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Online Reputation Management Final Presentation


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Reputation management final presentation

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Online Reputation Management Final Presentation

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW GreenCrossLLC Green Cross LLC Products offered: CannaPunch, Highly Edible Gummies, Tumbleweed Vape pens. Market: Recreation and medical cannabis users in Colorado and tourists visiting Colorado. Company info: Founded CannaPunch in 2009 and have been continuously adding products.
  2. 2. STEP 1: IDENTIFY YOUR STAKEHOLDERS Detractors Anti-marijuana activists Political figures opposed to the legalization of marijuana. Local Colorado communities Communities effected by the legalization of marijuana Cannabis industry opinion leaders Industry leaders including activists, business owners, etc. Online Journalists & Bloggers Local & national journalists who cover the marijuana industry. Consumers Colorado residents who purchase the products at licensed retailers. Colorado tourists who purchase the products at licensed retailers.
  3. 3. STEP 2: CONDUCT A REPUTATION AUDIT Current online reputation: minimal Facebook & Twitter accounts that are not updated regularly. Company website with information on all of the Green Cross brands (CannaPunch, HighlyEdible, Tumbleweed Vapes) The first two pages of a Google search show the company website, Facebook page, and the websites of licensed retailers who sell Green Cross products.
  4. 4. STEP 3: UNCOVER INTERNAL ASSETS & LIABILITIES A S S E T S Compliance Long-term industry presence (offline reputation) Consistent Products (Trust) L I A B I L I T I E S Detractor opinions Content Channels are not updated regularly. Negative industry perception
  5. 5. STEP 4: WRITE YOUR GOALS Build a positive reputation from the ground up. • Add to the reputation piggy bank to help offset the effect of a crisis. Amp up current online channels. • Actively participate in any online conversations. • Continuously add content to current social media platforms. • Work towards creating content on new channels. Become Radically transparent online. • Once the online presence is developed actively converse with stakeholders and monitor the online reputation.
  6. 6. STEP 5: CRAFT A STRATEGY & WRITE OBJECTIVES Content Strategies •Create consistent and reliable content online. Stakeholder Communication Strategies •Communicate regularly with all stakeholders. Social Networking Strategies • Create a loyal audience by creating content regularly and joining the conversation. SEO Strategies • Update content using desired keywords, create multimedia content and properly tag images & videos, and make sure the back-end info on the website is SEO friendly. PR Strategies • Add an online pressroom to the website, and create relationships with local media outlets.
  7. 7. STEP 6: CREATE AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Implementation Plan Software/Tools •Google Analytics, Blog hosting software (Wordpress or Weebly), keyword analysis software, Facebook & Twitter Analytics New Policy/Procedure to adapt •Company wide meeting & training sessions on company expectations, brand message, and online policies. Personnel responsible •Add reputation monitoring position, train office employees on the social media post SOP’s.
  8. 8. STEP 7: BUILD A PLAN TO SUSTAIN YOUR REPUTATION E S T A B L I S H O N L I N E M O N I T O R I N G S Y S T E M Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. Monitor website Monitor industry news Monitor stakeholder conversations both on and offline Monitor consumer reviews C R E A T E A C R I S I S P L A N The Team • Executives, reputation monitoring employee, outside PR executive, general manager. Online media spokesperson • CEO Advisors • PR firm, executives, network of industry leaders. Offline Stakeholders • Executives, employees, journalists Online Stakeholders • Crisis conversation could take place on social media, industry blogs, and Google. Stealth Crisis Blog • Create a brand blog & be prepared to handle crisis communication through the blog. Online Crisis Response Guidelines • Get the facts, decide whether or not the attack needs a response, gather the crisis team & debrief, respond from the top, craft the right message, host the conversation on your channels.
  9. 9. SWOT ANALYSIS OF ACTION PLAN SWOT Strengths • Compliant, long-term industry presence (credibility and trust), and consistent product line helps Green Cross create a positive reputation without having to fix any negative existing reputation. Weaknesses • It will take time to build up the Green Cross online presence. Opportunities • Since they are starting from the ground up they have a lot of room to create new content on new platforms. Threats • The perception of the industry.
  10. 10. REFERENCES Beal, Andy, and Dr. Judy Strauss. 2008. Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing. CannaPunch. 2016. “About Us”. CannaPunch Website. Accessed May 18, 2016.