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Legend behind h.upmann cigars


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History of H.Upmann Cigars in some words, that would help you in letting know the brief detail.

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Legend behind h.upmann cigars

  1. 1. Legend behind H.Upmann Cigars
  2. 2. Herman Upmann was a German Banker who had such strong affinity for Cuban cigars that he moved to Havanna in 1844, where he further worked both as a banker and cigar manufacturer. Though his bank got closed in 1920, his cigars worked on as stunning example of a Hobano of a light to medium strength taste.
  3. 3. All the filters and the binders of the H. Upmann cigars belong to the tobacco cultivation zone of Vuelta Abajo. They are not less than the eleven gold medals of international exhibitions from the 19th century decorating the cigar boxes. Characteristics for its light to medium strong taste are the two renowned formats of the brand, the Magnum 46 and the Magnum 50, which were launched in the year 2008.
  4. 4. Other famous format of the cigars include Sir Winston, the Connoisseur No.1 and if we talk about the smaller formats, the Corona Junior and the Half Corona, which was launched in 2011. Therefore, the H. Upmann cigars are known in the cigar industry just because of its medium to full bodied smoke. The H.Upmann cigars deserve a place in your humidor because, it is a classic. So, if you have not come around tasting one yet, then don’t lose any more time to have a taste of it.