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  1. 1. Professional Portfolio Linda Kim FIDM Graduate Winter 2016
  2. 2. Who is ? Visual Merchandiser Sneaker Lover Explorer Food Connoisseur Linda Kim
  3. 3. Table of contents  Math & Buying  Marketing  Merchandising  Management able of ContentsT
  4. 4. ath & uyingM B
  5. 5. ath & uyingM B
  6. 6. arketingM
  7. 7. Contact: Linda Kim Cell Phone: (617) 763-9366 Email: HOOD2HOLLYWOOD Announces an All Women’s Basketball Tournament Women’s sneaker and lifestyle boutique forms a community. LOS ANGELES, CA – (March 04, 2016) – HOOD2HOLLYWOOD, a pop up shop in LA’s Arts District specializing in women’s sneakers, is excited to announce an all women’s basketball tournament. The games will be held every Wednesday at the shop’s basketball court. Women finally get to come together to shop and play, getting a fashionable and fit experience. Starting in April, eight teams of three will compete for a grand prize. The games are open and free to the public. However, to participate players must sign up a week in advance. Visitors are also encouraged to watch. The pop up shop first started off as an all-women’s streetwear retailer specializing in sneakers and athleisure apparel. Combining basketball and streetwear brings a community together where they can influence one another. “Women should have a place where they can hang out, shop, and stay active. We crave to be inspired and challenged by other strong females,” said Linda Kim, the founder of HOOD2HOLLYWOOD. “Growing up in the projects, that’s all we did. We played basketball day and night. It was a way for our community to come together. I wanted to develop a home for us ladies to just be ourselves. Gyms are boring and can sometimes be intimidating. Playing basketball not only gives you a good workout, but it teaches you teamwork and hard work. HOOD2HOLLYWOOD is a lifestyle community that is inspired by the hard knocks. If you’re down, meet us at 252 Santa Fe, every Wednesday.” An official all girl’s club, HOOD2HOLLYWOOD is the where you can find premium sneakers, functional clothing, women playing basketball, and a cool laid back atmosphere. Merchandise is available for purchase online at, which is also the site for weekly tournament sign up list. To further support HOOD2HOLLYWOOD and to celebrate women’s basketball, 10% of all sales will be donated to local schools to support our future female athletes. For more information about the basketball tournaments or how you can donate, visit arketingM
  8. 8. erchandisingM
  9. 9. erchandisingM
  10. 10.  Welcome Letter & Introduction to the business  Organizational Chart which also includes Job Descriptions and Daily Responsibilities  Customer Service Promise and Loyalty Programs  Inventory Management  Recruiting, Hiring, Retention, Training uisness anagementMB Site Management and Operations is a course that delves you deep into the company structure. Our final project was to develop a whole new Employee Handbook.
  11. 11. uisness anagementB M Also in Site Operations, we learned how to develop a work schedule based on the employees’ performance to meet our sales plan.
  12. 12. ontact nfoC I Linda Kim (617)763–9366
  13. 13. Thank you for your time and consideration! I look forward to hearing from you about any potential employment opportunity!