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Northwood Idea Magazine


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Northwood Idea Magazine

  1. 1. The alumni magazine of northwood university Volume 6 Number 1 fall 2012
  2. 2. IDEA Volume 6 | Number 1 | fall 2012 The alumni magazine of northwood university 1 President’s Message 10 DeVos School International Cohorts 2 Restoring the American Dream pg. 2 11 In Memoriam: Christian Bechtel 4 Alumni Ensure NU’s Success 12 Distinguished Women 5 Proven Teachers pg. 6 13 Annual Report: Donor Listing 6 President Duncan Leads the 32 Faculty Briefs Way in Florida 33 Athletics In Action pg. 8 7 Countess De Hoernle 36 Alumni In Action 8 50 Years of NU Football 40 Advancement pg. 13 9 ABDCCE Launches Venture Incubator 41 Family Album On the Cover: Production Team: Proven alumni and supporters Vice President, Marketing & Enrollment Management: John Young take NU to new heights. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Michael Curry COPY EDITOR: Belinda Hawley GRAPHIC DESIGN: Tim Meissner CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Cathy Bush, Abigail Cienski, Arnold D’Ambrosio, NU IDEA Credits: Christopher Deming, Monica Hurtado, Chris Keudrick, Justin Marshall, The Northwood Idea is published three times yearly Susan McCreery, Travis McCurdy, Tracie Wood for alumni and friends of Northwood University. It is PHOTOGRAPHY: Natasha Elder, Julie Felske, Nicholas Langlois, Judy Fox-Marchev, produced by the University Marketing Department at Monica Hurtado, Travis McCurdy Northwood University, 4000 Whiting Drive, Midland, FAMILY ALBUM: Julie Felske, Robin Yancer MI 48640-2398. PRINTER: F.P. Horak Send address changes to Robin Yancer: 4000 Whiting Drive, Midland, MI 48640-2398, (989) 837-4350, THE ALUMNI MAGAZINE OF NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY VOLUME 6 NUMBER 1 FALL 2012 Northwood University is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, gender, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, disability or veteran status. The University also is committed to compliance with all applicable laws regarding nondiscrimination. Northwood University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association (800-621-7440; Statement Outcomes 1. Understand the tradition 7. Can explain theirTo develop the future leaders A university education is more of freedom. personal values.of a global, free-enterprise than the courses offered and 2. Have a broad practical 8. Understand thesociety. the experiences made available. understanding of their chosen aesthetic, creative, and It is the architecture of those field. spiritual elements of life.Purpose elements designed to create 3. Are familiar with the ideas 9. Are effective self-Statement defined results. As a learning driving enterprise leaders. evaluators.To develop leaders, managers, community, we focus our efforts 4. Communicate effectively in speech and writing. 10. Are action oriented.and entrepreneurs with the to the accomplishment ofcharacter and skills to drive twelve outcomes which become 5. Understand complex 11. Are skilled at detectingpersonal, organizational, and characteristics our graduates global issues. and solving problems.societal success. share. 6. Have a constant attraction to 12. Seek lifelong education. new ideas.
  3. 3. NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 1 president’s message Greetings: This edition of The Northwood IDEA marks many time-honored traditions at Northwood University, which include the ability to change when necessary to sustain our long-term growth. The fall issue of the magazine is our Annual Report issue which recognizes and honors those who supported the University over the past year. On that note, I am very happy to report this year’s donor list includes 375 more individuals than last year’s. And that’s not all. As you will see in other updates in this issue, a growing number of Northwood University alumni are actively engaged in supporting their alma mater, including our $80 million dollar capital campaign which entered the public phase in November. As this issue went to press, commitments to the campaign had reached 62.89%! This is the largest-ever capital campaign in Northwood history, and one that is essential for our ability to continue educating the future leaders of a global, free enterprise society. Monies raised will support not only current operations but the long-term capital and endowment needs central to our mission. By providing the very best in facilities, resources, and faculty, our students, alumni, and the world we serve will all be better off for it. As you may also have noticed on the cover, we are instituting a few changes to The Northwood IDEA magazine. Starting with this issue, IDEA magazine will be published three times annually to coincide with our year-round academic calendar—fall, spring, and summer semesters. You will also notice some different features and news updates in this and future issues as we seek to keep the material fresh, timely, and reflective of the ongoing feedback we get from you our readers. On that note, I welcome your comments and feedback at On behalf of everyone at Northwood University, I wish you and your family a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season. Sincerely, Keith A. Pretty, J.D. President and CEO Integrity Honesty Freedom SpiritualityCode of Ethics In all our actions we shall We will embrace We will exercise personal We will seek the spiritual be guided by a code of truthfulness, fairness, freedom while insuring development necessary behavior which reflects probity, and demand the others be immune from for our happiness andThe community of our values, unimpeded by absence of fraud or deceit arbitrary interference on growth and encourage an circumstance, personal gain, in ourselves and others account of condition or environment that supportsstudents, faculty, and staff public pressure, or private with whom we act. circumstance, insuring that this growth for all. temptation. freedom will be constrainedof Northwood University Responsibility only by our responsibility for Achievement Respect We will be accountable its consequences. We will exercise our skills toaffirms this code of ethics as We will treat all others with for the care and welfare create high achievement consideration for their of others and responsible Empathy and applaud the highthe behaviors that advance circumstances and with for the intended and We will endeavor to achievement of others.our shared values. thoughtful regard for their unintended consequences understand the feelings, value as human beings. of our actions. thoughts, and notions of others in order that compassion and fairness of our actions may result.
  4. 4. 2 Restoring the American Dream NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY Northwood Launches Public Phase of $80 Million Capital Campaign - Orval Watts, The Northwood Idea Northwood University is dedicated to preserving those ideals which help all people achieve their full potential. A Time for Choosing There is a point in an organization’s history enterprise, personal freedom, private The need to conduct this campaign is when it must set its direction; whether it will property, individual creativity, and an critical to our future. Since its beginning, remain the same or rejuvenate and meet enduring hope regarding business’s role in Northwood has relied on tuition as its the challenges for the future. Northwood creating a better future for all. primary funding source. Tuition can no University has concluded that now more longer carry the institution in expanding its than ever, its mission is critical to the young As a result, Northwood’s President & CEO reach and effectiveness through education. men and women of our nation. Northwood and Board of Trustees determined the need Northwood University has made a University is willing to stand as a beacon to organize and execute an $80,000,000 commitment to never accept funds directly and state that business is good. We need comprehensive capital campaign. The from the federal and state government. more people who believe and understand proposed effort will focus on key funding This ensures the University can continue that free enterprise is the economic engine elements for the organization in order to its educational message unencumbered that gave rise to America and great nations prepare for the next steps in furthering our by government priorities and policies. throughout the world; that it is necessary development as a national and international However, it places financial pressure on to re-gain our sense of direction through leader in business education. This campaign Northwood that other universities do not entrepreneurship and business leadership. will support and promote the Northwood feel. Northwood must look to philanthropic As such, a significant philanthropic funding University education philosophy which is partners to advance its mission and secure effort is necessary in order for Northwood based on the ethical standards that made its plans to benefit students to become the to educate more students who understand the United States an example of prosperity next generation of business leaders of a and will preserve the merits of private for the world. global free-enterprise society.
  5. 5. NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 3The $80,000,000 campaign will transform Northwood University from a respected business school toa globally acclaimed leader in free-market thought and leadership development of executives and entrepreneurs.Northwood University and the Future Annual Funding Needs Everyone has a Role to PlayThe completion of this campaign will An increase in annual funding over the The key to our success is active engagementenhance Northwood’s financial stability next two-plus years will play a pivotal and support on the part of those whothrough a strong endowment, the building role in the advancement of Northwood know and believe in what Northwoodand upgrading of facilities, and an increase University, especially during one of our University has to offer, especially ourin annual cash contributions to support nation’s and the world’s most challenging alumni, supporters, and friends. Over thestudent scholarships, professorships, and economies. Northwood must use the last three years a large and growing numberoperational needs. The campaign will annual fund to diversify its base of support, of volunteers nationwide offered theirprovide funds for the overall needs of the and as a foundation for communicating its support but there is more work to be done.institution as well as campus specific needs enduring commitment to free markets and By sharing your time, treasure, and talentin Florida, Michigan, and Texas. free people. you will ensure the future well-being of Northwood University, our growing alumniCapital Needs Endowment Needs base, and the world we serve.Proposed facility upgrades and new Growing our endowment is critical toconstruction will allow Northwood to serve sustaining The Northwood Idea. It will To learn more about this effort see: http://as a national and international leader in provide Northwood with a permanent education. Buildings, lecture halls, source of funds ensuring that its to-give.aspxcafeterias, student unions, and dormitories philosophy of self-determination, individualwill provide needed space where ideas responsibility, and free enterprise will - Arnold D’Ambrosioconcerning free enterprise are taught, remain at the center of our national andfostered, and debated in a positive setting. global landscapes.
  6. 6. 4 ensuring success NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITYA Growing Number of Alumni Are ActivelyEngaged in Northwood’s FutureAgreement is difficult to come by, yet there is broad consensusamong alumni that continual investment in the quality and valueof their degree must be made. There is great diversity of opinion,however, when an alumnus is asked where those investmentsshould be made. Academics, faculty, facilities, athletics, experientiallearning, study abroad programs are just a few of the answers onemight hear. The great thing is they are all right and each impactsthe quality of higher education. Increased alumni support builds new values of personal responsibility and In its first year, more than 70 individuals facilities on all three campuses, provides leadership. The community came together pledged their support of $1,000 or more for more annual scholarships, adds to endowed under the leadership of Board Chairman J a minimum of five years to fuel the needs scholarships, and supports academic Ferron and connects the accomplishments of our students, alumni, and University’s programs led by notable faculty members. of alumni and current industry leaders with constant quest for improvement. 1959 This consistent growth over the past couple the dreams of students. It also recognizes Founding Member Dick Huvaere, ’68, of years will be sustained through stronger the family of alumni, parents and friends eloquently stated why he chose to invest alumni programming, connecting more who provide Northwood University with a with Northwood when he told us, “Being students with alumni and the fundraising pledged commitment and sustained level taught the true value of entrepreneurship, process, and providing fun opportunities for of annual support for a minimum of five corporate and personal ethics, and free alumni to connect with their classmates and years. This unique community has swiftly enterprise by the professors at Northwood their alma mater. rallied to: University has made the difference in my success. I wouldn’t be where I am today had To augment the great progress in • Provide private scholarship it not been for the people and relationships charitable support a new society was assistance for deserving students I established with my Northwood University formed to engage our alumni and friends • Augment and support Northwood’s associates.” that believe very strongly in perpetuating free enterprise initiatives The Northwood Idea and the University’s • Keep Northwood as a center of Northwood University is deeply thankful mission to educate future leaders. learning for free markets for the support of the 1959 Society and all • Assist Northwood in its education alumni that have contributed their time, The 1959 Society, named for Northwood’s mission globally talent, or treasure to the growth of their founding year, honors entrepreneurship • Support Northwood in our campaign alma mater and respect for their degree. and initiative, and builds upon the core to “Restore the American Dream” - Justin Marshall How to become a member Any individual who pledges and gives a cumulative annual gift of $1,000 or more each calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31) is enrolled as a member of the 1959 Society. Individuals who join the society are encouraged to make an annual and perpetual commitment to the mission of Northwood University and the students being educated today and in the future. In addition, individuals who have made extraordinary gifts or a single new pledge of $50,000 or more will be granted permanent membership in the society. Multiple pledge levels unique to the 1959 Society exist (The levels include credit for any matching gifts from employers or businesses of the member): Freedom Level Sponsor Level Associate Level Benefactor Level $1,000 - $2,499 $2,500 - $4,999 $5,000 - $9,999 $10,000 or more Lifetime membership is granted to any individual who pledges a $50,000 gift or more to our 1959 Society. Contact Justin Marshall at 989-837-4279 for details or e-mail
  7. 7. FEATURE STORY - AMANDA YOCUM NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 5Proven Teachers: Reconnecting with the Idea Amanda Yocum, fundamental economic lessons—and that “I think most of what comes out in my lec- class of ‘02, is proof includes continuous learning on her part. tures are our core values. The kind of ethics that Northwood Northwood teaches I found very easy to University alumni She admits that she “had never done some- pass onto my students.” know what it takes thing with the alumni association before” but to stay a lifelong when an Alumni Association event featuring As a recent comprehensive NU alumni survey learner in order a lecture by Dr. Richard Ebeling on “America’s indicates, Yocum is part of a growing bodyto be the best teacher. It takes time, effort Economic Problems Today,” was hosted in of graduates who prize The Northwood Ideaand opportunity. Sometimes time and op- Arizona, she saw the chance to reconnect and want to take part in more Northwoodportunity do not match up, even when with her Northwood roots while also learning events that enable alumni to learn fromwe are willing to make the effort. Success more—both for her own benefit and that their own community of graduates andis identifying when all three are available. of her students. Northwood faculty.Even though she graduated during the “I didn’t know what to expect…it was validat- “As business people, we sometimes forgettough 2002 job market, Amanda began her ing to hear his talk,” explained Yocum. “Many the importance of education. Sometimes,professional career working for a global data [of my] students are of a lower socioeconomic we lose focus,” observed company soon after she moved status, and really see the effects of the reces-back home to Arizona. While the Florida sion,” she continued. As more educational events become avail-campus graduate learned some valuable les- able to you, will you take the opportunity tosons there, she left for better opportunities. A large part of Yocum’s efforts in teaching continue your education and prove yourself?Now, as a high school economics teacher at economics is passing along what she thinks - Christopher DemingASU Preparatory Academy in Phoenix, she is the most important part of her Northwoodworks with urban students and teaches them education. This article is the first in what will be an ongoing series called “Proof .” We are looking for the proof that our alumni are proven leaders, proven entrepreneurs, proven educators and more. Have a story to share? Contact Christopher Deming at and tell us how you prove the Northwood Idea every day.
  8. 8. 6 FEATURE STORY - TOM DUNCAN NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY Duncan Shares Expertise, Leads Gateway to Northwood Florida’s Future The Florida President is becoming recognized as a valuable commentator to news media. Having resided in sunny South Florida for And it’s not just expertise that Duncan is launch a new day of awareness in the Palm a few months, new Northwood University bringing to the table. The Missouri native Beach community for Northwood Florida.” Florida President Dr. Tom Duncan quickly and his wife Rita were the first to generously has established himself as a valued political donate to the New Campus Gateway Project, Appointed Northwood Florida President commentator for the Palm Beach area me- a capital campaign initiative that will create in July, Duncan has become recognized dia—completing over eighteen TV interviews a dramatic new entrance to Florida’s 90-acre as a valued political commentator for CBS, in eight weeks earlier this fall. haven. Tom and Rita’s ten-thousand dollar ABC, NBC and FOX television affiliates in the pledge for the Gateway will inspire others Palm Beach area. He served as a senior staff A team player involved in the process of so- to join this exciting project to give North- member to Missouri Governor John Ashcroft lidifying plans for new facilities and academic wood Florida an entrance that reflects the in education and policy management, as and athletic programs on the Florida campus, excellence that Northwood aims to achieve. well as Director of the Missouri Division of Duncan’s college leadership experience and Professional Registration, from 1985-1992. solid political background compounds his “Rita and I believe in the mission and values Prior to his government service, he was an impact as an influential South Florida leader. of Northwood University. That is what at- assistant professor of government and pub- tracted us in the first place,” Duncan stated. lic administration at Evangel College (now “Dr. Duncan’s ability to articulate his ide- “Northwood’s values are our values, and we Evangel University) in Springfield, Missouri als combined with his excellent academic want to invest in a cause that is close to our from 1980-1984. He later served colleges credentials and broad-based community hearts. The Campus Gateway Project will and universities in California, Arizona, and leadership experience is a tremendous as- dramatically change how prospective stu- Ohio in faculty and administrative capaci- set to the university,” said Dr. Keith A. Pretty, dents, families, and donors view Northwood ties. - Susan McCreery Northwood University President and CEO. Florida,” Duncan continued. “The new Gate- “We are pleased that our university experts way will connect the campus more directly are able to add value to the news media, to major roads and to the jobs and services especially in an election year,” he said. that our students require. This project will
  9. 9. Countess de Hoernle NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 7 NU Reflects on Countess De Hoernle’s Generosity as She Celebrates her 100th birthday Students, faculty and staff reflect on beautiful memories already created in the facility.As Countess Henrietta de Hoernle celebrates her 100th recreation and athletic facility in the heart of the com-birthday, students, faculty and staff reflect upon the effect munity.” Duncan added, “Everyday, our students enjoyher generosity has had on Northwood University Florida. the benefits of the Countess de Hoernle’s vision to invest in the lives of young people and the institution’s thatAn arts and education advocate, volunteer leader, and serve them. We wish her a birthday that celebrates thehumanitarian, the Northwood University 2002 Distin- excellence of her gifts to others.”guished Woman’s efforts to create a venue which wouldpromote both academic and athletic success marked her Henrietta, Countess de Hoernle was born in Germanylargest single project donation at that time. and moved to the United States in 1930 where she immediately became an active volunteer in her com-Serving as a constant reminder of her generosity and munity donating needed funds and sharing her timebelief in the power of education, the 48,000 square and expertise.foot Countess de Hoernle Student Life Center offersbasketball courts, locker rooms, weight and aerobics After moving to Florida in 1981, she and her husband,facilities, a student lounge and a variety of offices, and Count Adolph de Hoernle, became avid supporters of thehas provided the first official home to Northwood’s Se- South Florida community and have contributed supportahawk volleyball and basketball teams, as well as several to over 140 organizations. Having served on numerousadditional classrooms. Boards of Directors throughout her charitable lifetime, Countess de Hoernle has received over 230 awards from“What the Countess did for Northwood Florida cannot be multiple charitable organizations which are on displayexpressed in words alone,” noted President Tom Duncan. at the Boca Raton Historical Society.“Her generosity to make possible the construction of the - Susan McCreeryStudent Life Center gave the Florida campus a premier
  10. 10. 8 50 years of nu football NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY THE FIRST VICTORY A GAME FOR THE AGES A first year football program is bound Longtime fans of the Timberwolves have It’s the fall of 1962. The world’s population hits the 3-billion mark. Gas cost just $0.31 a to go through some growing pains, and seen some great things out of the football gallon. The song “Sherry” by the Four Sea- Northwood was no exception to this. The program—conference championships, sons spent five weeks at No. 1 in the charts… team went 0-6 in its first season of football All-American players, student-athletes in 1962 and then started the 1963 season reaching the National Football League. with a pair of losses. But the team broke But arguably the most memorable event through with the first win in program his- in program history occurred in a regular tory September 28, 1963—a 31-12 victory season game in the middle of the 1998 over Olivet College. Fifty years later, that season. And all you’ll have to do to re- win total stood at 229 heading into the mind them of that great moment is say 2012 season. The 1963 team was coached the score: 79-49. by Lou Juillerat, who guided Northwood to 21 wins in five years The Timberwolves played their arch-rival Saginaw Valley State in the 24th annu- A FIRST CONFERENCE TITLE al Axe Bowl contest October 25, 1998. Northwood joined a newly-formed confer- Northwood had lost eight straight to ence for the 1973 season—the Great Lakes their rivals in the annual meeting and had Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, the something to prove. 79 points and 688 league they still belong to today. North- yards of offense later the Timberwolves wood was coached by the legendary Jack had accomplished their goal. Finn at that point and he made the team Northwood University is beginning its the dominant one in football in the early The game set a total of 20 NCAA, GLIAC fourth year of existence and its second year years of the league. Northwood won the and Northwood records. The two teams on the Midland campus. The school added initial GLIAC Championship in 1973 and combined for 1,328 yards of offense in the men’s basketball as a sport for the 1960- followed by also taking the title in 1974 and game, which was 61 yard more than any 61 season, but was looking to expand its 1976 while placing second in 1975. Finn game in the history of Division II to that athletic department… went on to coach the team for 18 seasons point. Four touchdowns were scored in and was elected to the first Northwood a 56 second stretch of the game. Athletic Hall of Fame class in 2006. NFL DREAMS COME TRUE Fifty years later, the football program at PAT RIEPMA BRINGS THE TEAM BACK Not only will the mid 2000’s be remem- Northwood has become a vital part of the TO THE TOP bered as one of the finest stretches in pro- Michigan campus and culture… Northwood had some great seasons from gram history, it will also be remembered 1977 through the mid 1980’s, but then went as the time when Northwood broke into through a rough stretch­—the school had the National Football League. Dedrick eight straight losing seasons heading into Roper was the first Timberwolf to reach the the 1993 campaign. The school brought NFL, playing from 2004-2007 with three in a new, young head coach to guide the different teams. Later, Chris Wilson enjoyed program. Pat Riepma didn’t get off to a success in the league with the Washington great start as a head coach, as he went 16-34 Redskins. He initially joined Washington over his first five seasons. But in his last 10 in January of 2007 and remains with the seasons as head coach, he led Northwood team to this day. In all, a total of four to an entire new level of success. The team Timberwolves have signed professional There are enough great things that have went 74-34 in that stretch (.685), won three contracts with NFL teams (Dedrick Roper, happened over the years to fill many pages, GLIAC Championships (1999, 2000, 2004), Charleston Hughes, Kyle Clement, Chris but here are a few of the best moments of a reached the NCAA Playoffs four times (2000, Wilson). - Travis McCurdy great program. 2004, 2005, 2006) and won the first playoff game in school history (2000). Riepma was named the GLIAC Coach of the Year four times in his career.
  11. 11. NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 ALDEN B. DOW CENTER FOR CREATIVITY & Enterprise 9 www.northwood.eduNU’S ALDEN B. DOW Center for Creativity & EnterpriseLaunches Student Venture Incubator NU Venture Hatchery Companies Life in the Matrix - Robert Parker Entertainment recording, filming and productionIncubator you wonder? Well, it has nothing to do with baby birds. Instead, The NU (North-wood University) Venture Hatchery, a project of NU’s Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity &Enterprise, provides entrepreneurially minded students both physical and virtual space fortheir own incorporated businesses to grow.“We will pilot it on the Michigan campus and grow it to our other campuses from there,” Antimatter Technologies – Aaron Graceexplained Georgia Abbott, director of the NU Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity & Enterprise. Software development and applications for small businessesParticipants must go through a rigorous application process and often have been winnersof the Business Startup Pitch Competition or are DeVos scholars at the University.Students who are granted membership are provided with working space, virtual portalspace on the NU Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity & Enterprise (ABDCCE) website, andenjoy other helpful resources like alumni Entrepreneurs-in-Residence who offer students Glambition - Allison Gustafsonadvice, coaching, and assistance in advancing their student enterprises. In addition, they All natural skin careare allowed to sell their products and services and use their University network, sometimesas their first customers. This accelerates the venture’s launch and the learning that comesfrom common, early failures in startup.Regardless of major, all NU students can apply to be admitted to The NU Venture Hatchery. Cheesaholics - Patrick Schlenke,“Running an enterprise, no matter how small, provides our students with the experience of Jordan Turner, Shaun Rydzewski,entrepreneurship like no other,” stated Georgia Abbott, director of the Alden B. Dow Center Ryan Abrahamfor Creativity & Enterprise. “As the proverb goes, ‘You will learn more from things that hap- Gourmet grilled cheesepen to you in real life than you will from hearing about or studying things that happen toother people,’” she continued.For more information about the Hatchery, contact Georgia Abbott at: GrowSocial - Bryson Hotopp Sustainable Social Media for Non-Profits EXTREMEcoffee Extreme Coffee - Jeremy Klepal Coffee products
  12. 12. 10 DEVOS GRADUATE SCHOOL NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY New International Cohorts Demonstrate Value-Added Difference of a DeVos MBAImagine starting your work day, every day, in a three-hour meeting aware of the excellent opportunity they have to learn a great dealwith 29 people. This daily meeting would not be one where you about business and leadership from a global perspective.could just sit and listen, or multi-task on your smartphone, but rather,it would be a meeting in which all 29 of you were actively engaged Another current daytime cohort consisting of 36 eager and drivenin sorting out ideas and solving problems. It is easy to imagine the individuals is making great progress. In this group we have sevenwide range of challenges that you could face in navigating a conver- students from our partner universities in Asia and nine students whosation with so many people, considering all of the different person- are currently participating in Northwood University sports such asalities, motivations and backgrounds that would likely be present football, women’s basketball, track and field, and men’s the discussion. Now, imagine that these 29 people represented In this diverse environment these students collaborate, work on13 different countries, and although the discussions take place in cohort norms and processes, and learn from each other’s variousEnglish, there are many accents and challenges in understanding backgrounds.and being understood. The DeVos MBA program is designed around principles of active andThis is the learning community for a daytime MBA cohort that just applied learning, in which students read and study a wide range ofrecently began to study together. This particular daytime cohort is business topics, and then come together in daily class meetings toeven more unique as they can take advantage of examining how further their understanding through student-centered explorationbusiness concepts are relevant in many different countries that are and investigation, with the support of experienced faculty who haverepresented by students, including: China, Germany, Netherlands, relevant professional experiences from which to draw. All DeVos MBAThailand, Belgium, Italy, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Canada, Latvia and students benefit from a rich and diverse cohort makeup in terms ofParaguay. In spite of the challenges that they may have to overcome different life experiences, undergraduate majors, and personalitiesin communicating, the students in this Daytime MBA Cohort are very within the group. - Cathy Bush and Tracie Wood
  13. 13. In Memoriam: Christian Bechtel (1964-2012) NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 11Dr. Christian Bechtel passed away suddenly thispast October. The following is an excerpt fromDr. Lisa Fairbairn’s eulogy given at his memorial. Over the last several days I pondered what Christian would have included in his “Last Lecture.” “What lessons,” I wondered, “would he want to teach us as part of his legacy?” Then I came to the realization… he has, in effect, already given it. By virtue of the way he lived his life and approached his We cannot judge a biography by its length, work; in all that he said, did, and was, he left us life lessons Nor by the number of pages in it. that we can draw upon again and again: We must judge it by the richness of its contents. • Make sure you remember to put family first. Sometimes those unfinished are among the • Learn to maneuver the complexities of life to most poignant… always stay in a space of positive energy. • Always look for the good in people and in We cannot judge a song by its duration, difficult situations. Nor by the number of its notes. • Keep continuous improvement at the forefront in all that you do. We must judge it by the way it touches and lifts • And finally, I believe he would stress the our souls. importance of finding peace, not only in the Sometimes those unfinished are among the environment in which you work and live...but more importantly, strive to be at peace with yourself. most beautiful… These lessons are all the more apparent in the recollections And when something has enriched your life. of the countless people he touched. And when its melody lingers in your heart. Yes, he did in fact leave us a “Last Lecture” that we can Is it unfinished? draw upon for the rest of our we endeavor to serve others and fulfill our own role in this world as he Or is it endless? did. Though his time with us was far too short, his gifts will be never-ending. - Lisa Fairbairn I selected a passage from Victor Frankl that I think would make Christian smile because it captures the essence of who he was and what his legacy is all about.
  14. 14. 12 distinguished women NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY Northwood University continues its annual tradition of recognizing women for their enormous contribution to their respective communities. Herb Weitzman and his wife, Donna, who was awarded this honor in 2003, hosted a media event in September to announce the Class of 2012 Distinguished Women. This program was created 43 years ago by the Northwood University Board of Trustees. As with previous years, the Class of 2012 represents the values which Northwood espouses for its students: commitment to free enterprise, the partnership of arts and business, and the management of global commerce. Northwood University Distinguished The Distinguished Women’s Awards were Women Class of 2012 bestowed at a two-day celebration October 19 and 20. Highlights of the Celebration • Gail Ayers of Lawrence, Kansas Weekend included a Forum Luncheon • Gray Hawn of Austin, Texas on the Texas campus with previous Dis- • Donalyn Kling of Laguna, California tinguished Women honorees as panel speakers; the Texas Board of Governors • Charlene Lake of Dallas, Texas Mentoring Round Tables with students; an • Lynn McBee of Dallas, Texas “Eggs, Economics & the Election” breakfast • Cynthia Pasky of Detroit, Michigan session open to students and the local business and leadership community; and • Jocelyn Straus of San Antonio, Texas an evening gala where the 2012 Distin- • Kimberly Schlegel Whitman of Dallas, guished Women received their award in Texas the form of a unique bronze medallion and citation. These extraordinary women were nomi- nated for their success in business as well as Following the Celebration Weekend, the their commitment to improving the world 2012 honorees will join fellow Distin- through their volunteer and philanthropic guished Women from around the country, activities. who together form an important and meaningful part of the Northwood Uni- “Every year the class of Distinguished Women versity community through mentorship, is impressive on many levels, and this year internship, class presentation and provid- is no exception,” stated Dr. Kevin Fegan, ing scholarships. Northwood Texas President. “We are proud that our students have these outstanding The 2012-2013 Distinguished Women’s women as role models who inspire through Endowed Scholarships program provided their life experiences, their initiative, and scholarships for three students from NU’s their dedication to give back to the com- three residential campuses to achieve their munity.” higher education goals. The recipients are: Lisa Nguyen in Texas; Glenique Knowles in Florida; and Kaitlin Dault in Michigan. - Monica Hurtado
  15. 15. THANK YOU NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 13 ni and Friends, Dear Northwood Alum Northwood dedication and generosity to Thank you for your continued eloping to Northwood’s mission of dev Universit y. Your financial commitment appreciated and free enterprise society is greatly the future leaders of a global, uals to do the same: 375 new individ is one tha t continues to encourage others years. t year, 1,602 over the past two have joined your ranks this pas mni throughout are our over 41,000 active alu Among our many supporters ed upon a er, they share an education bas the U.S. and the world. Togeth dom, ordered on personal and economic free unique philosophy grounded creativity, and the rule of law. liberty, entrepreneurship and construction and scholarship endowments, new By supporting academic and ntifiable and al needs you are making a qua renovation, and core operation ts, including both current and future studen lasting difference in the lives of rthwood. have been able to enroll at No many who might not otherwise individuals and l and honored to recognize the We are extraordinarily gratefu have done made our success possible. We organizations whose patronage ord of this size this list but in compiling a rec our best to accurately present asionally occur. omissions and misspellings occ at 866-282-4182 tact the Advancement Office If we made an error, please con ly. so we can correct it according Sincerely, Arnold D’Ambrosio Advancement Vice President of University
  16. 16. 14 DONOR LISTING NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY Dorman Products, Inc. Children’s Healthcare Charity, Inc. Association FoundationPresident’s Society The Dow Chemical Company Carol D. Metz-Colestock ‘06 and The Herbert and Elsa Ponting Benefactors Fox Automotive Zane E. Colestock Foundation($25,000 and Above) The Gates Corporation Ms. Constance Bennett Coolidge [59] Gretchen and Keith Pretty Go-To Transport Inc. Dow Corning Corporation Roosters MGCAffinia Group Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Guirlinger John Eagle Saint Louis Auto Dealers [59] Dr. Lyttleton T. Harris IV Elmore Family Foundation AssociationRita and Rick Case Armin & Esther Hirsch Foundation Enterprise Rent-A-Car Serra Family FoundationCommunities Foundation of Texas [59] Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. ‘68 Huvaere Enterprise Holdings Ms. Mary Ellen SheetsMrs. Robert H. Dedman Mr. Mike Jackson [59] Dr. and Mrs. John J. Ferron Mrs. Gary L. Short, Sr.Mr. Robert Dedman, Jr. Seth N. Schupan Memorial Fund Dr. and Mrs. James M. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Smith[59] Mr. and Mrs. DeVere Dennings Mrs. June Knabusch-Taylor Genuine Parts Company Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. SolarThe Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Dr. and Mrs. Lance B. Lewis Great Lakes Intercollegiate Southland Motor Car Dealers Foundation Manheim Corporate Services Athletic Conference AssociationThe Richard & Helen DeVos The Robert & Janice McNair Mark Schienberg [59] Dr. Kristin Stehouwer and Dr. Foundation Foundation The F. P. Horak Company David Rausch[59] Daniel and Pamella DeVos Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McNair [59] Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Horak The Vecellio Family Foundation Inc. Foundation Michigan Vehicle Acceptance Joseph M. and Susan Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.[59] Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. ‘80 DeVos Corporation Revocable Trust Mr. Garry O. WhipkeyDr. and Mrs. Richard M. ‘81 DeVos, Jr. National Automobile Dealers [59] Mr. Jason Huvaere ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. DeVos Charitable Foundation International Society of Palm WilladsenThe Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow The National Collegiate Athletic Beach Inc. Chris Winters Foundation Association Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jenkins [59] Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. ZehnderMr. and Mrs. Brant F. ‘00 Farris National Independent Auto Jewish Communal FundDr. Bette L. Fisher and Dr. Arthur Dealers Association Foundation [59] Mr. Ryan J. Koch ‘09 J. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. N. Joe Owen Mrs. Carol D. Metz-Colestock ‘06Garber Automotive Keith H. or Janice L. Phelps Living Midland Area Community Mr. Richard J. Garber ‘78 Trust FoundationGeneral Parts International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. ‘94 Phelps Dr. Hermé de Wyman MiroMr. and Mrs. John J. Gettel, III PNC Foundation [59] Pamela J. ‘86 and Dr. Timothy G. [59] Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. ‘80 Grubb Margaret and Byron Pond ‘81 NashThe Zenon C.R. Hansen Reynolds & Reynolds New York State Automobile Foundation, Inc. Norma L. Riehl Trust Dealers Inc.[59] Dr. Marjorie McIntyre Hohman Mrs. Jim E. Riehl Oklahoma Gas and Electric and Dr. John A. Hohman Schupan & Sons, Inc. Foundation Inc.JM Family Enterprises, Inc. Serra Automotive Inc. Mr. Lyle OverbayCharles G. Koch Charitable Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Serra Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. ‘72 Paul, II Foundation [59] Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. ‘89 Short, Jr. Pennsylvania Automotive Lear Corporation Standard Motor Products, Inc.B. D. & Jane E. McIntyre Bill Perkins Automotive Group, Foundation Merollis Chevrolet and Taylor Jeannette C. McIntyre and Chevrolet Frederick (Lash) McIntyre Toyota Dealer Match ProgramCharitable Foundation Trust Vanguard Charitable Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McIntyre, III ProgramMr. Gerald Lee Mullinax ‘82 [59] Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. WilliamsThe Murch Foundation [59] Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. ‘05 & ‘06 Patricia L. Naegele Living Trust Wilson, MBA[59] Dr. Patricia L. Naegele[59] Mr. Ryan Miles Roscia ‘07 President’s SocietyDr. and Mrs. Robert E. ‘82 Rossiter, Jr.Marc and Jeanne Schupan AssociatesAnn C. and C. Hamilton Sloan ($5,000 - $9,999.99) FoundationDr. and Mrs. C. Hamilton Sloan The Adirondack Trust CompanyMargaret Chase Smith Foundation Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Inc.Jamie R. ‘90 and James D. ‘90 Dr. and Mrs. Lambert E. Althaver Turnbull The Atlas Economic Research University of the Aftermarket Foundation Foundation Automotive Aftermarket Industry Dr. Nina G. Vaca and Mr. James Association Humrichouse Ambassador Barbara and Dr. Craig BarrettPresident’s Society Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corp.Partner’s Mr. and Mrs. John F. Braganini($10,000 - $24,999.99) [59] Mr. Nicholas J. Busscher ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. Colin F. ‘68 CampbellAuto Dealers United For Kids Rick Case Automotive GroupAutoNation Inc. Chicago Automobile Trade The Charles M. Bauervic Association Foundation Inc. The Chicago Community Chemical Bank Foundation
  17. 17. NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 15President’s Society Mr. F. William Vandiver Mr. and Mrs. John B. Finn Motor Dealers’ Association of Sponsors VIPAR Heavy Duty, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fisher Alberta($2,500 - $4,999.99) Washington Area New Fox Motors Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. ‘83 Automobile Dealers Association Howell and Leanne Forman, III MullinaxAutobuilders General Contracting Wells Manufacturing Company Mr. Marc Bayuk Franklin National Christian Foundation Services, Inc. Mr. David G. Zick Garber Management Group South FloridaAutomatic Data Processing Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. ‘92 National Management Resources Automotive Parts Associates, Inc. Freedom Society Gaunce CorporationAuto-Owners Insurance ($1,000 - $2,499.99) General RV Center Inc. New Car Dealers Association San Irene J. Beshgetoor Georgia Automobile Dealers Diego CountyDr. Peter Blum Mr. Gregory M. Adamczyk ‘08 Association North Brothers Ford Inc.Mr. and Mrs. John Bouma, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Allesee Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation Northwestern Mutual FoundationMr. and Mrs. Richard R. Boundy Ally Volunteer Match Program Lisa J. Gerstacker ‘79 and Sean F. Sue A. ‘02 and Warren C. NowickiBrandle Roofing & Sheet Metal The American Council of Frame Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. NugentMr. Geoffrey R. Brandle and Alignment Specialists Mr. Christopher H. Graff Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brandle Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Grand Blanc Mercedes Benz, AssociationThe Breakers Palm Beach Fiat BMW, Toyota, Sprinter Orange County Automobile Coral Ridge Woman’s Club Inc. Dr. and Mrs. James J. Arrigo Greater Charlotte Automobile Dealers AssociationMr. Robert Corona Kayte Aspray Dealers Inc. Mr. Arnold D. PalmerJack Demmer Automotive Group ATI Group H.I.H. Inc. Parke, Guptill & Company, LLPMr. and Mrs. John E. Demmer Austin Inc. Mr. Michael D. Harris ‘91 [59] Dr. and Mrs. William A. ‘00 ParlbergDetroit Auto Dealers Association Automobile Dealers Association Henderson Foundation Pepsi Beverages Co.Fabiano Brothers Inc. of Greater Philadelphia Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hersh The Pepsi Bottling Group Inc.Mr. and Mrs. James C. Fabiano, II The Automobile Dealers Mr. Thomas B. Hines PGA National Resort & SpaFederal-Mogul Corporation Educational Assistance Auto Vehicle Parts Co./The Homan Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. PopoffFisher Contracting Company Foundation Inc. Foundation Professional Pension & Benefit Ford Motor Company Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baidas Houston Automobile Dealers Services, Inc.Dr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Fullinwider Bank of America N.A. Association Mr. and Mrs. M. Andersen RappMr. and Mrs. Michael R. Gambrell Dr. Nancy L. Barker and Dr. R. Ideal Lending Solutions, Inc. Sheriff John S. Reder (Ret.)Mr. Louis W. Garl, CLU CHFC William Barker Illinois Automobile Dealers Ms. Patricia Rhodes-ProwseGeorgescu Family Foundation [59] Kimberly A. ‘09 and Dr. William K. Association Mr. and Mrs. James E. ‘77 Riehl, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Andy Gonta Bateman Impact SGW LLC Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. RiepmaKaren E. Burke, M.D., Ph.D. Mr. Robert L. Bedell John R. Moritz & Company Mr. and Mrs. Carey T. ‘80 RileyMr. Malcolm C. Graham Mr. and Mrs. William O. ‘84 Jupiter Medical Center Mr. Donald E. RobinsonGrand Rapids New Car Dealers Blakemore, III Larry and Kathy Klonowski San Antonio Auto Dealers Association Bordeaux Company LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. ‘97 Knight, Jr. AssociationGreat Lakes Marketing Services Inc. Mr. Brandon Bordeaux ‘01 LaFontaine Automotive Group Mr. Mark ScarpatoMr. and Mrs. William D. Grote, III The Breidegam Family Foundation Lake Painting Inc. [59] Mr. Donald R. SchappacherMr. Robert O. Harris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. DeLight E. Lexus Western Area Schaumans Inc.Marcia Leslie Haywood Breidegam, Jr. Fred Loya Insurance Dr. Kathleen SchmatzHolman Automotive Group, Inc. Mr. Brandon W. Burrows Mr. Fred Loya Mr. Jonathan R. ‘01 SeevaratnamISHA Hospitality Dr. Catherine R. Bush and Mr. Ms. Wilma L. Lusardi Craig Smith Auto GroupJPMorgan Chase Mark E. Bush Maine Automobile Dealers Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. ‘81 SmithMrs. Petra Levin BW-Midland LLC Association Inc. SodexoMr. Stephen A. Levin Mrs. Robert D. Camp Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Malcheski Mr. Jeffrey T. Stauffer ‘76LTM Incorporated Mrs. Jill M. Carr, C.P.A. ‘89 Ebony M. ‘02 and Joel C. ‘02 Dr. Willa M. StaufferMr. and Mrs. Larry T. ‘80 McKnight Cauley Ferrari Manthei Dr. and Mrs. William S. Mr. Donald W. McMurtrey Central Maine Motors Auto Group Mr. Herman P. Markell StavropoulosMr. Jon E. McMurtrey Dr. Mary E. Church [59] Mr. Justin W. Marshall ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. W. Karl StephanThe Bertha E. R. Strosacker Comerica Bank Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. ‘68 Martonosi Mr. and Mrs. Graham E. Taylor Memorial Presbyterian Church Mr. David M. Conant McArdle Buick GMC Cadillac Texas Automobile Dealers Meritor Inc. Mr. William E. Curran Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. ‘81 McBrien AssociationRob, Megan, Jeff and Pattijo Charles J. Daly Trust McCreadie Sales Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. ‘86 Tierney Wilson Mrs. Terry A. Daly Mr. and Mrs. David McDavid Toyota Motor Credit CorporationMissouri Automobile Dealers Delaware North Companies Mr. and Mrs. John W. McGowan Tyco Electronics Association Sportservice, Inc. Ms. Kimberly J. McWaters United Way of Midland CountyMr. Thomas F. O’Hare Deloitte & Touche LLP Mrs. Carolyn S. Meakem Suzanne ‘08 and Michael C. ‘86 Mr. L. Glenn Orr, Jr. The Herbert and Junia Doan Members First Credit Union VezinaMr. Fred J. Pisciotta Foundation Metro Detroit Chevrolet Dealers Virginia Automobile Dealers Mrs. Mark Sheldon Putnam Dr. Junia Doan Local Marketing Association AssociationDr. Margaret Ann Riecker Wally Edgar Chevrolet-Chevy Michigan Automobile Dealers Washington State Auto Dealers Mr. Chris J. Rufer Truck Association AssociationMs. D’Andra C. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. ‘85 Edgar Michigan Automotive Parts Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. ‘03 WatsonSuburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Mr. Wilson D. Enriquez ‘02 Association Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Whitehurst Ram of Troy Exchange Club of Midland Michigan Sugar Company Mr. Greg WildMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Sullivan [59] Dr. Lisa P. Fairbairn and Mr. Paul C. The Jack Miller Center Wild’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.Mr. John Symes Fairbairn Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. WilliamsJohn and Kay Taylor [59] Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. ‘72 Michael and Debra Miller Mr. and Mrs. Neal L. Williams, Sr.Thelen Mazda-Volkswagen- Fairchild Mr. and Mrs. David J. ‘72 Mr. David H. Wilson, Jr. ‘08 Subaru-Audi Fairview Inn and Suites Moeggenberg Dave Wright Nissan SubaruToyota Los Angeles Region Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Favor, Jr. Mr. Kim E. Molin ‘77 Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. ‘86 YankeValley Plaza Resort Feeny Chrysler Dodge of Midland Inc. Mr. John Mosunic Yeo & Yeo, P.C.
  18. 18. 16 DONOR LISTING NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITYThe Jerrod Allen Young Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Trace D. ‘78 Blakely [59] Claudia ‘73 and David Fry Ms. Lesli A. Marowelli Fund Mr. Thomas H. Brown, Jr. Mr. James W. Garvey Melissa L. ‘02 and Jason M. ‘02 Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth Inc. Mrs. Rita D. Bushi Giddings Auto Credit Martin Mr. Robert Gerald Cabello Graff Truck Centers Inc. Maryland ElectricLiberty Society California New Car Dealers The Great Lakes Loons Mr. Lonnie L. Maxwell-Cook ‘99($500 - $999.99) Association John E. Green Company Ben R. Mayne III M.D. Carey Agency LLC Mr. Lawrence M. Green Mrs. Thomas McArdle3 P’s Land Company, L.L.C. Mr. Patrick Carey Mr. Richard S. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McArdle, Jr.AADA Services Inc. Central Michigan Motorsports, LLC Stephanie ‘09 and Adam A. ‘98 Midland Brewing Co., LLCMr. and Mrs. Jack S. Allday Mrs. Elizabeth Chappell Guerrero MidMichigan HealthMr. John B. Allen ‘75 Barbara S. ‘02 & ‘08 and Donald Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mishler, Jr.Rhonda C. ‘98 and Bradley J. ‘88 Christensen Mr. Hersey H. Hall Mrs. Tina M. Moak Anderson CLY-Del Mfg., Co. Mr. Lake A. Hamilton ‘01 & ‘02 Dr. and Mrs. Terence F. MooreArizona Automobile Dealers Colorado Automobile Dealers Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hardy, CLU Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard ‘81 Morris Association Services Inc. Association CHFC ‘90 Mr. William E. Mulvihill, Jr. ‘79Mr. Grant E. Baidas ‘10 Comerica Bank Robin S. ‘71 and David R. ‘71 Mr. David H. MurdochMs. Lee Bailey Comerica Wealth & Institutional Hartman Navistar, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. ‘86 Bailey Management Mr. John S. Hayde Nevada Franchised Auto Dealers The Bank of America Foundation Community Foundation for Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. ‘86 Hebner Association, Inc.Ms. Colleen C. Barrett Southeast Michigan Highland Avenue Family Mr. Donald E. NickelsonMr. and Mrs. James M. Batt Mrs. Chris R. Condon Dentistry LLC Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. OakleyBavarian Motor Village Limited Ms. Edna Cornforth Fritz Hitchcock Alan and Jean OttBe A Leader Coaching LLC Creek Enterprise Mr. Douglas Hoffman Mrs. Elmyra P. PardueBella Bellas Custom Heating & Plumbing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holzer, Jr. Mr. Steven L. Parise ‘88Marlo T. ‘95 and Jason R. ‘95 Damon’s Grill Imprimis Group Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Parr Bendon Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. D’Avanzo Mr. Scott J. Jenneman ‘96 Ms. Christina S. PashbySusan D. ‘88 and John J. Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Davis Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Jonker, Jr. Vilma I. ‘95 and Kevin J. Petrovsky Benedejcic Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Greg J. Jozwiak Prohealth Rehabilitation P.L.L.C.Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Bennett Dellenbach Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kepler, II Suzanne M. ‘04 Morse-Rodgers Bierlein Companies Foundation Mr. Branton E. Dennis, III KIA Motors America Inc. and Paul L. ‘03 RodgersMr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bierlein Drakeview Dental Center, P.C. Mr. Myron E. Kimball Mr. R. Blake Rogers ‘83Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. ‘87 Bissell Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruce Ducker Mr. Alex Kissal Saleen Performance Vehicles Eastern Michigan Kenworth Mr. Donald L. Kohlbeck Mr. William J. Sebald Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Elliott Mr. Daniel Labrecque Serra Toyota-Scion President Tom Emmerich Mr. Steve M. Landaal ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. ‘79 Serra F.E.D. Corporation Letherer Truss and Wall Systems Inc. Showcase Mitsubishi Ms. Stephanie A. Fenskie Lexus/GPJ Skiers Pier Mr. Thomas Fessenden Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Licht Mr. and Mrs. J. Parkhill Smith Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Lindy’s Sales Inc. [59] Dr. Maureen L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fiscelli Lingenfelter Performance Ms. Tiffany J. Smith Ford Engineering Snow Machines, Incorporated Fox Acura Lumbermen’s Incorporated Ms. Karen C. Socia Fox Valley Volkswagon Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Lyons John & Mary Franco Family Scott MacGregor State Farm Foundation Inc. Gail L. ‘02 and John M. Maday Ms. Valerie Freeman Mr. Daniel B. French ‘72
  19. 19. NORTHWOOD IDEA • FALL 2012 17Mr. Michael D. Solomich ‘10 Mr. Nicholas J. Castanos Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. ‘82 Keenan REG Architects Inc.South Carolina Automobile Pamela L. ‘02 and Peter Christie Mr. Patrick J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. ‘02 Reid Dealers Association Kelly S. ‘82 and John E. Church Mr. Dennis M. Kimble Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. RhinehartMr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Stiffler Ms. Janet L. Collins [59] Mr. Jack King ‘74 Dr. David L. Richards, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Sullivan Mr. Donald B. Crawford Mrs. Marla J. King Susan M. ‘95 and Randel RidgwayMr. Richard K. Susan, Jr. Mr. Brian D. Cruickshank ‘11 Ms. Jolene M. Kirsch ‘09 Mr. Richard RiemannMr. and Mrs. William D. Swan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Eric Curtis Mr. James Kovacs ‘01 Riley Chevrolet Cadillac Inc.The Tancor Corporation Mr. Kenneth M. Czubay Labadie Auto Company Riley Toyota ScionMrs. Allison D. Tardonia Dawn A. ‘04 Musgrave-Demarest The Landing, LLC Dr. Patricia A. RileyTechnical Hot & Cold and Gregory S. ‘09 Demarest Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Lanza Mr. Lawrence RipakThelen Auto Group Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Dennings Mr. Mitchell Lipon Edward and Elyse RogersTobacco Shoppe Nina Derda Letty Goodman Lutzker, MD Mrs. David L. RookeToyota Motor Sales USA Inc. Jaron Deshazor Mark E. Hardy & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. SandlerTri-County Equipment-Sandusky Karen A. ‘78 and Steve J. ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. David F. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. David W. ‘82Trinity Church of Cedar Hill Detjen Mr. Kelvin L. Martin ‘02 Schaeffer, C.P.A.TRW Automotive Diocesan & Trinity Publications Mr. Mark A. Martin Ms. Robyn M. SchneiderTwo Men and a Truck Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. ‘80 Dougher Bonnie R. ‘85 and Warren E. ‘07 Annette S. ‘82 and Robert E.International, Inc. Mrs. Grace L. Dubie-Phillips Mault SchunterMr. Manuel T. Valdez Brenda ‘71 and Dana J. ‘98 Dunbar Mr. J. L. Maxwell, Jr. Penelope P. Scott, MDDr. Laura Vosejpka and Mr. Paul Stephen E. Durance, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Ross W. Maxwell Sid’s Party Store Vosejpka John Eagle European, LLC Ms. Suzi M. McCreery ‘95 Sarah L. ‘04 and Jordan D. ‘03Walker, Fluke & Sheldon, PLC Mr. Alan S. Epstein Shannon L. ‘93 and W. Scott SolowiejMr. Anthony C. Wallerich ‘86 ExxonMobil Foundation McGregor Mrs. Sheri L. Somerville ‘98Mr. Floyd E. Walsworth Fales Accounting & Tax Service Inc. Mrs. William McGuire Stanford LP Gas Inc.Mr. Thomas Walton Dr. and Mrs. Tom Feltenstein Janet M. ‘04 and Martin W. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. StedmanWest Virginia Automobile & Truck Mr. Colin M. Flannery ‘00 McGuire Steenblik Dairy, Inc. Dealers Association Mr. Christopher J. Fluke Merriman Associates/Architects, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Albert SteenblikMr. Kenneth F. West Fostoria Grocery II Mr. Nicholas J. Messing Stacey M. ‘07 and Brendan A. ‘07Dr. John Whitecar, Jr. Mr. Steven L. Fox Mr. Mark W. Messner StephensonWieland Sales Inc. Ms. Kay Cee Fracassa Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Doak R. StolzWilliams & Co., LLC Frameable Faces Photography Midland Ford-Lincoln-Mercury Mrs. Jan Dedrie StrimpleMr. Stephen & Mrs. Dena Wirt Fras - Le Midland Wine and Spirits, Inc. Suburban of Sterling HeightsMrs. Elizabeth Wiskemann Mr. Mark R. Freed Miss Carol L. Miller Dr. Joan H. SwalwellTracie J. ‘05 and Justin Wood Mr. Bryan D. Fuller ‘08 Mr. and Ms. Jack Miller Mr. Dave R. Szyperski ‘08Ms. Patricia D. Wright Dr. Henry Gilchrist Mr. Ryan H. Miller ‘08 Tennis & Golf CompanyYMCA of South Palm Beach Dr. and Mrs. Henry Gilchrist Mr. William W. Mitchell Mr. Ronald F. Terlizzi ‘69 County Inc. Glovers Rexall Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. ‘61 The Frankenmuth Jaycees WorldMr. and Mrs. John O. Young Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Goethe Mlynarski Expo of BeerDr. Jeffrey Zipper Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gonzalez Mr. Anthony M. Moller The Rapid Employees Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gorte Ms. Virginia Lenze Moretto Ms. Tammy Thompson Grand Hotel Deborah G. ‘87 and Timothy D. ‘88 Martha Tiller & CompanyIndependence Grand Traverse Resort & Spa Moshier Mr. and Mrs. David TillerSociety Greater Houston Community Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Moultine Mrs. Martha Rusell Tiller($250 - $499.99) Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. ‘69 Timbercrest Horse Farm Inc. Elizabeth A. ‘04 and John J. ‘02 Murdoch Leslie A. ‘93 and Daniel F. TolandAIG Gresehover National Pronto Association Top Dog LLCThe Amazing Deli Mr. and Mrs. Stelian Grigoras Dr. Terry Neese and Mr. Earl N. The Townsend HotelAmerican Expedition Vehicles Ms. Julie M. Grimes Neese Mr. Charles P. TrapaniMr. and Mrs. Michael G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Neil F. ‘71 Haack Cristine L. ‘72 and Robert L. Virginia R. Baumgartner ‘ 95 andMr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Anguiano Mr. Daniel J. Haggart ‘86 Nichols Michael D. TuttleMs. Carrie L. Appold ‘84 Hantz Group Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Howard I.Michelle A. ‘88 and Michael W. ‘89 Dr. John R. Hantz ‘84 Nimergood Ungerleider Bardzil Ms. Elizabeth A. Hardwick ‘02 Normany Chiropractic Clinic Ms. Linda Fox VallelyMs. Barbara N. Baur Mr. Michael G. Hedge North Side Deli Mr. and Mrs. David Van ElslanderBayshore Enterprises & Associates Mr. Thomas B. Henstock Northtown Collision Inc. Mr. Merle Wait LLC Mr. Darin S. Hibbs Charles Noyes, Jr., MD Mr. Paul J. Waling ‘04Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bernethy Mr. F. H. Hollenberg Ms. Yvette T. Oard ‘99 Walters Elkland ChevroletBlazzen Construction, Inc. Mr. Rodney Holloman O’Donnell’s Earthworks Mr. Richard H. WarmanKathryn ‘96 and Byron L. Bolton Mr. James H. Howe, III Onesole Mr. Sam D. Watson ‘10Dr. Howard E. Borck Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Howell Otsego Club Mr. Timothy R. WebberBoychuck Insurance Agency Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hulbert Ms. Cheryl J. Overbay Mr. and Mrs. Glenn WegnerMr. Turner M. Bratton [59] Dr. and Mrs. James O. Hutcheson Plante & Moran PLLC West View Plaza LLCBriggs Contracting Inc. IACI LTD Mrs. Peggy M. WilsonMs. Mary Denise Brockman Kimberly K. ‘86 and Douglas A. ‘85 Pork Barrel BBQ Mr. Robert G. Wisler ‘09Laura J. ‘11 and Ronald Browne Indovina Mr. Timothy L. Prokop Woodward Auto Sales & ServiceMrs. Virginia R. Bumgardner, MS, Institute for Economic Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd D. Young RN ‘96 Empowerment of Women Provenzano Ms. Michele ZabawaMr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Camp, Sr. Dr. Joseph W. Jackson, DDS Puget Sound Automobile Dealers Mr. Doug J. Ziegenbein ‘88Cantoro’s Italian Market Mrs. Thomas B. Jolliffe ‘04 AssociationCaravan/Knight Facilities JW Marriott Grand Rapids Mr. Christopher R. Putnam ‘05 Management, LLC Ms. Christine Kaliszuk Quality Truck & Auto AccessoriesCarQuest Auto Parts Mr. Nicholas G. Kallas ‘04 Ms. Mamiko Reeves