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How to Accelerate HR's Role in Sustainability: The Next Big Step!


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by Jeana Wirtenberg

Published in: Business
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How to Accelerate HR's Role in Sustainability: The Next Big Step!

  1. 1. How to Accelerate HR’s Role in Sustainability: The Next Big Step! October 21, 2015 COMMIT!Forum Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D. Transitioning to Green, LLC How to Accelerate HR’s Role in Sustainability: The Next Big Step!
  2. 2. Sustainability, CSR… and Human Resources Perfect Together? Our Purpose Today: Accelerate progress towards your sustainability and CSR goals by partnering with and leveraging your HR department. 2
  3. 3. What if? Every employee had goals around sustainability, working in concert with the business’ goals to solve some of our most intractable problems? And every employee could articulate what that means to them personally?
  4. 4. Sustainability happens when… Managers make decisions and take actions every day that take sustainability gain and harm into account. 4
  5. 5. People Make Sustainability Happen! 5
  7. 7. Essential Elements of a Culture for Sustainability • Sustainable Values • Sustainable Mind-Set • Leadership for sustainability • Visionary • Employee engagement • Multi-disciplinary • Diversity, inclusion, social justice • Wisdom 7
  8. 8. Five Talent Elements to Align with Sustainability and CSR 1. Attracting Talent 2. Recruiting Talent 3. Developing Talent 4. Engaging Talent 5. Retaining Talent “It’s the talent that makes it all happen!” 8
  9. 9. Leadership for Sustainability: Designed to work across all functions within an organization. 9
  10. 10. Promote Well-Being by Cultivating Sustainability- Inspired Habits and Practices • Silent Reflection • Mindfulness • Listening generously • Both-And • Being, Satisfaction • Caring, Compassion, and Service • Gratitude • Collaboration • Balance 10
  11. 11. Learning and Development: Embed Sustainability Training in All Functions • Fundamentals of Sustainability • Marketing, Communications, & Social Networking • Human Resources • Strategy and Metrics • Operations/Facilities • Finance • Supply Chain • Greening Information Technology 11
  12. 12. Three Big Tipping Points to Build a Culture for Sustainability • Co-Creation • Bottom-Up • Long View 12
  13. 13. Thank You! Jeana Wirtenberg Ph.D. • Transitioning to Green • Phone: 973-335-6299 Twitter: @Trans2Green @jeanawirtenberg • Transitioning to Green Foundation • Institute for Sustainable Enterprise, FDU