  17. 17. Trade Show Tip• put multiple packages on skid to avoid special handling when shipping direct- to-show
  18. 18. Trade Show Tip• Make deadline for ADVANCE PRICE on show orders• Electric, carpet rental, lead generation, cleaning, floral, etc....• 15% to 20%
  19. 19. Trade Show Tip• Ship to advance warehouse• Cost is higher, but.....• Saves on detention time• Saves on over-time off-loading• Easier to track• everything in booth space when you get there
  20. 20. Trade Show Tip• Turn in bill of lading at freight desk with carrier name• Freight carrier cannot miss check- in!• Designated show carrier is not your friend!• Forced Freight?
  21. 21. Trade Show Tip• Put time in schedule to follow up on leads.....• Follow up on leads• Value of lead is reduced after 1 week....• Personal contacts are memorable and impressive
  22. 22. LOOK, IN THE AIR...
  23. 23. Look Down!
  24. 24. Trade Show Tip• Pre-show marketing can extend the "life" of event• Better chance of attendees finding you at show• E-mail, snail mail, twitter, Facebook, phone, website, etc...• Tell them where, when, why?
  25. 25. Interactive Media
  26. 26. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1cg6HMXx68&feature=fvsr? v=Z1cg6HMXx68&feature=fvsr Samsung Transparent screen technology
  27. 27. www.youtube.com/watch? v=i5922LZ4u7s Microsoft Surface Touch technology
  28. 28. Social Media What do I do with it?
  29. 29. Take live video -Q & A -how to -customer testimonials
  30. 30. Display live twitter feedusing trade show hash tags (i.e. #CES)Or company hash tags (i.e. #XYZ Company)
  31. 31. Run polls and contests onFacebook with prize for participation
  32. 32. Build trade showpage on website tohelp with Pre-show marketing
  33. 33. Tweet-ups for eatsand drinks are great networking events
  34. 34. Take pictures -post to web -tweet em -Facebook em -pictures of city, venue, trade show floor
  35. 35. Lead Generation technology
  36. 36. iLeads
  37. 37. NewLeadsWww.newleads.com
  38. 38. WorldCard Mobile
  39. 39. Wizard EventTechnologies RFID Future Technology
  40. 40. RFID technology Wizard Event Tehnologies
  41. 41. Recommendation• Test it• Simple for staff?• How will you sync to your CRM?• Attendee friendly? • Solution is different for each exhibitor
  42. 42. Rental• LCD screens• Furniture• drape and rod• Workstations / Counters• Literature racks• Exhibits! Exhibits! Exhibits!
  43. 43. Rental
  44. 44. TRENDInternational Exhibiting S.T.E.P.
  45. 45. Questionnaire Door Prize!
  46. 46. Thank YOU!!!!!!!