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Leading for our future 05 may2015-njodlc-asd


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In this increasingly complex and uncertain world, companies must develop leaders who inspire and engage people to run a thriving business sustainably. This interactive session will provide OD and HR professionals, whether internal practitioners or external OD consultants, with a better understanding of the imperative for leaders to mainstream sustainability into their enterprises.

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Leading for our future 05 may2015-njodlc-asd

  1. 1. Leading for Our Future People, Profit, Planet - and Purpose... A Real World Perspective May 5, 2016 Annual Sharing Day Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D. CEO Transitioning to Green Linda Morris Kelley Principal, Transitioning to Green Robert Coleman Senior Manager, Office of Sustainable Development & Product Stewardship at Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Lauren Cranmer, Corporate Sustainability Manager with Becton Dickinson (BD)
  2. 2. Welcome Briefly introduce yourself at your table • Your Name • Your Affiliation 2
  3. 3. Leading for Our Future People, Profit, Planet - and Purpose... A Real World Perspective  Benefits and challenges  Producing profit within the resource boundaries  Leadership purpose, mindfulness, reflection and presence  Experiential learning via GlobStrat Strategic Business Simulation  Corporate leaders’ experiences 3
  4. 4. Leading for Our Future A Leader’s Perspective on Working Sustainably People, Profit, Planet Sustainable • PLANET: We live and make our living within the means of Earth’s natural resources, replenishing what we use • PROFIT: We use resources efficiently and responsibly to create an economy that serves the greater good and businesses that consistently produce profits with high-value goods and services • PEOPLE: We, individually and collectively, achieve prosperity and fulfillment by responsibly and inclusively creating real benefits for ourselves, our societies and our world Unsustainable • PLANET: We continually waste and deplete Earth’s natural resources • PROFIT: We squander our resources—both material and human—extracting but not regenerating capacity and value, and concentrate rewards at the top • PEOPLE: We institutionalize practices that perpetuate inequality in compensation, well-being, and access to opportunities, thereby limiting our future creation of value 4
  5. 5. Leading for Our Future: A Leader’s Challenge Transition to Working Sustainably SustainableUnsustainable 5 PROFIT PEOPLE PLANET PROFIT PEOPLE PLANET Leadership
  6. 6. Essential Elements of a Culture for Sustainability • Sustainable Values • Sustainable Mind-Set • Leadership for sustainability • Visionary • Employee engagement • Multi-disciplinary • Diversity, inclusion, social justice • Wisdom
  7. 7. Essential Elements of a Culture for Sustainability • Sustainable Values; sees organization in context of community, society, and earth • Sustainable Mind-Set; systems thinking • Leadership for sustainability; leads with purpose and authenticity • Visionary: Envisions the future we want to create • Employee engagement; builds agility and resiliency; engages imagination; fun • Multi-disciplinary; Embeds sustainability throughout learning and development • Diversity, inclusion, social justice; deep caring for all people • Wisdom: emotional, social, and ecological intelligence
  8. 8. Leading for Our Future People, Profit, Planet - and Purpose... A Real World, Sustainability Perspective Systems thinking Intergenerational responsibility Socio-economic justice Enough … … for all … … forever. Ecological Intelligence Economic Intelligence Emotional Intelligence+ +
  9. 9. Context: Sustainable Business = Profitable Business Produce profit within the resource boundaries of a sustaining planet • Optimizing overall value for the business • Reducing risk exposure • Reducing waste, energy use, and expenses simultaneously • Unleashing employees for engaged productivity • Increasing sustainable competitiveness and profitability • Elevating your reputation Sustainability supports your company’s business by:
  10. 10. Leaders Drive Change for a Sustainable Future There is a new reality emerging in which sustainability is not only a key concern but also a pivotal driver that is essential to your company’s future. Sustainability Leaders: • Envision a compelling future • Architect bridges to transition company business sustainably • Embody a supportive company culture • Build relationships that achieve goals • Inspire and engage key stakeholders • Anticipate sustainability opportunities Leadership purpose, mindfulness, reflection and presence are critical to succeeding sustainably
  11. 11. Experiential Learning Games Speed and Deepen Leadership Capabilities 11 GlobStrat Triple Bottom Line Strategic Business Simulation
  12. 12. Simulation Exercise A Scenario 1. What you know about your new company: a. Successfully produces a basic computer tablet b. Sells primarily in company’s domestic market c. interested in being more sustainable d. Innovative competition is forcing reassessment of business model e. (Read A Scenario handout) 2. Table discussion:  Where will you start? How will you start? And why? 3. Tables report out to group 12 You have just been hired by GlobStrat Technologies as a new Vice President.
  13. 13. Sustainability-Based Leadership Culture Drives Business Success
  14. 14. Sustainability: Strategic Business Imperative A Leadership Perspective • Sustainability and operational excellence – People • Diversity and inclusion • Learning and fulfilment • Appreciation and engagement – Technologies and materials • Low environmental impact • High beneficial impact – Value chain • Responsible management • Raising the bar • Sustainability and market excellence – Continuing profitability – Industry leadership • Sustainability and the creation of value – Talent acquisition and retention – Stock and share value – Contributions to well-being and prosperity 14
  15. 15. Interacting Functions Sales, Marketing, Finance, Production, R & D and HR
  16. 16. Develop Your Business Model Volume-Cost Domination Differentiation Quality & ISO certifications Service Coverage Differentiate from competitors Create real value Build actual, sustainable competitive advantage Source: Michael Porter
  17. 17. Team by Team Triple-Bottom-Line Results
  18. 18. QUESTIONS? 18
  19. 19. The experiences of two corporate leaders who brought what they learned about leadership for sustainability into their companies 19 Bob Coleman Lauren Cranmer
  20. 20. A Perspective on Leadership For Building a Sustainable Enterprise
  21. 21. 21 1. What is a Sustainable Enterprise? 2. Is Sustainability a Strategic Business Imperative? 3. What are its Key Elements? 4. WHAT IS LEADERSHIP’S ROLE? Some Key Questions
  22. 22. 22 Leadership’s Role • You must first understand your business, and the risks, opportunities and value to all stakeholders • Act on the opportunities; quantify the risks and value; convert risks to opportunities • Communicate risks, opportunities and value to all stakeholders • Continually assess and realign plans
  23. 23. 23 Program Learnings • Integrating TBL is part mindset and part investment, but the return can be significant • Spending on sustainability can help deliver top and bottom line benefits • Build your sustainability plan upfront to establish the fit and foundation--TBL is not a fast follow • You need to balance informed decision- making with risk-taking
  24. 24. QUESTIONS? 24
  25. 25. 25 Envision the Future • Changing world • Systems Thinking • Trends • Globalization • Economy • Regulatory • Technology • Customer needs • Business model changes • Developing capability to lead change • Kotter 8 step framework
  26. 26. 26 Leadership in a changing time… • Leadership Behaviors • Communication • IQ/EQ • Listening • Inspiring – talk their language • Healthy debate/problem solving • Enabling others to act • Leadership is the act of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it • Millennials • Social Networking
  27. 27. 27 You don’t need a title to be a leader • Passion/Hard work • Build Understanding & • Relationships • Metrics and data • GlobStrat – • Viewpoints of all major corporate functions (WIIFM: sales, mktg, R&D, Ops, HR, Finance) • When and how does it make sense to invest in sustainability/CSR • Tools to help quantify lifecycle benefits? Without data you’re just another person with an opinion
  28. 28. 28 What are your CEOs saying? • We believe the long-term success of Whirlpool is tied in part to the health and well-being of society in general – Jeff Fettig, CEO of Whirlpool • …Public companies can move the collective needle by using their human and financial resources to innovate in ways that benefit both private interests and the public good – Ronald Williams, CEO of Aetna • In the next decade, the most successful companies will be those that integrate sustainability into their core businesses – Jim Owens, CEO Caterpillar • It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it – Warren Buffet
  29. 29. QUESTIONS? 29
  30. 30. Company Conundrums in Addressing Sustainability-Related Challenges People-Related Challenges  Changing Mind-Sets and Behavior  Filling the Pipeline from STEM Disciplines  Overwhelming Workloads and Competing Priorities  HR and OD Need to Seize this Opportunity
  31. 31. Promote Well-Being by Cultivating Sustainability-Inspired Habits and Practices • Silent Reflection • Mindfulness • Listening generously • Both-And • Being, Satisfaction • Caring, Compassion, and Service • Gratitude • Collaboration • Balance
  32. 32. Three Big Tipping Points • Co-Creation • Bottom-Up • Long View
  33. 33. Your thoughts?
  34. 34. Thank you! Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D. CEO Transitioning to Green Robert Coleman Senior Manager, Office of Sustainable Development & Product Stewardship at Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Lauren Cranmer, Corporate Sustainability Manager with Becton Dickinson (BD)