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How to Use the Slide Share Module on Squidoo.Com


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This is a demonstration of the Squidoo.Com SlideShare Module.

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How to Use the Slide Share Module on Squidoo.Com

  1. 1. Using the SlideShare Module This presentation is about using the SlideShare Module on Squidoo.Com by: The Squidoo Image and Video Mentor, LindaJM
  2. 2. Register at SlideShare.Net
  3. 3. Create Your Presentation You can use Power Point or Open Office Impress to create a presentation to share your information.
  4. 4. More File Formats You can also use Word documents, Open Office documents, or PDF files.
  5. 5. How I Did This One I created this presentation using Open Office Impress A FREE presentation creation software Found at
  6. 6. Save (Export) Your Presentation I saved this file as a PDF document.
  7. 7. Upload Your Presentation There is a complete list of accepted file formats on the SlideShare upload page.
  8. 8. ...Back at Squidoo.Com... Click on “Add Modules” Then on “All Modules” Find “SlideShare” in the list And add the module to your lens.
  9. 9. Edit Your SlideShare Module Don't forget to change the default Title from “New SlideShare” To something more descriptive.
  10. 10. Find Your Presentation Use a unique keyword To find your SlideShare presentation.
  11. 11. Voila! This was my first SlideShare presentation. It took less than an hour to create. Fast, fun, easy, and colorful!
  12. 12. What A Great Module! This is a wonderful way to add a new and exciting communication tool to your Squidoo lens!