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What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Own Pet Business


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Thinking about starting your own pet business? The pet industry is changing and there are a couple of things you need to know before you get started.

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What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Own Pet Business

  1. 1. What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Own Pet Business
  2. 2. There’s Never Been a Better time to Start a Pet Business than Right Now
  3. 3. the pet industry is currently a $58B+ industry, with over 45% of households owning a cat and over 56% owning a dog. $58B +
  4. 4. the Baby Boomers = the Original Pet Parents and their love for their pets is the main reason for the market growth to date
  5. 5. But there are major Changes ahead
  6. 6. As Baby Boomers are growing older, and take on fewer pets because of smaller income, health issues and smaller homes - their spending pattern will change significantly.
  7. 7. Introducing the New Generation of pet parents
  8. 8. The Gen X and Millennials, are a completely different kettle of fish, and they have very different lifestyles and purchasing habits than the Baby Boomer generation.
  9. 9. They lead busy lives, and are less likely than the older generation to stay loyal to one specific brand.
  10. 10. The Gen X and Millennials grew up with the Internet and they know how to research every purchase. They expect products, services, as well as marketing for themselves and their pets to keep a very high standard.
  11. 11. For them - A dog groomer is perceived as a doggie spa
  12. 12. And a dogwalker is a fur baby nanny
  13. 13. And they expect their marketing to be top-notch
  14. 14. "If you can't even be bothered to set up a good website - how do I know you'll be looking after my pets?" Source: interview with Gen X pet parent
  15. 15. To learn more about Gen X, Millennials and how to market your brand new pet biz to them, click here.