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Agile iiba-meetup 30.11.2011


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Agile iiba-meetup 30.11.2011

  1. 1. WORKING WITHREQUIREMENTS Agile way Linda Vītuma Sanda Linde
  2. 2. Who are we?Linda Vītuma 12 years in IT industry Pretend to be “early adapter” My passions: information system “go-live”, problem solving and change managementSanda Linde 16 years in IT industry Proud to be “early majority” My passions: quality, quality, quality
  3. 3. Analysis phaseIn parallel with development
  4. 4. Requirement estimates Planning poker
  5. 5. Requirements vs. User stories ProjectWiki
  6. 6. Detailed user stories Specification. Testcase. User guide.
  7. 7. Business process for user stories Media Wiki
  8. 8. User story review with clientSystem Requirement Specification: MediaWiki vs Word
  9. 9. Development phase In parallel with analysis
  10. 10. Priorities from customer Requirement interdependence analysis
  11. 11. How much time to finish? Instead of how much has been spent.
  12. 12. Project guidelinesWe respond to changes but respect initial estimatesWe are open to new requirements but we haveliabilities to existent requirementsRequirements are for system but user stories are forpeopleRequirements give us ideas for implementation butuser stories tell us about business problem to besolved
  13. 13. Looking in the futureAnalysis phasedeliverables in wordformat :(Development phasedeliverables in CD ?Project end deliverablesin MediaWiki(maybe) ;)
  14. 14. All is oneSpecification, design description, testdocumentation, user guides = wiki
  15. 15. That’s all.Thank you for attention!
  16. 16. ReferencesAgile Manifesto: poker: stories: